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2 Oh! Calvary is a mountain high,

"Tis too ditficult a task for me, To indulge in balmy sleep, would far better suit

my taste,

Than Calvary or Gethsemane,
: 0! it would not appear such a mountain high,

Nor yet so hard a task for thee,
If thou didst love the man, who first laid the plan,

Of climbing the mountain Calvary.
4 I had rather abide in the pleasant plain,

My gay companions there to see,
And to tarry a while, in the joys of the world,

Than to climb up the mountain Calvary. 5 Thy gay companions ere long will be gone,

Poor blinded souls could they but see!
And if ever thou would'st stand, on Canaan's

happy land,

Thou must tirst climb the mountain Calvary. 6 There is no pleasure that I can behold,

'Tis a sad and dreary path to me, And I have heard them say, there are lions in the


And they lurk in the mountain Calvary. 7 True! it is a straight and narrow road,

And lions lurk there for their prey ;
But thou shalt have a guard, yea the angels of God,

Shall conduct thee up to Calvary.
8 I had rather have peace and live at my ease,

Than to be afflicted thus by thee,
When blooming youth is gone, and old age comes


I will then go with thee to Calvary. 9 There is no time so good as youth,

To travel this mountain you must see,
For when old age comes on, with its great load of


How then canst thou climb up Calvary.
10 O conscience thou art ever making a noise,

I cannot enjoy any peace for thee;
There is time enough yet, and the journey's not

so great,
I can soon climb the mountain Calvary.

11 Oh hark! I hear a doleful sound,

And thou shouldst greatly alarmed be, A blooming youth is gone, and is sleeping in the

tomb, Who refused to climb up Calvary. 12 Alas! I know not what to do,

For thou hast greatly alarmed me, In sin I have gone on, till I fear I am undone,

Lord help me to climb up Calvary. 13 O tarry pot in all the plain,

Lest it prove a dangerous snare to thee,
But look up to the man, who was bruised for thy

And he'll help thee to climb up Calvary.

HYMN 23. C. M.
BEHOLD: that

great and awful day When sinners must be hurl'd away;

And Christians gathered home. 2 The one with Dives for water cry;

And gnaw their tongues in pain; They gnash their teeth, in horrors lie,

And wring their hands in vain.
3 Now hail! ye doleful frighted ghosts,

With whom I once did dwell,
And spent my days in frantic mirth,

And danc'd my soul to hell!
4 You me about the floor did drag,

And caus'd my soul to sin;
And devils now your mouth shall gag.

And force the fuel in.
5 Perhaps the parent sees the child

Sink down to endless pain,
With shrieks and howls, and bitter cries,

Never to rise again.
0 O father, see my blazing hands,

Mother! behold your child! Against you now, a witness standa

Amidst the flames confin'de

7 The child, perhaps, the parent views,

Go headlong down to hell;
Gone with the rest of Satan's crew,

And bids the child farewell!
8 The husband sees his piteous wife,

With whom he once did dwell, Depart with groai's and bitter cries,

My husband! faie you well! 9 But O, perhaps, the wife may see,

The man she once did love, Sink down to endless misery,

While she is crown'd above!
10 Then shall the saints, thro' grace conibind,

Drink in eterual love;
In Jesus' image there to shine,

And reign with him above.
.1 O how it lifts my soul to think,

Of meeting round the throne, Eternal joys there for to drink, . Where sorrows never come.

HYMN 24. P. M. 1

all ye poor sinners that from aldam came, Ye poor and ye blind, and ye halt and ye lame, Close in with salvation for mercy is free,

Or you will be damn'd through eternity. • When God shall descend with a shout from above,

And call home his servants to bless with his love, And you not renew'd in your souls by his grace,

Away you'll be banish'd from Jesus's face 3 For if you deny him, he will deny you,

Into hell you'll be turn'd, among the damn'd crew, In horror and torment for ever you'll lie;

In vain then for mercy, in vain you may cry. 4 You've read of the rich man and beggar also;

The beggar he died and to Jesus did go;
The rich man he died, and to his sad surprise,

Awaked in hell, and he lift op his eyes.
5 Seeing Abra'am afar in the mansions above,

Anu Lar 18 in his bosom in raptures of love



He cry'd “Father Abra'am send to my relief,

For I am tormented with pain and with grief." 6 He said, “son remember when you liv*d so great,

Dress'd in your fine linen, your purple and state, Whilst Laz'rus was laid at your gate full of grief,

You had not compassion to give him relief. 7 " Besides, there's a gulph fix'd betwixt us you So that those who would come here, from thence,

cannot flee; But there you must lie and Jament your sad state,

For now you are sending your cries up too late." 8 He cried, “ father Abra'am I pray thee provide,

Send one from the dead, I've five brethren beside; They hearing from me, and of my wretched state,

Perhaps they'll repent now, before 'tis too late." 9" They have a rich gospel that spreads far and

wide; They have Moses, the prophets, and apostles

beside, If they'll not adhere unto them and repent, They would not believe though one from the dead

went." 10 O come, ye poor mourners, and don't you

despair, But cry to your Jesus, he'll answer your pray'r; He'll hear your complaints, and ease all your grief

He'll pardon your sins, and will give you relief. 11 And when your frail bodies you come to lay

down. You'll fly up to heaven where you'll wear a bright

crown. The smiles that will beam from your Jesus's face Will make you adore and admire his free grace.

HYMN 25. L. M. LONG to see the season come, II

When sinners will come flocking home To taste the riches of God's love,

And sing his praise in realms above. 2 Hark I hear the gospel trumpet's sound,

Inviting sinners all around

Behold, your loving Saviour stands,

And spreads for you his bleeding hands. 3 He now is knocking at your heart,

Waiting salvation to impart;
To wash you in atoning blood,

And seal you heirs and sons of God. 4 A few more days, and you must go

To realms of joy, or endless wo;
In worlds above with Christ to dwell,

Or sink beneath his frowns to hell.
• Come, sinners all, now warning take,

And all your sinful ways forsake;
This world give o'er, leave sin behind,

In Christ you shall redemption find. 6 Take your companions by the hand,

Take all your children in a band,
And give them up at Jesus' call;

He'll pardon, bless, and save you all.
7 When the great day of Christ shall come,

And he collects his Jewels home,
On Zion's mount we then shall stand,
And join the bright angelic band.

HYMN 26. P. M.
days, my weeks, my months, my years,

Around the steady pole,
Time like the tide its motions keep
Till I shall launch into the deep,

Where endless ages roll.
The grave is near cle cradle scene;
How swift the moments pass bet weoa,

And whisper as they fly-
Unthinking man, remeniber this,
While fond of sublunary bliss,

That thou must groan and die.
And must my soul be then extinct,
And cease to live and cease to think!

It cannot, cannot be!
No, my immortal cannot die,
Where wilt thou go, where wilt thou fly,

When death shall set thee free.

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