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Yes, better far than joining here
This sprightly band another year!

HYMN 309. C. M.

The Dying Christian. 1

When virtue yields its breath! How sweetly beams the smile serene,

Upon the chcek of death! 2 The Christian's hcart no fear can blight,

No pain his peace destroy:
He views, beyond the realms of light,

A pure and boundless joy.
3 Oh, who can gaze, with heedless sight,

On scenes so fair as this?
Who biit exclaims—"thus let me die,

And be my end like his?"

HYMN 310. L. M. 1 FEW more days preserve me here;

And when from earth my spirit flies (), let a child of mine be near

A child of God to close mine eyes. 2 Before its strong arrest I feel,

Give me my death's approach to see; And having lived to serve thy will, Lord, let me then depart in Thee.

HYMN 311. L. M.

Restoration to Health. ' !

And have I still my course to run Again brought back, in its decline,

The shadow of my parting sun ? Jesus to my deliverance flew,

Where sunk in mortal pangs I lay; Pale Death his ancient conqueror knew,

And trembled, and ungrasped the prey!

'ANGELO God, whate'er betide,

HYMN 312. C. M. Setting out to preach the Gospel among Strangers

and Enemies. 1

Jesus, I take thee for my guide,

And walk in thee, my way.
2 Secure from danger and from dread,

Nor earth nor hell shall move, Since over me thy hand hath spread

The banner of thy love. 3 To leave my captain I disdain;

Behind I will not stay; Though shame, and loss, and bonds, and pala,

And death obstruct the way.
4 Me to thy suffering self conform,

And arm me with thy power,
Then burst the cloud, descend the storm,

And come the fiery hour.
5 Then shall I hear thine utmost will,

When first the strength is givenCome, foolish world, my body kill, My soul shall rise to heaven.

HYMN 313. C. M.

Self-abhorrence. 1

That by myself abhorred, Ashamed I may for ever be,

Before my glorious Lord;
2 That only sight can pride abase

Can force me to subrnit,
Which makes archangels veil their face,
And tremble at thy feet!

HYMN 314. P. M.

Self-examination. A Tevening to myself I say,

My soul, where hast thou gleaned to day Thy labours how bestowed ?

to me,

Wha: nast thou gouy said or done?
What grace attaired, or knowledge won,

In following after God ?

HYMN 315. P. M.

The Weary longing for rest. ' A Swiipwreck'd mariners desire,

With eager grasp, to reach the shore; As hirelings long i' obtain their hire,

And vet'rans wish the warfare o'er :I languish from this earth to flee,

And gasp for-immortality. 2 To heaven I lift my mournful eyes,

And all within me groans,-“How long?" O were I landed in the skies!

The bitter loss, the cruel wrong, Should there no mere my soul molest,

Or break my everlasting rest. 3 In that Jerusalem above,

No pain the happy spirit meets; No sense of ill-requited love,

No sad complaining in our streets: Crying, and curse, and death are v'er,

And there temptation is no more. 4 O could I break this carnal fence,

Drop all my sorrows in the tomb,
On angel wings remove from hence,

And fly this happy moment home,
Quit the dark house of mouldering clay,
And launch into eternal day!

HYMN 316. L. M.
YAN we believe thy precious word,
Sure, if we meet, to meet our Lord,

And catch thy whisper “Here I am!"
2 Where two or three, with faithful heart

Unite to plead the promise given,
As truly in the midst thou art

As in the countless hosts of heaven

HYMN 317. P. M.

Sorrowing not without Hope.
F death my friend and me divide,

* chide,

Or frown my tears to see;
Restrain'd from ..ssionate excess,
Thou bidst me mourn in calm distress,

For them that rest in Thee.
2 I feel a strong, immortal hope,
Which bears my inournful spirit up,

Beneath its mountain-loari;
Redeemed from death, and grief, and air,
I snon shall find my friends again,

Within the arins of God.
3 Pass a few fleeting moments more,
And death the blessing shall restore,

Which death hath snatched away;
For me thou wilt the summons send,
And give me back my parted friend,
In ibat eternal day.

HYMN 318. C. M.

God's peculiar people mine?
Gathered beneath the Saviour's sign,

And Christ in glory see-
2 Gathered into the church above,

Whoe'er to Christ belong,
Shall meet, to sing the song of love,

The Lamb's eternal song.

HYMN 319. C. M.

1 JESUSLord, our hearts inspire

Kindle now that neavenly fire

To brighten and refine;
Purify our faith like gold,

All the dross of sin remove;
Melt our spirits down, and moud

Into thy perfect love.

2 If thou dost thy gospel bless,

Jf thou apply the word,
Then our broken hearts confess,

The haminer of the Lord :
Fully, Lord, the hammer use;

Force the nations to submit;
Smite the rocks, and break and bruise
The work beneath thy feet.

HYMN 320. S. M. D.
MRedeemed by thee we plead,

Thy promise made to Abraham's race,

To souls for ages dead :
Our bones as quite dried up,

Throughout our vale appear;
Cut off and lost their last faint hope

To see thy kingdom here. 2 Open their graves, and bring

The outcasts forth, to own,
Thou art the Lord, their God and king,

Their true anointed one;
To save the race forlorn

Thy glorious arm display,
And show the world a nation born
A nation in a day!

HYMN 321. C. M. D.

In time of peril.
Y Saviour, from the wrath to come.

From present evil save,
And farther mitigate my doom,

Nor let me see the grave :
Still hold my soul in life, I pray,

A dying worin reprieve,
And let me all my lengthened day

ünto thy glory live. 2 Now, Lord, I nave to thee male known

My troubled soul's request,
And sink in calm dependence down

Within thy arms to rest :
bucure in danger's blackest hour

Thy faithfulness to prove,


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