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Sure we oft, without repining.

Suffer much for those we love. 9 Soon this path, so dark and dreary,

Shall in fairer scenes expand; Soon the traveller, faint and weary, Shall behold the promis'd land.

HYMN 64. P. M. 10 Hond Johave long's

for the coming of God! And sought him by praying and searching

his word: With watching and fasting my soul was oppressid,

Nor would I give over till Jesus had bless'd. 2 The tokens of mercy at length did appear;

According to promise, he answer'd my prayer;
And glory is open'd in floods on my soul;

Salvation from Zion's beginning to roll.
3 The news of bis mercy is spreading abroad,

And sinners come crying, and weeping to God; Their mourning and praying is heard very loud, .

And many find favour in Jesus's blood. 4 Here are more, my dear Saviour, who fall at thy

feet, Oppress'd by a burden enorniously great Oh raise them, my Jesus, to tell of thy love,

And shout hallelujahs with angels above. 5 I'll sing, and I'll shout, and I'll sbout, and 17

sing; Oh God make the nations in praises to ring With loud acclamations of Jesus's love,

And carry us all to the city above. 6 We'll wait for thy chariot, it seems to draw near

Oh come, my dear Saviour, let glory appear;
We long to be singing and shouting above,
With angels o'erwhelm'd in Jesus's love.

HYMN 65. P. M.
*COME, saints and sinners, hear me tell

Who sav'd me from a burning hell,
And brought my soul with him to dwell,

And gave me heavenly union.

2 When Jesus saw me from on high,

Beheld my soul in ruin lie,
He look'd on me with pitying eye,
And said to me as he pass'd by,

With God you have no union. 3 Then I began to weep and pray,

I look'd this way and that io fly,
It griev'd me sore that I miest die
I sought salvation fo? co duy,

But still I found av union. 4 But wher i aated all my sin,

My dear redeemer took me in,
and with his blood he wash'd me clean,
And O! what seasons I have seen,

Ever since I felt this union.
I prais'd the Lord both night and day,
I went from house to house to pray,
And if I met one on the way,
I always something found to say,

About this heavenly union.
6 I wonder why old saints don't sing,

And praise the Lord upon the wing,
And make the heavenly arches ring,
With loud hosannas to our king,

Who brought our souls to union. 7 Come, poor backslider, come away,

And mind to do as well as say,
And learn to watch as well as pray,
And hear your cross from day to day

And then you'll feel this union. 8 O, could I like an angel sound,

Salvation through the earth around,
The devil's kingdom lo confound,
I'd triumph on Immanuel's ground,

And spread this heavenly union. ! Come, heaven and earth, unite your lays,

And give to Jesus endless praise,
And thou, my soul, kok on and gaze,
He weeps, he bleeds, tny debt he pays,

To give thee heavenly union.
10 We soon shall leave all things below,

Aud quit this vale of pain and wo,

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And then we'll all to glory go
And then we'll see, and hear, and know

And feel a perfect union.
11 There we the glorious Lamb shall sce,
Who groan'd and died upon the tree,
Who spill'd his blood to set us free,
That we might his salvation see,

And feel a gracious union. 12 Almighty God, teach heart and tungue, To thee to raise a grateful song, All praises to thy name belong, Let Zion sing, thy kingdom come,

And fill the earth with union.

HYMN 66. P. M.
THE gospel's joyful sound

Is music to iny ears;
In Jesus I have found

Relief from all my fears:
Darkness to light does now give place,

And all things wear a different face. 2 Since God is reconcil'd,

I fear no dire alarms;
He owns me for his child,

And clasps me in his arms.
Transpurted with seraphic joy,

I Faiher, Abba Father, cry. 3 I cannot fear the law,

Its thunders now may roar;
Since I my Saviour saw,

They can affrighit no more.
On wings of love I mount, I fly,

Apr Father, Abba Father, cry. 4 Death too has lost his sting,

And wears a siniling face:
I hope to shout and sing,

Evin in his cold embrace.
He'll close my eyes aud shut my ears,

But cannot rouse my yuilty fears. 5 When through the flaming sky,

I see the judge descend,

I'll Abba Father cry,

And haii him as my friend.
While standing in the gospel light,

There 's nothing can my soul affright. 6 Now let my flowing eyes

Run down with grateful tears,
Since free adopting grace,

Has banish'd ali my fears;
And still my sinful self deny,

When I express the heav'n-born cry. 7 No more let me return,

Beneath the galling yoke,
Or e'er embrace those chains,

Which grace divine has broke.
Let Abba Father be my cry,
In time and in eternity.

HYMN 67. P. M.

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ALMIGHTY love inspire my heart with pure

Until the sacred fire my soul doth renew,
I love the blessed Jesus, on whom each ange!

gazes, And symphony increases, above the ethereal bine. 2 My tender-hearted Jesus, thy love my soul ama.

zes, Who came from heav'n to save us, when lost

and undone; No anger could redeem us, no seraph could re

trieve us, No arm could relieve us, but Jesus alone. 3 In him I have believed, he has my soul retrieved,

From sju he has redeem'd my soul that was dead, And now I love my Savicur, for I am in his fa

vour, And hope with him for ever, the golden streets to

tread. Yet here a while I stay. in hope of that glad day, Till I'm called away to the mansions above: There to enjoy the treasure of unconsuming

pleasure, And out in highest measure, hallelujabs or


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HYMN 68 P. M.
TOME, and taste along with me

The weary pilgrim's consolation;
Bonndless mercy running free,

The' earnest of complete salvation.
Joy and peace in Christ I find,
My heart to him is all resigned ;
The fulness of his power I prove,
And all my soul's dissolved in love.

Jesus is the pilgrim's portion:

Love is houndless as the ocean. 2 When the world and flesh would rise,

And strive to draw me from my Saviour,
Strangers slight, or friends despise,

I then more highly prize his favour.
Friends believe me when I tell,
If Christ be present all is well:
The world and flesh in vain may rise,
I all their efforts do despise.

In the world I've tribulation,

But in Christ I've consolation, 3 Worldlings hold me in disdain,

Because I shun their carnal pleasure ; All in this which gives me pain,

Is, that they slight a noble treasure. But still among them, bless the Lord ! There's some who tremble at his word; And this doth joy to me impart, To think the Lord hath reach'd their heart

O the grace to sinners given,

Peace on earth, and crowns in heaven. 4 When I'm in the house of prayer,

I find with the congregation,
Music sweet unto my ear.

Is the glad sound of free salvation.
When I join to sing his praise,
My heart in holy raptures raise:
I join and sing, and shout aloud,
And disregard the gazing crowd ;

Glorious the theme of exultation
What I feel is past expression.

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