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HYMN 162. P. M.

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1 HOW charming. O how charming,

Is the radiant band of music, music, music,

O how charming is the radiant band
Of music playing through the air:
Angelic armies tune their harps,
Angelic armies tune their harps,
Enraptured spirits play their parts,
Angelic armies tune their harps.

Shout, shout! the great Messiah is come to reign. 2 Gabriel descending, Gabriel descending, Brings the joyful news, 0 joyful, joyful, joyful,

oyful Brings the joyful news of our Redeemer's birth, The great Messiah's come to earth: Good will to men I now proclaim, Good will to men I now proclaim, The Saviour's born in Bethlehem, Good will to men I now proclaim,

Shout, shout! the King of glory is cume to reign. 3 See his star arising, see his star arising! In the eastern sky, now rising, rising, rising,

See his slar arising in the eastern sky,
The day.spring opening from on high:
The types and shadows flee away,
The types and shadows flee away,
And now begins the gospel day,
The types and shadows flee away,

Shout, shout! the King of glory is come to reign. & Shepherds adore him, wise men nave found him,

Glory be to God, O glory. glory, glory, glory,
Wise men have found him by the rising star,
And come to worship him afar.
Their golden gifts they now present,
Their golden gifts they now present,
And spices of the sweetest scent,
Their golden gifts they now preseni,

Shout, shout I the King of glory is come to reign.

5 Jews and Gentiles join in concert,
To praise their infant King: 0 praise him, praise

him, praise him, praise him,
Jews and Gentiles praise their infant King,
And loud hosapnas sweetly sing:
With Gabriel and the shining host,
With Gabriel and the shining host,
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
With Gabriel and the shining host,

Shout, shout! the King or glory is come to reign.
6 I am happy, I am happy,
Glory be to God, O glory, glory, glory, glory,
I am happy, glory be to God;
My soul's on flame for the realms above:
I fell the bliss his wounds impart,
I feel the bliss his wounds in part,
I find my Saviour in my heart,
I feel the bliss nis wounds impart,

Shout, shout! the King of glory is come to reign 7 Reign, reign, sweet Jesus, reign within and

round us, By the Holy Spirit, holy, holy, holy, holy, By the Holy Spirit keep us in the way, That we may shout as we sing and pray: With all the saints that have gone hume, With all the saints that have gone home Unite to sing redeeming love, With all the saints that have gone home To sing, to sing hallelujahs around the throne.

IIYMN 163. P. M. HILE shepherds in Jewry were guarding Promiscuously seated, estranged from sleep, An angel from heaven presented to view, And thus he accosted the trembling few: "Dispel all your sorrows, and banish your fears,

For Jesus your Saviour in Jewry appears. 2Though Adam the first in rebellion was found,

Forbidden to tarry on ballowed ground;
Yet Adam the second appears to retrieve
The loss ye sustain'd by the devil and Eve:

W their sheep

Then shepherds be tranquil, this instant arise,

Go visit your Saviour, and see where he lies, 3“ A token I leave you, whereby you may find, This wonderful stranger this friend, to mankind; A manger his cradle, the stall is abode, The oxen are near him, beholding your God. Then shepherds be humble, be meek, and lie low,

For Jesus your Saviour's abundantly so." 4 This wonderful story no socner was heard,

Than thousands of angels from glory appeared; They join'd in a concert, and this was ticir

theme, All glory to God, and good will towards men: Then shepherds strike in, join your voice to the

And catch a few sparks of celestial fire."
5 “ Hosanna,” the angels in ecstacy cried ;

“Hosanna," the wondering shepherds replied:
“Salvation, redemption, all centered in One,
All glory to God for the birth of his Son:
Then shepherds adieu, we commend you to God ;
Go visit the Son in his humble abode."
To Bethlehem city the shepherds repaird,
For full confirmation of what they had heard;
They enter'd the stable with aspect most mild,
And there they beheld both the mother and

child: Theu make proclamation, divulge it abroad, That both Jews and Gentiles may hear from

their God. Ye preachers be faithful, your duty discharge, Be fervent and zealous, your promise is large; Fear not to declare the whole counsel of God; Like comets you'll biaze while you travel the

road: Go make proclamation, declare it abroaa. Tell the gentle and siinple to come to the Lord.

HYMN 164. P. M. 2 FROM GROM the regions of love, lo! an angel de

scended, And told the strange news how the babe was


Go, shepherds, and visit this wonderful stranger, With wonder and joy see your Lord in a manger.

Hallelujah to the Lamb,

Who has purchased our pardon,
We'll praise him again,

When we pass over Jordan. 2 Glad tidings I bring to you and each nation ;

Glad tidings of joy now behold your salvation : When sudden a multitude raise their glad voices,

And shout the Redeemer while heaven rejoices. 3 Now glory to God in the highest is given,

Now glory to God is re-echo'd through heaven ; Around the whole earth let us tell the glad story,

And sing of his love, his salvation and glory. 4 Enraptured I burn with delight and desire,

A love so divine sets my soul all on fire; Around the bright throne now hosannas are

ringing, Oh, when shall I join them, and be ever singing 5 Triumphantly ride in thy chariot victorious,

And conquer with love, oh Jesus, all glorious! Thy banner unfurl, bid the nations surrender, And own thee their Saviour, their King and


HYMN 165. P. M. ] Joyful news the angels bring:

! God himself in earth hath entered, Jesus is the new born King.

Hail, all glory, hail, all glory,

Let the whole creation sing
2 Shepherds start from midnight slumber,

See the glory shining round,
Gazing on the blaze they wonder,
Ti!! they're prostrate on the ground :

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

By the shepherds, doth resound. 3 Fear not, shepherds, saith the angel

Banish sorrow from your eyes i

For in Bethlehem's coarse manger,
God, a spotless infant, lies:

See Jehovah! see Jehovah !

Veil'd in clay below the skies. 4 Haste away, ye eastern sages,

See! the star proclaims your Gode
Fear not Herod, though he rages,
Sending peals of death abroad:

Rachel mourning, Rachel mourning,
For her children

he destroyed. 5 Sinners rage, each saint rejoices,

At the great Redeemer's birth, Angels join their cheerful voices, “Good will to men, and peace on earth :"

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Glory in the Saviour's birth. 6 Let all people have salvation,

Saith the heralds froni above;
Sound his name through every nation,
Teach the world redeeming love ;
Go, ye heralds! go, ye heralds!

Spread his name where'er ye rove. 7 Jesus, spread thy gospel glory,

Save poor dying souls from hell ;
Let all nations bow before thee,
Love thy name, and with thee dwell:

Jlaste, ye heralds ! haste, ye heralds !
Your Redeemer 's name to teli.


HYMN 166. P. M. FAREWEL,1,, my dear brethren, the time is That we must be parted from this social band; Our several engagements now call us away ; Sur parting is needful, and we must obey.

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