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couffe, and catch at the Objects of Pleafure. Thus Wine draws to Intemperance, Pride bloats the Fancy and the Face, Anger rages, Covetoufness and Cruelty follicit, and Licentiousness drives onward without Thinking; and all these purfue their Point as Humour and Cuftom give the fignal, and Oppor tunities come forward, doda sil

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These things run frequently in my Head; and being ftill embarafs'd with fomer Pagan Mistakes, which I thought it impracticable to ftand clear of, I took the freedom to practife upon thefe Prin ciples: And thus defpairing of Better Difpofitions, I cherish'd the Diftemper, and took it for no more than Nature and Conftitution. But when the Baptifmal Water had wash'd off the Stains within when the Holy Spirit defcended upon the Element, and the Second Birth reform'd me to a New Man; immediate ly my Understanding was enlighten'd, the

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Mift diffolubts difappear'd, and the

in Day: Then Seeming Impoffibilities grew feafible, Strength and Duty were much better proportion'd, and tlte Difficulties gave way.

And to convince you more fully of the Force of this Sacrament, and the Confequent: Bleffings of Heaven, I' endeavour

endeavour to open you a wider prospect, to clear the Medium, and ftrengthen your Sight. Imagine your felf then on the Top of fome high Mountain; from thence look round about you, and examine the Face and Condition of things below. And now the Appearances you'll discover will give you a ftronger tion of the Idea of your Former State, raise Former State, raife your Pity, and your Gratitude, and make you congratulate the Happiness of fo great an Escape.

Look about you, I fay, and you'll fee the Roads befet with Robbers, and Rocks and Tempefts not fo dangerous as Pirates at Sea. The War flames out every where, the Fields are ftain'd with humane Blood; Killing is a Crime when a fingle Perfon falls by another; but when Thoufands are facrificed to Ambition or Revenge, then Murdering is all Commendation, and paffes for Bravery and Greatnefs. Thus 'tis not Innocence, but Excefs of Cruelty, which raifes a Character, and gives protection. Turn your Eyes now to the Town, and you'll find the Company much worfe than the Solitude of a Defart. Look you,the Bear-garden is preparing, and the Gladiators coming out to entertain the "People And here every thing is dull Tast 101 je to A bus without

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without Mischief, the Blood muft run about to give fatisfaction; and all the Pleasure lies in flashing and cutting of Throats. For this purpose these wretched Fencers are fed high for the Exercife, fatted for the Shambles, and treated for Deftruction at no Small Expence. Thus Men are ftabb'd to divert those of their own Kind; and to kill handfomely goes for Skill, Commendation, and Improvement. Thus Barbarities are not only practis'd, but taught, as a Science: 'Tis an Art to be well prepar'd, and a Glory to execute the Murther. What do you think of those People of Fashion that are Voluntiers in the *Cavea. Pit; that chufe the Dangers of the worst Malefactors, and combat Wild Beafts without a Sentence from the Bench? That dress well to appear before the Lions, make themselves fine for their own Funeral, and fight not for Guilt, but Diftraction.


Let us now take a view of the Theater: And here the Entertainment is extremely contagious; here's a great deal of Matter for Grief, and Blushing. The Wickedness of Former Ages is refresh'd with the Height'nings of Poetry: Parricide and Inceft are reviv'd, in Dialogue and Action, for fear what was


once committed fhould be loft and forgot ten.By this Representation the Audience are inftructed that what has been done is not impracticable. Thus the Memory of Wickedness is made immortal; Crimes are rescued from the Force of Time, and not fuffer'd to dye with Age, like other things: And tho' the Facts are over, and the Perfons gone long fince, the Example is Alive, and works. Thus Debauchery is recommended by Declama tion and Gefture, by Wit, and Credita ble Appearance; and the Woman, it may be, that brought Modefty to the Play-boufe, comes back with Infection, and Impudence about her. I s

And now if you please turn towards the Courts of Juftice: Here 'tis to be hop'd matters are in a better condition: This Place you may poffibly expect, fhould be free from Blemish and Difor der. If you think fo, you are much mi ftaken: The Conftitution is puzzled by the Bar, and betray'd by the Bench the publick Remedies are turn'd to a Grie vance, and the Laws wrefted to ruine those they should protect. The Long Robe are govern'd by the best Fee: The Furs and Scarlet are brib'd: And that Innocence mayn't go off undeftroy'd, the Judge ventures to become a Crimi



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nal. People rush into all forts of Villa ny, without much Fear of being call'd to an account. For Inftance, Wills and Deeds are forg'd: Nothing is more common than Subornation, and Falle Evi dence. Thus Truth is ftifled, and Right oppress'd; Creditors lofe their Debts; and Orphans are thrown out of their Eftates. People that have Money to buy off a Penalty, and compound for Fou! Practice, fear nothing. Knavery has fuch a vaft Majority, and is grown fo fashionable, that an Honeft Man is al moft pointed at: To be juft to every bo dy, and true to the Conftitution, is rec kon❜d an Incivility, and paffes for Ill Manners. In fhort the Laws are made to comply with the publick Disorder, and those Crimes which have Numbers on their fide, lye under varnish and shel


But to touch upon another Subject: Wealth, you may fay, is an admirable Affiftance, and Honour has a dazling Luftre. However, this fine Appearance is made up of Tinfel, and much overrated: Befides, there's a great deal of Meannefs hangs about these things: You don't confider what grofs Flattery, little Behaviour, and fervile Comply. ance, is requir'd, to mount the Afcent,


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