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HYMN 33. C. M. 1

COME, humble singer, in whose breast Come with your guilt and fear oppress'd;

And make this last resolve 2 " I'll go to Jesus, though my sins

Have like a mountain rose: I know his courts, I'll enter in,

Whatever me oppose.
3 “ Prostrate I'll lie before his throne,

And there my guilt confess;
I'll tell him I'm a wretch undone,

Without his sov'reign grace.
4 "I'll to my gracious king approach,

Whose sceptre pardon gives; Perhaps he may command a touch,

And then the suppliant lives. 5 “Perhaps he may admit my plea,

Perhaps he'll hear my prayer: But if I perish, I will pray,

And perish only there.
6 “ I can't but perish if I go:

I am resolved to try;
For if I stay away, I know

I must for ever die."

HYMN 34. C. M. 1

BEHOLDathe, wretch, whose lust and wino
He begs a share among the swine,

To taste the husks they eat !
9 " I die with hunger here," he cries,

“I starve in foreign lands;
My father's house has large supplies,

And bounteous are his hands.
3 “I'll go, and with a mournful tongue,

Fali down before his face ;
Father, I've done thy justice wrong, .

Nor cau deserve thy grace."

4 He said, and hasten'd to his home,

To seek his father's love;
The father saw the rebel come,

And all his bowels move.
5 He ran and fell upon his neck,

Embrac'd and kiss'd his son ;
The rebel's heart with sorrow breaks

For follies he had done. 8 " Take off his clothes of shame and sin,"

The father gives command:
Dress him in garments white and clean,

With rings adorn his hand. 7" A day of feasting I ordain,

Let joy and mirth abound;
My son was dead, and lives again;
Was lost, and now is found."

HYMN 35. C. M.

* -seat,

Where Jesus answers prayer; There bumbly fall before his feet,

For none can perish there. 2 Thy promise is my only plea,

With this I venture nigh;
Thou calleet burden'd souls to thee,

And such, O Lord, am I.
3 Bow'd down beneath a load of sin,

By Satan sorely press d;
By war without, and fears within,

I come to thee for rest.
4 Be thou my shield and hiding place

That, shelter'd near thy side, I may my fierce accuser face,

And tell him " thou hast died." 30 wond'rous love! to bleed and die,

To bear the cross and strame: That guilty sinners, such as I,

Might plead thy gracious naine. 6“ Poor tempest-lossed soul be still,

My proniis'd grace receive; Tis Jesus speaks, I must, I will, .I can, I do believe.

HYMN 36. P. M.


E ,

INCOMPASS'D with clouds of distress, I pant for the light of thy face,

And fear it will never be mine. Dishearten'd with waiting so long,

I sink at thy feet with my load; All plaintive I pour out my song,

And stretch forth my hands unto God. 2 Shine, Lord, and my terror shall cease,

The blood of atonement apply,
And lead me to Jesus for peace,

The rock that is higher than I.
Speak, Saviour! for sweet is thy voice;

Thy presence is fair to behold;
Attend to my sorrows and cries,

My groanings that cannot be told. 3 If sometimes I strive as I mourn,

My hold of thy promise to keep,
The billows more fiercely return,

And plunge me again in the deep.
While harass'd and cast from thy sight,

The tempter suggests with a roar,
“ The Lord has forsaken thee quite;

Thy God will be gracious no more." 4 Yet, Lord, if thy love hath design'd

No covenant blessing for me;
Ah, tell me, how is it I find

Some pleasure in waiting for thee.
Almighty to rescuc thou art;

T'hy grace is my shield and my tower;
Come, succour anıt gladden my heart,

Let this be the day of thy power.

HYMN 37. P. M.


AY. I cannot let thee go.

Till a blessing thou bestow;
Do not turn away thy face,
Mine's an urgent, pressing case.
Dost thou ask me who I am ?
Ani my Lord, thou know'st my name :

Yet the question gives a plea

To support my suit with thee. 3 Thou didst once a wretch behold,

In rebellion blindly bold,
Scorn thy grace thy power defy:

That poor rebel, Lord, was I. 4 Once a sinner near despair,

Sought thy mercy-seat by prayer; Mercy heard, and set him free;

Lord, that mercy came to me. 5 Many years have pass'd since then,

Many changes I have seen,
Yet have been upheld till now;

Who could hold me up but thou? 6 Thou hast help'd in ev'ry need;

This emboldens me to plead;
After so much mercy past,

Canst thou let me sink at last? 7 No-I must maintain my hold,

'Tis thy goodness makes me bold: I can no denial take, When I plead for Jesu's sake.

HYMN 38. P. M.

"Till Jesus made me whole; There is but one physician

Can cure a sin-sick soul:
Next door to death he found me,

And snatched me from the grave To tell to all around me

His wond'rous power to save. 2 The worst of all diseases

Is light, compared to sin, On every part it seizes,

But rages most within : 'Tis palsy, plague, and fever,

And madness all combin'd, And none but a believer

The least relief can find.

7 From men great skill professing,

I sought a cure to gain;
But this prov'd more distressing,

And added to my pain.
Some said that nothing aiied me,

Some gave me up for lost;
Thus every refuge failed me,

And all my hopes were cross'd. | At length this great physician,

(How matchless is his grace,) Accepted my petition,

And undertook my case :
First gave me sight to view him,

For sin mine eyes had seal'd;
Then bade me look unto him,

I look'd, and I was heald. 1 A dying, risen Jesus,

Seen by an eye of faith,
At once from danger trees us,

And saves the soul from death.
Come, then, to this physician,

His help he'll freely give,
He makes no hard condition,
'Tis only look and live.

HYMN 39. P.M.
ENCOURAGED by thy word
Behold a beggar, Lord,

Waits at thy mercy's door:
No hand, no heart, O Lord I but thine,
Can help or pity wants like mine.
1 The beggar's usual plea,

Relief from men to gain,
If offer'd unto thee,

I know thou would'st disdain :
But those which move thy gracious ear

Are such as men would scorn to bear. 1 ( have no right to say,

That though I now am poor,
Yet once there was a day

When I possessed more:

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