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There was old father Noah, and ten thousand

more, Who witness'd that God heard them pray; There was Samuel and Hannah, Paul, Silas and


And Daniel and Jonah will say, 4 That God by his spirit, or an angel doth visit,

Our souls and our bodies while praying; Shall we all go fainting, while they all go prais.

ing, And glorify God in the flame. God grant us to inherit the same praying spirit,

While onward we journey below, So that when we cease praying, we may not cease

praising, But around God's bright throne we may bow.

HYMN 59. P. M. 1 SA

AVIOUR, visit thy plantation,

Grant us, Lord, a gracious rain;
All will come to desolation
Unless thou visit us again.

Lord, revive üs; Lord, revive us;

All our heip must come from thee. 2 Keep no longer at a distance,

Shine upon us from on high; Lest tor want of thine assistance,

Every plant should droop and aie. 3 Surely, qnce thy garden flourishid,

Every part look'd gay and green ; Then thy word our spirits nourish'd;

Happy seasons we have seen!
4 But a drought has since succeeded,

And a sad decline we see;
Lord, thy help is greatly needed;

Help can only come from thee.
5 Where are those we counted leaders,

Filld with zeal, and love, and truth?
Old professors, tall as cedars,

Bright examples for our youth!
Some, in whom we once delighted,

We shall meet no more below;

Some, alas! we fear are blighted,

Scarce a single leaf they show. 7 Younger plants—the sigbt how pleasan!

Cover'd thick with blossoms stood;
But they cause us grief at present,

Frosts have nipp'd them in the bud. 8 Dearest Saviour, hasten hither,

Thou canst make them bloom again; Oh permit them not to wither,

Let not all our hopes be vain! 9 Let our mutual love be fervent,

Make us prevalent in prayers;
Let eai h one esteem'd thy servant,

Shun the world's bewitching snares. 10 Break the tempter's fatal power,

Turn the stony heart to flesh; And begin from this good hour To revive the work afresh.

HYMN 60. P. M.

'L come, and bid our jarrings


Come, O coue! and reign for ever,

God of Love, and Prince of Peace; Visit now poor bleeding Zion,

Here the people mourn and weep; Day and night thy lambs are crying,

Coine, good Shepherd, feed thy sheep. 2 Some for Paul, some for Apollos,

Some for Cephas-none agree; Jesus, let us hear tbee call us,

Help us, Lord, to follow thee. Then we'll rush through what encumbers,

Over ev'ry hind'rance leap; Not upheld by force or numbers,

Come, good Shepherd, feed thy sheep. ? Lord, in us there is no merit,

We've been sinners from our youth; Guide us, Lord, by thy good spirit,

Which shall teach us all the truth. On thy gospel word we'll venture,

Tili in death's cold arms we sleep,

Love our Lord, and Christ our Saviour;

O good Shepherd, feed thy sheep. 4 tome, good Lord, with courage arm us:

Persecution rages here; Nothing, Lord, we know can harm us,

While our shepherd is so ncar. Glory, glory, be to Jesus,

At his name our hearts do Jeap; He both comforts us and frees us;

The good Shepherd feeds his sheep. 5 Near the Prince of our salvation

Saying, “ Fear not, little flock;
I, myself, anı your Foundation,

You are built upon this rock.
Shun the paths of vice and folly,

Scale the mount, alihough it's eteep:
Look to me, and be ye holy;

I delight to feed my sheep."
Christ alone, whose merit saves us,

Taught by him, we'll own his name;
Sweetes, of all names is Jesus!

How it doth our souls inflame!
Glory, glory, glory, glory,

Give him glory, he will keep,
He will clear our way before us;

The good Shepherd feeds his sheep.

HYMN 61. P. M.

Thus blind Bartimeus pray'd: · Others by thy grace are saved,

Now vouchsafe to me thine aid ;"
While he cried the people chid him,

But he pray'd the louder still,
"Till the gracious Saviour bid him,

“Come, and ask me what you will." ? Money was not what he wanted,

Thougà hy begging used to live;
But he ask'd, and Jesus granted,

Alms which none but he could give.

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" Lord, remove this grievous blindness,

Let my eyes behold the day;" Straight he saw, and, won by kindness,

Follow'd Jesus in the way.
3 Now methinks I hear him praising,

Publishing to all around,
“Friends, is not my case amazing!

What a Saviour I have found !
O that all the blind but knew him,

And would be advised by me!
Surely, they would come unto him,

He would cause them all to see. 4 Now I freely leave my garments,

Follow Jesus in the way;
He will guide me by his counsel;

Lead me to eternal day:
There I shall behold my Saviour,

Spotless, innocent, and pure;
And with him shall reign for ever,
If I to the end endure.

HYMN 62. P. M. 1

Pilgrim through this barren land; I am weak, but thou art mightyHold me with thy powerful hand:

Bread of heaven,

Feed me till I want no more. 2 Open now the chrystal fountain,

Whence the healing streams do flow; Let the fiery, cloudy pillar, Lead me all my journey through:

Strong deliv'rer!

Be thou still my strength and shield. 3 Feed me with the heav'nly manna,

In this barren wilderness : Be my sword, and shield, and banner, Be my robe of righteousness:

Fight and conquer

All my foes by sov'reign grace. 4 When I tread the verge of Jordan,

Bid my anxious fears subside.

Foe to death, and hell's destruction,
Land me safe on Canaan's side,

Sungs us praises
I will ever give to thee.


HYMN 63. P. M. 1 Fountain whence our comfort flows,

so More to be desired than treasure;

Treasure which this world bestows. 2 These afford us poor enjoyment

As the world recedes to view;
Thou canst yield us sweet employment,

As we bid the world adieu.
3 Dearest source of consolation,

Refuge to the poor distress'd,
Thou canst calm our perturbation,

Thou canst give the weary rest. 4 Bid the billows, loudly raging,

Calınly at thy voice subside;
Bid the clouds, that storms presaging,

Soon to distant quarters glide. 5 As the evening sun declining,

Sheds around a sofler ray,
May thy milder radiance shining,

Calmly gild our closing ray.
6 As the soul, releas'd from trouble,

Views with joy its sorrows past, Views them as an eicpty bubble

On the billowy ocean cast. 7 Oh! how sweet, in retrospection,

Pains and sorrows well endur'd; 'Twas through suffering-sweet reflection,

Christ our brightest hopes procurd. 8 Let ils, then, on him reclining,

For his sake our patience prove;

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