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2 On thee we depend our wants to supply,

Whose goodness shall send us bread from the sky;
On earth thou shalt give us a taste of thy love,
And shortly receive us to banquet above.

HYMN 363. L. M.
THE rain descends, the tempests rise!

My soul, his inajesty adore!
Jehovah's voice sounds through the skies,

While lightnings flash and thunders roar. % I sit becalm'd while others fear;

The God of Thunder is my all; It is my Father's voice I hear,

Nor shall I by his thunder fall. 3 No: while his lightnings flash around,

Although the rarth's foundation move, I stand secure a faith's firm ground,

I rest in his unchanging love. 4 Nothing shall fright my soul from God,

Should he the skies this moment rend; lle is my only safe abode, My Rock, my Refuge, and my Friend.

HYMN 364. C. M. 1 Bar as the lernal hiits:

EYOND the glittering starry sky There, in the boundless worlds of light,

Our dear Redeemer dwells.
2 Inmortal angels, bright and fair,

In countless armies shine;
At his right hand, with golden harps,

They offer songs divine.
3 “Hail Princel" they cry, "for ever hai!!

Whose unexampled love
Mov'd thee to quit those blissful realms,

And royalties above."
4 Through all his travels here below,

They did his steps attend;
oft wond'ring how, or where, at last,

This mystic scene would end.
5 They saw his heart transfix'd with wounds

With love and grief run o'er,


They saw him break the bars of death,

Which none e'er brake before. 6 They brought his chariot from above,

To bear him to his throne: Clapp'd their triumphant wings, and cried “The glorious work is done."

HYMN 365. C. M. To be sung on clearing the ground, and erecting the

Stand for a Camp-Meeting. 1 THIS sacred spot, O Lord, to thee,

We consecrate by prayer;
Thy pow'r and goodness may we see,

Display'd in mercy here.
2 While we prepare and clear the ground,

O Lord, our hearts prepare ;
And while we pitch our tents around,

Lord, spread thy glory there.
3 Erect thy banners, heavenly King,

As we the Stand erect;
Many Preachers thy salvation bring,

And souls to thee direct.
4 Didst thou of old thine Israel's camp

With clouds of glory crown? By day a cloud, by night a lamp!

Thus here, O Lord, come down.
5 Nuw, Lord, before our longing eyes,

Thy glory here reveal,
And let us from the lofty skits,

Thy sacred influence feel.
6 May angels, round this chosen spot,

Encamp by night and day;
May each in order fill his lot,
To preach, and praise, and pray.

HYMN 366. C. M.

Camp-Meeting a pleasant sight. 1

d. HW pleasant are these tents, o 2 To speak and hear thy blessol word

And worship at thy fees

2 From distant places they have come,

And sweetly here agree;
They find it here a pleasant home,

To meet, O Lord, with thee.
3 Of past experience they converse,

They talk thy mercies o'er,
Thy love and faithfulness rehearse,

Thy goodness they adore.
They mingle here their friendly hearts,

And pledge their faithful vows ;
While God to them his love imparts,

As if in his own house.
5 They carry hence the holy flame,

Which in each bosom glows;
They spread the savour of thy name,

And on thy grace repose.
6 Prepare them all to carry home
An evidence of

grace; That others may in future come, To seek thy glorious face.

HYMN 367. C. M.

Breaking up of Camp-Meeting.
1 OW, brethren, to your homes repair,

And as you pass along,
Employ your hearts in humble prayer,

And raise the cheerful song. 2 Praise God, whose mercies brought you here,

Whose goodness keeps you still;
Whose grace with joy your souls can cheer,

Whose power subdues your will. 3 Praise him for what your ears have heard,

For what your eyes have seen ;
Praise him for what has here occurr'd,

For all you feel within. 4 Improve the strength you here have gain'd

To do his holy will:
Improve the knowledge here attain'd,

To love and serve him still.
Let not the world have cause to say,

You serv'd your God for nought.

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But grow in grace from day to day

As you have here been taught. 6 To friends and neighbours all around

O let your graces shine; In ways of holiness abound,

And live a life divine.
7 And now, my Christian friends, adieu

May Jesus with you dwell;
May grace and peace abide with you:

“So now, dear friends, farewell." 8 Farewell, and to your homes repair,

And as you pass along;
Employ your hearts in humble prayer,
And raise the cheerful song.

HYMN 368. P. M.

Social Worship.
1 RETHREN, this is sweet employment
This indeed is sweet enjoyment,
In the presence of our King.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Make the place with praises ring. 2 Who can tell the heavenly pleasure,

In this pious sweet employ!
Here's a vast, unfading treasure,
Which our social souls enjoy.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Shout, and sing aloud for joy!

HYMN 369. P. M.

The Rainbowo. 1 Ho

row grandly the bow stretches over the sky

The token of covenant grace, Reflecting its beauties to every eye.

And shows us a reconcil'd face. 2 The dark clouds arise to obscure the bright day

And scatter their horrors around; The fearful, amazed, are ready to say,

That judgments will surely abound. 3 But when they behold this beautiful sight,

Their fears are dispell'd from the mind.

This heavenly token affords them delight,

They to thunders and clouds are resign'd; 4 'Tis thus, when the storms of adversity roll,

Our fears are excited and rise,
Till covenant mercies appear to the soul,

And Jesus enlightens our eyes. 5 Then justice, and mercy, and truth are combin'd,

In covenant goodness and love
Sweet peace, joy and pleasure expanding the

It longs for God's presence above.

HYMN 370. P. M. 1

TIV glory, Lord, the heavens declare,
The changing clouds, the viewless air,

Tempest and calin thy word fulfil;
Day unto day doth utter speech,

And night to night thy knowledge teach. 2 Though voice nor sound inform the ear,

Well-known the language of their song,
When one by one the stars appear,

Led by the silent moon along,
Till round she earth, from all the sky,

Thy beauty beams on every eye.
3 Waked from thy touch, the morning sun

Comes like a bridegroom from his bower, And, like a giant, glad to run

His bright career with speed and power ; -Thy flaming messenger, to dart

Life through the depth of Nature's heart. & While these transporting visions shine

Along the path of Providence,
Glory eternal, joy divine,

Thy word reveals, transcending sense;
-My soul thy goodness longs to see,
Thy love to man, thy love to me.

HYMN 371. P. M.
GOD is my strong salvation,
Ja darkness and temptation,

My light, my help is near.

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