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HYMN 128. C. M.


WHAT poor despised company
That walk in yonder narrow way,

Along the rugged maze ?
2 Ah, these are of a royal line,

All children of a King;
Heirs of immortal crowns divine,

And lo! for joy they sing.
3 Why then do they appear so mean,

And why so much despised ?
Because of their rich robcs unseen,

The world is not apprised.
4 But some of them seem poor, distress'd,

And lacking daily bread;
Ah, they're of boundless wealth possessid,

With hidden manna fed.
5 But why keep they that narrow road,

That rugged thorny maze?
Why that's the way their Leader trod,

They love and keep his ways.
6 Why do they shun the nleasing path,

That worldlings love so well?
Because that is the road to death,

The open road to hell.
7 What! is there then no other road

To Salern's happy ground ?
Christ is the only way to God,
No other can be found.

HYMN 129. P. M. 'F

ROM whence doth this union arise,
It fastens our souls with such ties,

That distance and time can't remove
It cannot in Eden be found,

Nor yet in a paradise lost;
It grows in Lumanuel's ground,

And Jesus' dear blood it did cost. 2 My friends are so dear unto me,

Our souls so united in love;


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Where Jesus is gone we shall be,

In yonder blest mansions above.
Oh why so unwilling to part,

Since there we shall soon meet again?
Engraved on Immanuel's heart,

At a distance we cannot remain. 3 And when we shall see thai bright day

And join with the angels above;
Set free from our prison of clay,

United in Jesus's love:
With Jesus we ever shall reign,

And all his bright glory shall see,
And sing hallelujahs, amen ;

Amen! even so let it be.



HYMN 130. C. M 1 VWEET to rejoice in lively hope,

That when my change shall coine, Angels shall hovor round my bed,

And wart my spirit nome.
2 There shall my disenibodied soul,

View Jesus, and adore;
Be with his likeness satisfied,

And grieve and sin no more.
3 Shall see him wear that very flesh

On which my guilt was lain ; His love intense, his merit fresh,

As though but new!y slain. 4 Soon too my slumb'ring dust shall hear

The trumpet's quick 'ning sound; And, by my Saviour's power rebuilt,

At his right hand be found.
5 These eyes shall see him in that day,

The God that died for me:
And all my rising bones shall say,

Lord, who is like to thee.

6 If such the views which grace unfolds,

Weak as it is below,
What raptures must the church above

In Jesu's presence know!
7 O may the unction of these truths

For ever with me stay;
Till, from her earthly cage dismiss'd,
My spirit flies away.

HYMN 131. P. M. · BRIGHT scenes of glory strike my sense, Eternal beauties round me shine,

[ufusing warmest rapture.
I dive in pleasures, deep and full

lu swelling waves of glory,
And feel my Saviour in my soul,

And groan to tell my story.
2 I feast on honey, milk and wine,

I drink perpetual sweetness;
Mount Zion's beauties round me shinc,

While Christ unfolds his glory!
No mortal tongue can show my joys,

Nor can an angel tell them;
Ten thousand times surpassing all

Terrestrial worlds or emblems. 3 The bliss that rolls through those above,

Through those in glory seated,
Which causes them loud songs to sing,

Ten thousand times repeated-
Dart through my soul in radiant flame

Constraining loudest praises ;
O'erwhelining all my powers with joy,

While all within me blazes.
1 When earth and sea shall be no more,

And all thcir glory perish;
When sun and moon shall cease to shine

And stars at midnight languish,
My joys refin'd shall higher shine

With heav'n's radiant glory,
And tell through one eternal day,

Love's all immortal story.

HYMN 132. P. M.
BURST, ye emerald gates, and bring
All the ecstatic joys that spring

Round the bright Elysian :
Lo! we lift our longing eyes,
Break ye intervening skies ;
Sons of righteousness arise,

Ope the gates of paradise.
2 Floods of everlasting light,

Freely flash before him ;
Myriads with supreme delight,

Instantly adore him;
Angel's trumps resound his fame,
Lutes of lucid gold proclaim
All the music of his name;

Heaven echoing the theme. 3 Four and twenty elders rise

From their princely station;
Shout bis glorious victories,

Sing his great salvation ;
Cast their crowns before his throne,
Cry in reverential tone,
Glory be to God alone,

Holy! Holy! Holy One!
4 Hark! the thrilling symphonies,

Seem, methinks, to seize us;
Join we too the holy lays,

Sweetest sound in seraph's song,
Sweetest note on mortal's tongue,
Sweetest carol ever sung;
Jesus - Jesus flow along.

HYMN 133. P. M.
RETHREN, see my Jesus coming,

Don't you see him in yonder cloud, With ten thousand angels round him?

See how they do my Jesus crowd. I'll arise and go and meet him;

He'll embrace me in his arms; In the arins of my dear Jesus,

O there is ten thousand charms.

2 Death shau not destroy my comfort,

Christ shall guide me through the gloom, Down he'll send some heavenly convoy,

To escort my spirit hone: Jordan's streams shall ne'er o'erflow me,

While my Saviour's by my side: Canaan, Canaan lies before me,

Rise and cross the swelling tide. 3 See the happy spirits waiting.

On the bank beyond the stream,
Sweet responses still repeating,

Jesus, Jesus is their theme:
See, they whisper! hark! they call me,

Sister spirit come away!
Lo, I comel earth can't contain me:

Haill ye realms of endless day.
4 Worlds of light and crowns of glory,

Far above yon azure sky,
Though by faith I now explore ye,

I'll enjoy you soon on high :
Soon I'll gain a full possession, ..

Faith and hope shall henceforth cease,
Lost in love's exhaustless ocean,

Love, that sweetest, brightest grace.
Swiftly roll ye lingering hours,

Seraphs lend your glittering wings,
Love absorbs my ransomed powers,

Heavenly sound around me rings:
Worlds above are bright and glorious,

all beneath are dark and void;
Conquest gain'd, I'll shout victorious

In the praises of my God.
Smiling angels now surround me,

Troops resplendent fill the skies,
Glory shining all around me,

While my towering spirit flies:
Jesus clad in dazzling splendour,

Now methinks appears in view,
Brethren could you see my Jesus,

You would serve and love him too.

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