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the Combat with that Fortitude and Concert, if the Seven were but fingle, and every fingle Brother Seven. We shall be convey'd to Manfions of Blifs; to our Father Eleazar, and our brave Mother will follow with the Jame Advantage: And Jerufalem, our native belov'd Town, will give us an honoura ble Funeral, provided there's any thing left of us to be bury'd.

When they were in the Executioner's Hands, their Mother, who ftood by, had ftrong counter Paffions, and floated between Joy and Fear. She was tranf ported to fee all her Sons fo refolv'd and magnanimous : And then anxious almost to Death, for fear the Extremities of Pain, the Raking of the Torture, might prove too much for them. Under thefe different Agitations of Mind, fhe mov'd from Place to Place, to pour in fresh Spirits, and harden their Courage. She took her fhare in the Action, gather'd up their Blood, and their Limbs; led up one to the Executioner, and prepar'd another for the fame Service. She spoke aloud to them all; Courage, my Children; you behave your felves as if you were all Soul, and your Bodies were foreign to your Perfon. One Mo



ment more, and the Victory's our own. Executioners flag, that's the only thing I'm afraid of. A Minute further, and I'm the Happiest Woman living. But it may be you are troubled to part with me. I ha'n't leave you, I give you my word for't: I don't like my Children fo little, as to keep at a distance from them.


After the faw them Martyrs, and dead, her Sollicitude was over: She brighten'd her Looks, difcover'd her inward Satisfaction, and like a Conqueror at the Olympick Exercifes, congratulated her Happiness, and call'd her felf the most Glorious Mother. I'm now, fays fhe, out of the reach of Danger: MyTreasure, my Hopes, the Comfort of my Age, are all lodg'd fafe, confecrated to God, and put into his Hands. My dear Children, I'm fully rewarded for the Care of your Education: I have feen you all go nobly through, and come of with Conqueft about you. The Executio ners have done us afavour: And I muft thank Antiochus for keeping me in referve for his Cruelty.

I'll fall into no paffionate Exceffes upon the Occafion, nor fhew fo much as the customary Signs of Grief: I'll neither disfigure my Face, nor tear my Hair or my Cloaths: I'll make no loud Lamentation; I'm refolv'd not to fhun the Light, nor lock my self up in any




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Dark and Melancholy Retirement. I'll fend for no Weeping Women, to heighten the Affiction, and go deeper in the Mourning. I'll wait for no condoling Vifits, not be difconfolate at Table, nor moisten my Bread with my Tears: Such Behaviour is fit for none. but Weak and Cowardly Mothers, Mothers only by Labour, by Flesh and Blood, and whofe Children were fnatch'd by Difeafes, and Common Death. As for you my dearest Sons, you are far from being loft to me, you fell a Sacrifice to the Holy Law; therefore God has improv'd your Being, and now you're more Alive than ever. What remains for me but to follow and dye gloriously by your Example? 1 beg of you, cruel Prince, fend me the fame Way into the Other World, don't let me be parted from my Children; let our Blood be mixt, and our mangled Limbs laid together At the lowest, don't disjoin us in our Afbes, nor envy the fame Grave to the Dead, who had the fame Faith, and Refolution, living.

The Burghers of Treves addrefs the Roman Emperors for Publick Diverfions foon after the Town had been taken by Storm. They are reprimanded by Salvian for this unfeasonable Application.



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Fter fome Expoftulation fpent upon the Occafion, this Father comes Salvian, clofer to the Point. You languish it feems, Provid. fays he, for the Entertainments of the Circus! And in what condition and circum- The Exerci ftance of Time do you do this? Must it be fes of the when the publick Calamity is fresh upon you? were BoxWhen your Liberty is lost, and your Effects ing, Wrest plunder'd? Can fuch a Fancy appear after foling, Fexmuch Blood and Defolation, fuch Scenes of racing, &c. cing, Horfe Ravage and Ruin? This is Folly of a most deplorable fize; nothing can be more frightful than fuch Sallies of Distraction. I confefs, I believ'd your Condition very fad, and that you lay under the last Extremities: But by petitioning for Diverfions, I find you are much more unhappy than I imagin'd: I thought you had only fuffer'd in your Privi. leges and Estates, I was not apprehenfive the Misfortune had reach'd your Head, and so far rifled your Senfes.

You apply to the Court that the Circus may entertain you as formerly: But I beg of you, for what fort of People, for what Town do you follicit? Why, for a TOWN BURNT and ĎESTROT'D, for a People either KILL'd or BEGGAR'D; of which the greatest part are dispatch'd, and the rest overladen with Sorrow and Distress. Indeed, the Affliction strikes fo deep into thofe that have efcap'd, that the Fate of the Dead feems preferable to the Living.

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However, you want to fee thefe fine Shews! Pray tell me, what Ground have you for your Tryals of Skill to appear on? Muft the Prizes be play'd upon the Rubbish and Rains of the Chariot- City? Must the Chariot Wheels be painted part of with Humane Blood, and drive over the thefe Di Carcafes of the Slain?

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In short, what Place of the Town is there without fome difmal Marks of the Siege upon Sith it? Where can you go without meeting with Spectacles of Carnage, with dead Bodies mangled and lopp'd & Terror and Images of Death look you in the Face in every Quarter.The Remains of the unfortunate Burghers are now lamenting over the Graves of their Friends who perifh'd in the Affault; and yet you are addres· fing for Entertainments. The Streets are all fmoking and laid in Ashes, and every thing calls for the deepest Mourning and Grief; however, you cannot forbear putting on a Gay Humour, and refigning your felves to Satisfaction.The Patience of God must be spent with thefe fcandalous Purfuits of Pleasure. In earnest, I don't wonder fo many frightful Misfortunes have happen'd to you: And fince the Carrying your Town thrice by the Enemy, has not mended your Manners, you deferve another Storming, to be wholly destroy'd



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