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See the blood in pardons streaming,

Precious balm of blood divine!
3 Flow'd from him an open fountain

For the universal sin,
Wash'd away th' enormous mountain,

Made a world of sinners clean;
By his one complete oblation,

Jesus did the ransom find, Quench'd his Father's indignation,

Purg'd the guilt of all mankind. 4 Object of their adoration,

Saviour, thee thine angel-train Met with rapturous exclamation,

Welcom'd to thy courts again! Still they shout, and fall before thee,

Thee their great Creator own, Re-install'd in all their glory, Bright on thine eternal throne!

HYMN 294. P. M.

FOR that bright and glorious day,

When truth enthrond on Mercy's brow
Shall bear a universal sway,

Where Error reigns in triumph now;
When Jesus' name shall spread abroad,

And every nation own their God!
2 When man, the slave or sin and shame,

For freedom shall no longer sigh,
But catch the rapture-giving strain,

And raise the shout of Liberty!
And songs which earth has never told,

Shall vibrate from each harp of gold.
3 That midnight gloom which hovers o'er

Where superstition rears her head,
Shall screen the bloodstain'd rites no more

Nor bide where vice her victims led.
But chasing darkness as it flies,

The sun ufrighteousness arise !
4 Earth, filla with radiancy divine,

As Eden smiled shall smile again,
While peace and happiness shall join,

To spread the Saviour's glorious reign.


No sigh shall heave the troubled breast,

No tears disturb the pilgrim's rest. 5 Blest Jesus! haste the glorious day,

When truth, enthron'd on Mercy's brow, Shall bear a universal sway,

Where Error reigns and triumphs now; Till guilt and misery be drivenAnd earth again resembles heaven.

HYMN 295. P. M.

Another of the same.
OʻLet the eye of pity gaze;

'ER the realms of Pagan darkness,
See the blindness of the people,
Lost in sin's bewildering maze;

Darkness brooding

On the face of all the earth.
2 Light of them that sit in darkness!

Rise and shine, thy blessings bring;
Light to lighten all the gentiles!
Řise with healing in thy wing;

To thy brightness

Let all kings and nations come. 3 May the heathen, now adoring

Idol-gods of wood and stone, Come, and, worshiping before Him, Serve i he living God alone ;

Let Lay glory

Fill the earth as floods the sea.
4 Thou to whom all power is given,

Speak the word; at thy command,
Let the company of preachers
Spread thy name through every land;

Lord, be with them,
Always to the end of time.

HYMN 296. P. M.

ORD, without thy great salvation, Thou wert offered an oblation,

That the world thy grace might know, While upon the cross suspended

Thou did'st bleed, and groan, and die ;

To thy wounds and arms extended

Let us now for refuge fly. 2 Sın-polluted-hell-deserving,

Suppliants at thy feet we fall, Sin and Sutan we're been serving;

Now, O Lord, on thee we call. Pardon, Lord, a vile offender,

Who has wandered far from thee; Let us now our hearts surrender,

Let us thy s vation see. 3 Now the purple food is flowing ;

Wide the fourtain is, and pure;
Health, her blessings there bestowing

To the soul that seeks a cure.
On his throne as Mediator,

Life he offers through his blood,
That each seeking, sin-sick creature,

May be reconcil'd to God.
4 Jesus, in thine arms embrace us;

Send thy blessings on each head;
From our evil hearts release us;

O'er our sins thy mantle spread.
Teach us what we are by nature,

And by grace what we must be;
Give new hearts to every creature,

That we may resemble thee. 5 Now display thy mighty glory,

By the wonders of thy grace,
And we shall repeat the story,

When we see thee face to face.
Then, before our God, adoring,

We shall tune our harps above,
And, with seraphs, stand before him,
Singing of his dying love.

HYMN 297. C. M. D.

For a Sunday School. 1 YHILDREN are God's peculiar care, In humble songs of faith and prayer,

With rev'rence to the skies;
Their fervent cries in heaven he hears,

And soon their souls are fed ;


For to each child his name who fears,

He gives the living bread.
2 Our Jesus is the source of truth,

And light, and knowledge too;
Now he invites us in our youth,

His goodness to pursue ;
He gives his word, his love, his grace,

That we like him may be;
He bids us, chil-iren, seek his face,

That we his face may see. 3 Jesus, from every ill defend,

And guide our erring feet;
O help us on thee to depend,

That when at school we meet,
Thy word may be a glorious light

To lead us on our way,
Secure from sin and nature's night,

To everlasting day.
4 It is our business here below,

Our heavenly king to praise,
While in our youth; and as we grow,

Give him our better days,
He sends us clothing, friends, and food;

No favour he'll deny;
For us he died, and now he lives

That we may never die. 5 Then let us all, with heart and voice,

Unite to praise his name;
Let Jesus' service be our choice,

His glory be our theme.
To Him may our bosannas rise,

As children's once before;
Till we are called above the skies,

To dwell for evermore.

HYMN 298. L. M.

For Children. · of skies

Thou only good, Thou only wises. Our youthful hymns to thee we bring. And hail thee UNIVERSAL KING


? The heavenly choirs around thy throne

Aitone their harps to thee alone;
And shall we, children, here below,

Nu praises on thy name bestow.
3 Skend down, O Lord, thy power and grace,

And fill our hearts with prayer and praise ;
Then, ceaseless, shall our songs ascend,

In anthems to the children's Friend.
4. And while our youthful voices rise,

In hallelujah's to the skies,
Our weak' endeavours, Lord, approve,

And every sinful thought remove.
3 And when our singing here is o'er,

When up to heaven our spirits soar,
May golden harps to us be given,
10 sing thy endless praise in heaven.

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HYMN 299. C. M.
JOYFUL thought! O rapturous words!

His praises let us sing,
Whose true and faithful word declares,

Tliat Jesus shall be king
? What though the enemies should rise,

And hosts of agents bring!
Thy word our fainting thought renews,

üur Saviour shall be king.
3 The heathen shall destroy their gods,
And Jesus' prai

shall ring
Thr rughout a world which one despisid,

But then shall bail him king.
And He who once on Calvary groan'd,

Of death once felt the sting,
Now reigns throughout the hosts of heaven,

And o'er bis saints a king.
5 Soon will he come, and all shall bow,

And all shall tribute bring-
Soon the redeein'd on earth shall soar

To heaven, where Christ is king.

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