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2 But we who now thy grace implore,

Shall now admitted be,
For if thy justice shut the door,
Thy mercy keeps the key.

HYMN 227. P. M.

The Deceitfulness of the Heart.
Heften, Lord, have I believed
Ten thousand, thousand times deceived

By my credulity!
In every victory of grace

I thought the conflict o'er;
So strong my hill of holiness,

I can be moved no more.
2. But O, how desperately proud

My wretched heart unknown,
Which told me, "I am filled with God,

And all the work is done!"
It whispered, “I am saved from sin,

And need no further care,
If now I feel it not within,

It is no longer there.”
3 Yet surely, Lord, I may expect

Thy promises fulfill'd,
Thine image stamp'd on thine elect,

Thy truth and mercy sealed ;
The will, in that appointed day,

Thy spirits might employ, Thrust out the foe, its relics slay,

And finally destroy.
4 The sanctifying word is sure;

Thy word concerning me,
Shall make me free indeed, and pure,

From all iniquity.
Then shall my heart no more deceive,

While by my Saviour known Whate'er I am, to thee I leave,

And trust to thee alone.

HYMN 228. C. M.

Hope in the End.

TAKE thee at thy gracious word;

Let it accomplished be,
According to thy promise, Lord,

In death remember me;
2 O seal it-seal it on my heart

And when I life resign,
My hope, if in the end thou art,

Thou art for ever mine.

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HYMN 229. P. M.

For domestic Worship.
1 EACE be to this habitation;

Peace to all that dwell therein;
Peace, the earnest of salvation;

Peace, the fruit of pardoned sin;
Peace, that speaks the heavenly Giver,

Peace to worldlv minds unknown;
Peace divine, that lasts for ever,

Peace, that comes from God alone.
Jcsus, Prince of Peace, be near us,

Fix in all our hearts thy home;
With thy gracious spirit cheer us,

Let thy sacred kingdom come;
Raise to heaven our expectation,

Give our favoured souls to prove
Glorious and complete salvation,

In the realms of bliss above.


HYMN 230. P. M.


God Unsearchable,
Shalom foolish, weak, short-sighted man
The great Almighty God explain,

Or to perfection know?
His attributes divinely soar,

Above the creature's sight,
And prostrate seraphim adore

The glorious Infinite.

2 Jehovah's everlasting days,

They cannot numbered be;
Incomprehensible the space

of thine immensity:
Thy wisdom's depths hy reason's line

In vain we strive to sound,
Or stretch our labouring thought t' assign,

Omnipotence a bound.
3 The brightness of thy glory leaves

Description far below;
Nor man, nor angel's heart conceives

How deep thy mercies flow:
Thy love is most unsearchable,

And dazzles all above;
They gaze, but cannot count or tell,
The treasures of thy love!

HYMN 231. S. M.

The Fall.
HE saw; she took; she ate;

Death entered by the cye:
And parlying, in a tempted state,

We lust, consent, and die. 2 But all mankind, restored,

Their Eden may retric 3:
And, Ic! by faith we see our Lord

We touch, and taste, and live! 3 Jesus, thou art a tree

That makes the foolish wise, And safely we may feed on thee,

And feast both heart and eyes. 4 Wisdom divine thou art,

Received through faith alone;
And when thou dost thyself impart,

We know as we are known.

HYMN 232. P. M.


Pleasure-takers warned. STAY, thou too happy sinner, stay,

Smooth-gliding down the flowery way The broad frequented road;


Gay wretch, that dost in pleasure live
And all thy joy from earth receive,

Thy soul is dead to God.
2 When death doth soul and body part,
If dead to God, even then thou art,

Excluded from the skies; Shut up in darkness palpable, And justly left to its own hell, Thy soul for ever dies.

HYMN 233. P. M.

Late Repentance. 1 YE harvest of my joys is past,

The suminer of my comforts fled, Yet I am unredeemed at last,

An sink unsaved among the dead, If on the margin of the grave,

Thou canst not in a moinent save. 2 Destroy me not by thy delay;

Delay is endless death to me:
But the last moment of my day,

Is as a thousand years to thee
Come, Jesus, while my head I bow
And show me thy salvation now

HYMN 234. C. M. D.

Self-deceiners. 1 The men who slight thy faithful word These are the temple of the Lord,

And heathen all beside.
The temple of the Lord are these,

The only church and tr'e,
Who live in pomp, and wealth, and ease,

And Jesus never knew.
2 The temple of the Lord-they pull

Thy living temples down,
And cast out every gracious soul,

That trembles at thy frown:
The church-they from their pale expel,

Whom thou hast here forgiven:
And all the synagogue of hell

Are the sole heirs of hee 'en.


3 0 woul'dst thou, Lord, reveal their sins,

And turn their joy to grief,
The world, the Christian world, convince

Of damning unbelief;
The formalists confound, convert,

And to thy people join,
And break and fill the broken heart,
With confidence divine i

HYMN 235. C. M.

The Communion of Saints. iTHE saints on earth and those above

But one communion make,
Join'd to their Lord in bonds of love,

All of his grace partake.
2 One family, we dwell in Him,

One church above, beneath,
Though now divided by the stream,

The narrow stream of death. 3 One army of the living God,

At his command we bow;
Part of the stream has crossed the flood,

And part are crossing now.
4 Lo! thousands to their endless home

Are swiftly borne away ;
And we are to the margin come,

And soon must launch as they.
5 Lord Jesus! be our constant guide!

Then, when the word is given,
Bid death's cold flood its waves divide
And land us sa fe in heaven.

HYMN 236. L. M.
It is appointed unto all men once to dis.
HE sentence passed on Adam's race,

I meekly to myself receive,
And thank thee for the warning grace,

That here I have not long to live 2 I hasten to my real home;

For no reprjeve nor respite cry; But when the fatal hour is come,

My only business be, to die.

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