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$ The saints in prayer appear as one,

In word, in deed, in mind,
When with the Father and the Son,

Their followship they find.
7 No prayer is made on earth alone,

The holy Spirit pleads,
And Jesus on the Eternal Throne

For sinners intercedes.
8 Oh thou by whom we come to God,

The Life, the Truth, the Way; The path of prayer thyself hast trod,

Lord teach us how to pray.

HYMN 51. L. M. GOD I ,

Afflicted, at thy feet I fall; When the great water-floods prevail,

Leave not my trembling heart to fail! ? Friend of the friendless and the faint !

Where should I lodge my sad complaint ? Where but with thee? whose cpen door

Invites the helpless and the poor! 3 Did ever mourner plead with thee,

And thou refuse that mourner's plea ?
Does not thy word still fix'd reniain,

That none shall seek thy face in vain ? 4 That were a grief I could not bear

Didst thou not hear and answer prayer But a prayer-hearing, answering God,

Supports ine under ev'ry load.
5 Fair is the lot that 's cast for me,

I have an advocate with thee:
They whom the world caresses most,

Have no such privilege to boest.
6 Poor though I ain, despised, forgot,

Yet God, my God, forgets me not;
And he is safe, and must succeed,
For whom the Lurd vouchsafes to plead.



HYMN 52. L. M.
1 THAT various hind'rances we meet

In coming to the mercy-seat;
Yet, who that knows the worth of prayer

But wishes to be often there? 2 Prayer makes the darkest clouds withdraw;

Prayer climbs the ladder Jacob saw;
Gives exercise to faith and love,

Brings every blessing from above.
3 Restraining prayer, we cease to tight;

Prayer makes the Christian's armour bright,
And Satan trembles when he sees

The weakest saint upon his knees.
4 Have you no words? ah, think again;

Words flow apace when you complain,
And fill your fellow creatures' ears

With the sac tale of all your cares.
5 Were half the time thus vainly spent,

To heaven in supplication sent,
Our cheerful songs would oftener be
“ Hear what the Lord hatb done for me."

HYMN 53. P. M.

Father, take my sins away;
Give me sight; I still am blind;
Give nie all my Saviour's mind;
Let me enter into rest,

Bless me-for I will be blest. • 2 Jesus is within the vail,

Still his groans thine ears assail;
Stronger pleadings have I none;
Hear me for his sake alone;
Let me enter into rest,

Bless me-før I will be blest. 3 My affections fix above,

Rooted, grounded in thy love!
Let me only Jesus sce,
J.ct me only dwell in thee,
Let me enter into rest,
Bless me--fur I will be blest.

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4 Bruise in me the hateful foe;

Perfect me in love below;
Let me Adam's loss regain,
Wrestle, and the prize obtain.
Let me enter into rest,
Bless me—for I will be blest.

HYMN 54. P. M. 1

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Jesus, thou art all in all,
Righteous advocate of love,
Seated near the throne above;
I to Salem's gates draw near,

Fearless, when thy voice I hear. 2 Whom have I but thee to plead !

'Twas thyself alone that bled!
Who but thee could e'er prevail"?
Legions of arch-angels fail?
Only thou to us art given,

Only thoul—the king of Heaven. 3 Whom, on earth, but thee, have (?

Who but thee, for me would die ?
Who can ev'ry care relieve?
Who can ev'ry blessing give?
Who can ev'ry sickness heal?

Who can mysteries reveal ?
4 When impending storms appear,

Who can save, or who can cheer ?
Who can re-create the heart?
Who can life and bliss impart?
Only thou, my glorious Lord,

Thou alone canst all afford !
5 Let me not from thee e'er swerve,

Only thee ('ll love and serve;
Only thou shall be my theme,
Only thou resolv'd I am!
Whom have I in heaven but thee?
Who on earth compared can be ?

HYMN 55. C. M. 1 FOR a breeze of heavenly love

To waft my soul away

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To the celestial world above,

Where pleasures ne'er decay. 2 Eternal Spirit deign tu be

My piloi here below, To steer through life's tempestuous sea

Where stormy winds do blow.
3 From rocks of pride on either hand,

From quicksands of despair,
O guide me safe to Canaan's lard,

'I'hrough ev'ry latcnt snare.
6 Anchor me in that port above,

On that celestial shore,
Where dashing billows never move,
Where tempests never roar.

HYMN 56. S. M.
WHY should unbelief

Stay the Almighiy's hand, That hand which holds my sure relief,

Though earth an:) hell withstand.
My soul, believe and pray,

Without a doubt believe,
Whate'er we ask in God's own way,

We shall in truth receive.
3 Here stands the promise fair,

For God cannot repent:
To fervent persevering pray'r,
He'll every blessing grant.

HYMN 57. C. M.
COMO Coleh usluft our joyful eyes
And smile to see our Father there,

Upon a throne of love
2 Once 'twas a seat of dreadful wrath,

And quick devouring flame;
Our God appar'd consuming fire,

And vengeance was his name.
3 Rich were the drops of Jesu's blood

That calm d his frowning face ;
That sprinkled o'er the burning throne,

And turn'd the wrath to grace.


4 Now we may bow before his feet,

And venture near the Lord; No fiery cherub guards his seat,

Nor double ftaining sword.
5 The peaceful gates of heavenly bliss

Are open'd by the Son;
We'il raise our highest notes of praise,

To reach th' Almighty throne,
6 To thee ten thousand thanks we bring,

Great Advocate on high: And glory to th' eternal King, That lays his fury by.

HYMN 58. P. M. 1

sisters and brothers, who love ono another, And have done so for years that are gone, How often we've met him, in sweet heavenly

union, Who opens the way to God's throne :: With joy and thanksgiving, we'll praise him who

While we run in the bright shining way, Though we part here in body, we're bound for

one glory,

And bound for each other to pray. & There was Joshua and Joseph, Elias and Moses

Who prayed as they journcy'd along; There was Abra'm and Isaac, and Jacob and

David, And Solomon, Stephen and John : There was Simeon and Anna, and I don't know

how many, Who pray'd and God heard from his throne; Some cast among lions, sume bound with rough


Yet glory and praises they sung. 3 Some tell us that praying, and also that pralsing,

Is labour that's all spent in vain;
Bul we have such witness, that God hears with

From praying we will not refrain:

Jov'd us,

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