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Then be entreated now to stop;

For unless you warning take,
Ere you are aware you'll drop

Into a burning lake.
2 Say, have you an arm like God,

That you his will onpose ? Fear you not that iron rod

With which he breaks his foes ?
Can you stand in that great day,

When he judgment will proclaim?
When the earth shall melt away

Like wax before the flame ?
3 Ghastly death shall quickly come,

And drag you to the bar;
Then to hear your awful doom

Will fill you with despair:
All your sins around you'll crowd-

Sins of a blood-crimson dye;
Each for vengeance crying loud:

And what will you reply?
4 Though your heart be made of steel,

Your forehead iined with brass,
God at length will make you feel,

He will not let you pass ;
Sinners then in vain will call,

(Though they now despise his grace,) “Rocks and mountains on us fall,

And hide us from bis face." 6 But as yet there is a hope,

You may his mercy know:
Though his arm is lifted up,

lle still for bears the blow:
'Twas for sinners Jesus died,

Sinners he invites to come :
None that come shall be denied,
He says,

"There still is room."

HYMN 12. P. M.
HARKO the Jubilee is sounding;

Free salvation is prculajmed,

In and through God's own dear Soni

Now we have an invitation

To the meek and lowly Lamb; Glory, honour, and salvation,

Christ the Lord is come to reign. . Come dear friend and don't neglect it,

Come to Jesus in your prime; Great Salvation, don't reject it,

O receive it, now's your time; Now the Saviour is beginning

To revive his work again; Glory, honour, and salvation,

Christ the Lord is come to reign. 3 Come, dear children, praise your Jesus,

Praise hin, praise him evermore; May his great love now constrain us,

His great name for to adore;
O then let us join together,

Crowns of glory to obtain;
Glory, honour, and salvation,
Christ the Lord has come to reign,

HYMN 13. P. M.
SINNER, hear the Saviour's call,
He has seen thy grievous thrall,

And heard thy mournfu. cry; He has pardons to impart,

Grace to save thee from thy fears See the love that fills his heart,

And wipes away thy tears. 2 Why art thou afraid to come,

And tell him all thy case ?
He will not pronounce thy doom,

Nor frown thee from his face:
Wilt thou fear Immanuel ?

Wilt thou fear the Lamb of God, Who to save thy soul from hell,

Has shed his precious blood ? 3 Think, how on the cross he hung,

Pierc'd with a thousand wounds Hark from each, as with a longue

The voice of pardon sounds!

Som Imo all his bursting veins,

brafwondrous virtue flow, Shed to wash away the stains,

And ransom thee from wo. 4 Though his majesty he great,

His mercy is no less;
Though he thy transgressions hate,

He feels for thy distress:
By himselt the Lord has sworn,

He delights not in thy death,
But invites thee to return,

That thou may'st live by faith. 5 Raise thy down-cast eyes and see

What throngs his throne surround, These, though sinners once like thee,

Have full salvation found; Yield not then to unbelief!

While he says, " There yet is room," Though of sinners thou art chief,

Since Jesus calls thce home.

HYMN 14. P. M.

HARKinohark, what sounds are those so pleas

ing Sinners wipe the falling tear; Tis love divine and never ceasing,

Flows from Jesus to the ear.
8 Come unto me all ye that labour;

Sinners, heavy iaden, come;
None are more welcome to the Saviour

Than the wretched and undone.
3 Let not the weight of sin distress you;

Cease to heave the plaintive sigh; A hearty welcome now awaits you;

“Come and you shall never die." 4 Come, ye sinners, come and wonder

How such mercy you withstood,
Parch'd with thirst, and starv'd with hunger,

Satiate your souls with good. 5 If by sin and sore temptation,

Heavy laden and opprest,

Behold the gracious invitation,
" Come, and I will give you rest."

6 No longer let the tempter keep you

Fast in chains of unbelief; Though late in life, the word assures you,

Christ could save the dying thief. 7 Mary Magd'len too can witness,

To the mercy she receiv'd;
Then doubt no longer of your fitness,

Saul, of sinners chief, believ'd. 8 Ho! all ye sinners, heavy laden,

Fly to Christ, the Saviour's breast; Receive the pressing invitation, “ Come, and I will give you rest."

HYMN 15. L. M. ',

While I address you in God's name; You who in sin and folly live,

Come hear the counsel of a friend I sought for bliss in glitt'ring toys,

And rang'd the 'luring scenes of vice, But never found substantial joys,

Until I heard my Saviour's voice. 2 He spake my sins at once forgiv'n,

And wash'd my load of guilt away, He gave me pardon, peace, and heaven,

And thus I found the good old way: And now with trembling sense I view,

Huge biMows roll beneath your feet, For death eternal waits for you,

Who slight the force of gospel truth. 3 Youth, like the spring, will soon be gone,

By fleeting time, or conq'ring death; Yon morning sun may set at noon,

And leave you ever in the dark :
Your sparkling eyes and blooming cheeks

Must witner, like the blasted rose,
The coffin, earth, and winding sheet,
Will soon your active limbs enclose.


4 Ye heedless ones that widely stroll,

The grave must soon become your bed ; Where silence reigns, and vapours roll,

In solemn silence round your head : Your friends may pass that lonesome place,

And with a sigh move slowly on, Still gazing on the spires of grass,

With which your graves are overgrown. ; But O, the soul! where rengeance reigns,

It sinks with groans and ceaseless cries, It rolls amidst the burning flames

In endless wo and agonies : 'There swallow'd up in darkest night,

Where devils howl, and thunders roar, To rage in keen despair and guilt,

When thousand, thousand years are o'er. 6 O! fellow youth, this is the state

of all who do free grace refuse, And soon with you 'iwill be too late,

The way of life in Christ to choose : Come, lay your carnal weapons by,

No longer fight against your God; But with iny mission now comply,

And heaven shall be your great reward.

HYMN 16. P. M.


3 P, poor sinner, and look yonder,

See your sins like mountains rise,
O astonishing the number,
Higher mounting than the skies :

Cry for mercy,
Dread the death that never dies.
! On the crumbling banks of ruin,

How can you securely dwell ?
Sinners, vengeance is pursuing,
And will sweep you down to hell:

Then to heaven,
Finally you'll bid farewell.
3 Doom'd where sorrows behind sorrows,

Follow on without control,
Floods of vengeance big with horror,

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