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HYMN 377. S. M.
ID Christ o'er sinners weep,


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Let Hoods of penitential griei

Burst forth from ev'ry eye. 2 The Son of God in tears

Angels with wonder sec;
Be thou astonish'd, O my soul,

He shed those tears for thee. 3 He wept that we might weep

Each sin demands a tear:
In heaven alone no sin is found,

And there's no weeping there.

HYMN 378. P. M. 1

Hail the time when all is done;
Christ appears to full salvation,

Perfects what he first begun:
Hail the Lord, to earth returning,

A'xful, fearful, joyful day;
Valleys, plains, and mountains burning

Flening skies are swept away. 2 Hear the awful trumpet sounding;

See the nations all draw near:
Come to judgment still resounding,

Till it reaches every ear:
Sinners call for rocks to hide them;

Saints repeating, Come, Lord, come:
Angels mission'd, now divide them;

Jesus speaks their final doom. 3 Hear the sentence, not reversed,

See the mighty gulph between;
Come, ye blessed-Go, ye cursed,

Closes up the awful scene:
Shout, ye saints, behold your Saviour,

View, and tell his bleeding wounds,
This will give you joy for ever,

Whiist the winner it confounds.

HYMN 379. L. M. YAMP-MEETINGS with thy presence crown. СА

And show'r, O Lord, thy blessings down; Fill every heart with holy zeal,

And ail thy righteousness reveal. 2 O'er all our hosts do thou preside,

And all our various movements guide :
The praying companies attend,

And show thyself the sinner's friend. 3 Pour cut thy Spirit on thy sons,

And visit thy anointed ones ;
May every virgin trin her lamp,

And glory rest upon our camp.
4 May prayer and praise united rise

Like holy incense to the skies;
In all our hosts display thy power!
May souls be born again this hour!

HYMN 380. P. M.
* ,

Healed ihe burning serpent's bite,
Jesus thus himself discloses,

To the wounded sinner's sight;
Hear his gracious invitation,

“I have life and peace to give,
I have wrought out full salvation

Sinner, look to me and live."
2 “ Pore upon your sins no longer,

Well I know their mighty guilt;
But my love than death is stronger;

I my blood have freely spilt.
Though your hearts have long been hardened

Look on me, it soft shall grow,
Past transgressions shall be pardoned,

And I'll wash you vihite as snow."
Gracious Saviour, we adore thee,

For thy precious life and death;
Melt each stabborn heart before thee,

Give us all the eye of faith;
From the law's condemning sentence.

'i'o thy mercy we appeal,

Give us, Lord, unfeigned repentance,
And our pardon kindly seal.

HYMN 381. P. M. i

I left the world behind,
Determind for a city,
That's out of sight to find

And to glory I will go,
And to glory I will go_I'll go, I'll go.

And to glory I will go. 2 I left my worldly honour

I left my worldly fame-
I left my young companions

And with them my good name. 3 Some said I'd better tarry

They thought I was too young For to prepare for dying:

But that was all my theme. 4 Come all my loving brethren,

And listen to my cry;
All you that are backsliders
Must shortly beg or die.

And to begging I will go-
And to begging I will go-will go,


go, And to begging I will go. 5 The Lord he loves the beggar,

Who truiy begs indeed; He always will relieve him

Whene'er he stands in need. 6 I do not beg for riches,

Nor to be dressed fire:
The garment that he'll give me,

The sun it will outshine. 7 I'm not asham d to beg While here on earth

I stay i
'm not asliam'd to watch
And I'm not aşkaw'd to pray.

8 The richest man I ever saw

Was one that begg'd the most;
His soul was fill'd with Jesus.

And with the Holy Ghost.
9 And now we are encouraged,

Cone let us travel on
Until we join the angels,
And sing the holy song.
And to glory I will go, &c.

HYMN 382. P. M. i Tismy happiness below,

Not to live without the cross;
But the Saviour's power to know,

Sanctifying every loss:
Trials must and will befal;

But with humble faith to see
Love inscribed upon them all,

This is happiness to me.
2 God, in Israel, sows the seeds

of affliction, pain and toil;
These spring up and stop the weeds

Which would else o'erspread the goili
Trials make the promise sweet,

Trials give new life to prayer;
Trials bring me to his feet,

Lay me low and keep me there. 3 Did I meet no trials here,

No chastisement by the way;
Might I not, with reason fear

I should prove a cast away?
Bastards may escape the rod,

Sunk in earthly vain delight;
But the true-born child of God
Must not, would not, if he might.

HIYMN 383. P. M. 1 'nis praise,

E heavens rejoice in Jesus's grace, Our all-loving Saviour hath pacified God,

And paid for his favour the price of his blood 8 Ye mountains and vales in praises abound

Ye lills and ye dales continue the sound

Break forth into singing ye trees of the wood,

For Jesus is bringing lost sinners to God. 3 Atonement ne made for every one,

The debt he hatly paid, the work he hath done; Shout, all the creation, below and above, Ascribing salvation to Jesus's love.

GREAT God, where are we pitch our tent,

HYMN 384. C. M. 1

Let us an altar raise;
And there, with humble frame, present

Our sacrifice of praise.
2 To thee we give our health and strength,

While health and strength shall las: ;
For future mercies humbly trust,
Nor e'er forget the past.

HYMN 385. C. M. 1

COME Holy Ghost, thine influence shed,
Thy life infuse into the bread,

Thy power into the wine.
2 Effectual let the tokens prove,

And made, by heavenly art, Fit channels to convey thy love To every faithful heart.

HYMN 386. P. M. 1 NATHER, Son, and Holy Ghost,

, ,
As by the celestial host,

Let thy will on carth be done;
Praise by all to thee be given

Glorious Lord of earth and heaven. 2 If so poor a worm as I

May to thy great glory live,
All my actions sanctity,

All.ny words and thoughts receive:
Claim me for thy service, claim

All I have, and all I am.
3 Take my soul and body's powers,

Take my men’ry, inind, and will

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