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Protected by almighty power,
And everlasting love.

HYMN 322. L. M.

Birth, Death, and Immortality, 1

Naked I out of it shall go, And soon this perishable frame

With mother earth shall rest below. 2 But Olmy soul, if born again,

With glory clothed upon shall rise, A place among the saints obtain, And find its father in the skies.

HYMN 323. C. M. D.

Answers to Prayer.
FT hast thou, Lord, in tender love,

Prevented my request,
And sent thy Spirit from above,

An unexpected guest;
Oft when my prayer was scarce begun,

Thou didst thy grace impari,
And make thy pardoning mercy knowl,

And seal it on my heart.
Why this profusion of thy grace

On such a worm as me?
Father, I ask in fia d amaze,

Explain the mystery
How canst thou to a sinner's cry,

Incline thy pitying ear
Thou hear'st mine Advocate on high
And wilt for ever hear.

HYMN 324. P. M.

The dying Parents. -
1 THOU faithful God of love,

Gladly I thy promise plead,
Waiting for thy last remove,

Hastening to the happy dead.
Lo, I cast in thee my care,

Breathe my latest breath in prayer 2 Trusting in thy word alone,

I to thee my children leave

Call my little ones thine own,

Give them all thy blessings, give; Keep them while on Earth they breathe

Save their souls from endless death, 3 Whom I to thy grace commend,

Into thine embraces take;
Be her sure immortal Friend,

Save her for my Saviour's sake;
Free from sin, from sorrow free,

Let my widow trust in thee. 4 Father of the fatherless,

Husband of the widow prove;
Me and mine persist to bless,

Tell me we shall meet above:
Seai the promise on my heart,
Bid me then in peace depart.

HYMN 325. P. M.

Helpless yet Happy. 10 THOU, whose wise, paternal love

Hath brought my active vigour down Thy choice I thankfully approve,

And, prostrate at thy gracious throne, I offer up my life's remains;

I choose the statę my God ordains. 2 Cast, as a broken vessel, by,

Thy will I can no longer do; Yet, while a daily death I die,

Thy power I may in weakuess show My patience may thy glory raise,

My speechless wo proclaim thy praise. 3 But, since without thy spirit's might

Thou knowest I nothing can endure,
The help I ask in Jesus' right,

The strength he did for me procure,
Father, abundantly impart,

And arm with love my feeble heart. 4 O let me live, of thee possessed,

In weakness, wcariness, and pain!
The anguish of my labouring breast,

The daily cross I still sustain,

For him that languished on the tree,
But lived, before he died, for me.


HYMN 326. C. M.

The gourd of Jonah. 1 UR joy is a created good;

How soon it fades away;
Fades, (at the morning hour bestowed,)

Before the noon of day. 2 Joy, by a violent excess,

To certain ruin tends;
And all our rapturous happiness

In hasty sorrow ends.
3 In vain doth earthly bliss afford

A momentary shade;
It rises like the prophet's gourd,

And withers o'er my head.
& But of my Saviour's love possessed,

No more for earth I pine;
Secure of everlasting rest-

Beneath the heavenly vinc.


HYMN 327. P. M.

A last Prayer.
N age and feebleness extreme,
Jesus, my only hope thou art,
Strength of my failing flesh and heart!
O, could I catch a smile from Thec,
And drop into eternity!

HYMN 328. L. M.

Prayer at stated Times. 1

THUS, Lord, throughout my life would I At morning, noon, and night, draw nigh

Thy throne, to worship and adore; For mercy every moment pray,

And never from thy praises cease, But glide insensibly away

To raptures of eternal bliss.


2 Let the infernal lion roar

I still approach thy throne of grace, Daily present, as heretofore,

My sacrifice of prayer and praise ;
Before my God, by Satan's host,

Found on my knees might I but be,
I'll glory that my life it cost,
And die from man to live with Thee.

HYMN 329. C. M.

Vain Repentances.
VIMES without number have I prayed,

This only once forgive;
Relapsing when thy hand was stayed,

And suffered me to live:
2 Yet now the kingdom of thy peace,

Lord to my heart restore; Forgive my vain repentances, And bid me sin no more.

HYMN 330. C. M.

On recovering from Sickness. ! of

Why did I doubt my Saviour's art? Ah! why mistrust his will to save ?

What meant that faultering of my heart. ? 'Twas not the searching pain within,

That filled my coward flesh with fear; Nor consciousness of outward sin,

Nor sense of dissolution near, 3 Of hope I felt no joyful ground,

The fruit of righteousness alone; Naked of Christ my soul I found,

And started from a God unknown. 4 Corrupt my will, nor half subdued,

Could I his purer presence bear? Unchanged, unhallowed, unrenewed,

Could I before his face appear? 5 Father of mercies, bear my call!

Ere yet returns the fatal hour, Repair my loss, retrieve my fall,

And raise ine by thy quick'ning power.

W blood ?

6 My nature re-exchange for thine;

Be thou my life, my hope, my gain; Arm me in panoply divine,

And death shall shake his dart in vain. 7 When I thy promised Christ have seen,

And clasped Him in my soul's embrace,
Possessed of my salvation, then-
Then let me, Lord, depart in peace,

HYMN 331. P. M.

The Christian. 1 HO is as the Christian great, Crowns he sees beneath his feet,

Soars aloft, and walks with God. 2 Who is as the Christian wise?

He has nought-for all hath givenBought the pearl of greatest price,

Nobly barter'd earth for heaven. 3 Who is as the Christian blest?

Ile hath found the long-sought stone Ile is join'd to Christ, his rest,

He and happiness are one. 4 Earth and heaven together ineet,

Gifts in him and graces join, Make the character complete,

All immortal, all divine. 5 Lol his clothing is the sun,

The bright Sun of Righteousness; He hath put salvation on

Jesus is his beauteous dress. 6 Lol he feeds on Living Bread, Drinks the fountain

from above, Leans on Jesus' breast his head,

Feasts for ever on his love. 7 Angels here his servants are,

Spread for him their golden wings To his throne of glory bear,

Seat him by ihe King of kings. 8 Who shall gain that heavenly height ?

Who his Saviour's face shall see?

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