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Part of his host have crossd the flood,

And part is crossing now.
Ten Chousand to their endless home

This solemn moment fly;
And we are to the margin come,

And we expect to die:
His militant, embodied host,

With wishful looks we stand,
And long to see that happy coast,

And reach the heavenly laud.
1 Our spirits too shall quickly join,

Like theirs, with glory crown'd;
And shout to see our Capiain's sign,

And hear his trumpet sound:
O that we now might grasp our Guide.

O that the word were given!
Come, Lord of Hosts, the waves divide,

And land us all in heaven!

Trefuse thy hand to see

HYMN 354. C. M. D. 1 VHE crowd, the poor, unthinking crowd They will not hear thy loudest rod,

They will not turn to thee.
As with judicial blindness struck,

They all thy signs despise,
Harden their hearts yet more, and mock

The anger of the skies.
2 But blinder still, the rich and great,

In wickedness excel,
And revel on the brink of fate,

And sport and dance to hell.
Regardless of my smile or frown,

Their pleasures they require,
And sink with gay indiff'rence dowle

To everlasting fire.
3 But, O! thou dreadfu., righteous Line

The praying remnant spare,
The men that tremble at thy wora.

And see the coming spalt:
Our land it yet again thod tistike.
Or utterly break dowite


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A merciful distinction make,

And strongly save thine own. 4 If earth its mouth must open wide,

To swallow up its prey; Jesus, thy faithful people hide,

In that vindictive day: Firm in the universal shock,

We shall not then remove;
Safe in the clefts of Israel's rock,
Our Lord's expiring love.

HYMN 355. C. M.
HOW extensive is thy grace,

How rich, how full, how free!
The needy thou delight'st to raise :

I'll tell my wants to thee.
? I want to fear thy sacred name,

I want to love thee more,
I want to feel that heavenly flame,

Which I have felt before.
3 I want to know myself aright,

To hear what Jesus saith;
I want repentance in thy sight,

I want a stronger faith.
4 I want to have my soul resign'd,

Submissive to thy will;
I want a meek, an humble mind,

I want my wants to feel.
5 I want a chaste and single eye:

Thy gracious ear incline;
From fulness infinite supply

This empty soul of mine.
6 Through Jesus let these blessings flow;

He hought them with his blood :
Now let a worthless sinner know
Thy promises made good.

HYMN 356. L. M.
LET Jeauvah's liberal hand

Be own'd and suns 'hrough all the land I
Tis he that sends a plenteous #lore,
dis name let every soul adore


2 Let undeserved goodness raise

Our admiration and our praise;
Such vile rebellious sinners are

Unworthy of the smallest share. 3 But how does mercy yet abound!

How is the year with plenty crown'd!
For man and beasi a rich supply

Is wisely urder'd from on high.
4 'Tis God who makes the earth to yield.
He gives increase to every field;
The fragrant herh, the fruitful trce.

From God receive fertility.
5 Help us to fred, with grateful hearts,

On what thy bounteous hand imparte,
And let thy mercies all combine
To ripen us for joys divine.

HYMN 357. S. M.
OW welcome is this news

To souls oppress'd with fear;
Why, sinner, why wilt thou refuse

To leave thy burden here? 9 Is Jesus full of grace ?

Then why dost thou complain? 0! why refuse to seek his face,

His favour to obtain ?
3 And why shouldst thou, my soul,

Go mourning all thy days?
Lord, let thy grace my fears control,

And fill my mouth with praise. 4 Revire my fainting heart

With thy forgiving love;
Ilaste, Lord, and grace for grace impart,
And fix my thoughts above.

HYMN 358. C. M.

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LET world harm's forenworld pursue

It has no charms for ne;
Once I admir'd its trifles too,

But grace has set me free.
2 Its pleasures now no longer pleasa,

No more content afford;

Far from my heart be joys like these,

Now I have known the Lord. 3 As by the light of op'ning day,

'The stars are all conceal'd; So earthly pleasures fade away,

When Jesus is revealed. 4 Creatures no more divide my choice,

I bid them all depart: His name, and love, and gracious voice

Have fix'd my roving heart.
5 Now, Lord, I would be thine alone,

And wholly live to thee;
But may I hope that thou wilt own

A worthless worm like me!

HYMN 359. P. M. 1 HI

ELP, O help, my great Creator!

Love the soul thyself hast made,
Burthen'd with a sinful nature,

Let me still on thee be stay'd:
What I have to thce commended,

Saviour, wilt thou not secure,
Till the fiery trial's ended,

Till I, as my God, am pure? 2 But it is thy gracious pleasure,

To redeem me from all sin;
Only let me wait thy leisure,

Till thou bring thy kingdom in.
Pray, and serve thee without ceasing,

Till thy perfect grace I prove;
Blest with all the gospel blessing,

Filld with all the life of love. 3 Hear in this accepted hour,

Speak and bid the sun stand still;
Give me cow the constant power

Over my own carnal will:
Stronger wax thy love and stronger;

Let my bosom-sin give place:
Let the elder serve the younger,

Nature yield to sovereign grace.

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HYMN 360, P. M.
1 HOW shall a sinner perform

The vows he hath vow'd to the Lord!
A sinful and impotent worm,

Ilow can I be true to my word!
I tremble at what I have done.

But look for my help from above,
The power that I never have known,

The virtue of Jesus's love.
2 My solemn errgagements are vain,

My promises empty as air,
My vows I shall break them again,

And plunge in eternal despair-
Uwless my omnipotent God

The sense of his goodness impart,
And shed, by his spirit, abroad,

That love of himself in my heart.

HYMN 361. P. M.


LOVER of sinners, extend

To me thy affectionate grace;
Appear, my affliction to end;

Afford me a glimpse of thy face :
That light shall enkindle in mo

A flame of reciprocal love,
And then I shall cleave unto thee,

And then I shall never remcve. 2 O come to a mourner in pain,

Thy peace to my conscience reveal,
And then I shall love thee again,

And sing of the goodness I feel;
Constraind by the grace of my Lord,

My soul shall in all things obey,
And wait to be fully restor'd,
And long to be summond away.

HYMN 362. P. M 10 food

FATHER of all, who fillest with good, Them ready to perish, thou lov'st to sustain, And wilt thou not cherish the children of men ?

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