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4 When thou shalt make thy jewels up,

And set thy starry crown; When all thy sparkling gems shall shine,

By thee proclaim'd thine own; May we, a little band of love,

Be sinners saved by grace : From glory into glory changed,

Behold thee face to face.

HYMN 124, P. M.


Y me shine with heavenly rays,

Amidst the beams of glory,

Reflect immortal blaze.
Ye diamonds of beauty,

With pleasing lustre crown'd,
Of heavenly extraction,

To Zion's city bound.
2 Ye lambs of my Redeemer,

The purchase of his blood,
Who feed among the lilies,

Beside the purple flood;
Go on, ye happy pilgrims,

Your journey still pursue,
And at a humble distance

I'll sing and follow too. 3 When I beheld your order,

And harmony of soul;
And heard divinest numbers

In pure devotion roll,
And gems immortal glowing

With such enliv'ning grace,
I view'd the Saviour's image

Imprest on every face.
4 Speak often to each other,

To cheer the fainting mind,
And often be your voices

In pure devotion joined ;
Though trials may await you,

The crown before you lies,
Take courage, brother pilgrims,

And soon you'll win the prize.

5 Ye shall be mine, says Jesus,

In that auspicious day, When I make up my jewels,

Releas'd from cumbrous clay.
He'll polish and refine you

From worthless dross and tin,
And to his heavenly kingdom

Will bid you enter in.
6 On that important morning,

When bursting thunders sound, And nimble lightnings waving,

Shall wing the gloom profound,
Lift up your heads rejoicing,

And clap your joyful hands,
Lo! you're redeer'd for ever

From death's corrupted bands. 7 As Aaron, with his girdle,

In shining jewels drest,
Bore all the tribes of Israel

Inscrib'd upon his breast,
So will the priests of Zion,

Before the Father's throne,
Present the heirs of glory,

And God their kindred own. 8 The golden bell shall echo

Around the sacred hill,
And sweet inmortal anthems,

The vocal regions fill;
In everlasting beauty

The shining millions stand,
Safe on the rock of ages,

Amidst the proinis'd land. 9 We'll range the wide dominion

of our Redeemer round,
And in dissolving raptures

Be lost in love profound:
While all the flaming harpers

Regin the lasting song,
With hallelujahs rolling

From the unnumber å throng.

HYMN 125. P. M.

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1 THE Lord's into his garden come,

The spices yield a rich perfume,
The lilies grow and thrive;
Refreshing showers of grace divine,
From Jesus flow to every vine,

And makes the dead revive.
2 O that this dry and barren ground
In springs of water may abound,

A fruitful soil become;
The desert blossoms as the rose,
When Jesus conquers all his foes

And makes his people one.
3 The glorious time is coming on,
The gracious work is now begun,

My soul a witness is;
I taste and see the pardon free
For all mankind, as well as me

Who come to Christ may live.
4 The worst of sinners here may find
A Saviour merciful and kind,

Who will them all receive;
None are too vile who will repent,
Out of one sinner legions went,

The Lord did him relieve. 5 Come brethren dear, who know the Lord, And taste the sweetness of his word,

In Jesu's way go on :
Our troubles and our trials here,
Will only make us richer there,

When we arrive at home.
We feel that heaven is now begun,
It issues from the sparkling throne,

From Jesu's throne on high:
It comes in floods we can't contain,
We drink, and drink, and drink again,

And yet we still are dry. 7 But when we come to dwell above, And all surround the throne of love,

We'll drink a full supply.

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Jesus will lead his armies through,
To living fountains where they flow,

That never will run dry.
8 'Tis there we'll reign, and shout, and sing.
And make the upper regions ring,

When all the saints get home: Come on, come on, iny krethren dear, Soon we shall meet together there,

For Jesus bids us come.
9 Amen, amen, my soul replies,
I'm bound to meet you in the skies,

And claiin my mansions there:
Now here's my heart, and here's my hand,
To meet you in that heavenly land,
Where we shall part no more.

HYMN 126. P. M.
W'Exahou, my righteous Judge, shall come

Shall I among them stand ? Shall such a wretched worm as I, Who sometimes am afraid to die,

Be found at thy right hand ?
2 I love to meet ainong them now,
Before thy gracious feet to bow,

Though vilest of them all;
But can I bear the piercing thought,
What if my name should be cast out,

When thou shalt for them call!
3 Prevent, prevent it by thy grace,
Be thou, dear Lord, my hiding place

In this accepted day:
Thy pard'ning voice o let me hear,
To still my unbelieving fear,

Nor let me fall, I pray.
4 Let me among thy saints be found,
When the archangel's trump shall sound,

To see thy smiling face:
The loudest of the crowd I'll sing,
While heaven's resounding music rings,

With shouts of loudest praise.

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HYMN 127. P. M.
THE sacred ties of friendship

Unite all loving Christians;
In glory, in glory they shall live:

No time or place shall change them,

Ard death shall ne'er dissolve them,
United, united are they that believe!
· When Gabriel's trump is sounding,
And conquer'd death's resigning,
The scatter'd dust uniting,
The soul and body joining,
All join the grand procession,

And glory realizing,
Then happy, happy we shall be.
2 The bliss exquisite flowing,

The friends of Jesus shouting, (Such raptures, raptures flow from his world!)

The angels join in concert,

While Jesus stands inviting;
Come on, come on, ye blessed of the Lord;

Behold the crowns of glory,
And saints and angels meeting,
And living streams of purest joy
For ever are increasing;
In azure tields for ever range,

And view a smiling Jesus, Then happy, happy we shall be. 3 Then sinner's now lamenting;

He sees the grand procession Now marching, marching to the dazzling throne

His frighted soul alarnied.

He cries with looks amazed, Farewell, farewell, I am for ever gone!

Behold a godly father,

And there a godly mother,
Who once did pray together:
They drink the streams of pleasure,
But I am lost for ever

On waves of endk'ss sorrow,
Then torment, torment is for ever minc.

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