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Quit with Satisfaction. And as Christians ought always to be thus dif pos'd, fo now the Motives are more prevalent and particular: Now I fay, when the World feems ready to fink, and lyes all in Storm and Convulfion. When Terrible things are in fight, and Worfe expected, what can be more acceptable than a speedy Difcharge? If your House was old and decay'd; if the Timbers were rotten, the Walls fhatter'd, and the Roof ready to tumble, would you not be glad to get out as foon as you could? If when you are upon the Seas, you should be batter'd with a Tempeft, and in danger of being wreck'd, wou'd you not put into the next Port with all Expedition? Look abroad then; the Creation totters, the Frame of Nature is unbraced, and the World's not only old, but agonizing And have you not reafon to blefs God for being refcued from fuch difmal Events, and that Life is not lengthen'd for a fhare in the univerfal Ruin? Beloved, we should frequently confider we have disclaim'd the World; and that here we are but Guefts, and Foreigners. Let that Day be joyfully entertain'd, when we fhall all be convey'd home, and fettled in


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our proper Dwelling: When w we we Than efcape the Snares of a Dangerous World, furmount Temptation; and when Pam fhall give place to Paradife. What Traveller is not glad to see an End of his Fatigues, to recover his old Friends, and return to his native Country? Now Paradife is our Country, and the Patriarchs our Ancestors are there Why then don't we haften to fee the one, and falute the other? There's no fmall numbers of our intimate Friends, of our Parents, of our near Relations, are longing for our Coming Secure of their own Condition, but concern'd for ours. What Congratulation! What mutual Transport must be the Confequence of fuch a Meeting! What a Pleafure must it be to live always in fuch benevolent Society, in fuch impregnable and glorious Circumftances! To be under no Apprehenfions of Decay or Diffolution; to have Happiness and Immortality incorporated, and dwell together! There's the glorious Company of the Apostles, the goodly Fellowship of the Prophets, the noble Army of Martyrs, now Crown'd for their Service and Suffering. There are the triumphant Virgins who pafs'd by the Amusements


of this groffer State, reach'd towards the Angelick Life, and convers'd in Flesh and Blood as if they had been without it. And there we shall find thofe good-natur'd compaffionate Spirits, who have been liberal in their Diftributions, fupported, and refreshed the Poor: Who according to our Saviour's Command, have transported their Effects beyond the Gulph, and remitted their Wealth to Heaven. Beloved, let our warmeft Wishes make hafte to this Place of Reft, to this blef fed Company: Let our Affections be thus exalted and refin'd: And God Who fees through our Thoughts, will confider us accordingly; and increase the Reward, in proportion to the Purity of Desire,

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Part of Saint Cyprian's Letter to his Friend Donatus, where after a Recital of the Benefits of Baptifm, he proceeds to Description of the Manners of the Ages


E tells his Friend,that before he had receiv'd the Sacrament of Baptifm, he thought the promis'd Advanta ges incredible; he could not imagine that Water, and the reft of the Adminiftration, could rife to fo great a Remedy; that these myftick Rites could conquer inveterate Habits, change the Af fections, and reinforce the Mind to fo wonderful a degree: For which way can Nature be metamorphos'd, and ill Cufrom thus broken on the fudden? When do you fee a Man that has us'd to regale his Palate, ftrike off to Slender Diet without Compulfion? Thofe who love Gold and Purple on their Backs, seldom discharge their Fancy, and appear in a Plain Garb, When Magiftracy and Pofts of Honour are a Man's Inclination, 'tis hard to reconcile him to a Private Station. Those who are ambitious to have their Levees crowded, and move with a Train about them, would be trangely mortify'd to live Alone. Appetites long indulg'd will hold on their


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