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to the pleasure and profit they afford-but in this selection there is abundance to suit every taste; nor is there any class who use them that may not find the principal of those which they have been pleased to call their favourites. He did not think himself at liberty to select for the fastidious and the formalist. It was for the humble and the pious this work has chiefly been designed. It was un. dertaken for the edification of those who 'sing with the spirit and with the understanding," that It might be the means of inspiring their devotion -and of confirming the faith, enlivening the hopes, and increasing, through the melody of Psalips, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs, the flame of pure practical holiness.

Praise alone constitutes the employment of the saints of God in glory. But in this state of being our praises should be mingled with prayer-humtle, fervent, and sincere. Singing enables the mem. bers of the church militant not only to offer supplications to God, but also to anticipate those heavenly exercises in which the spirits of the just made perfect shall be engaged when faith is lost in Fight and hope in fruition-when the saints of God shall take their harps, and with melody never again to cease, shall raise the heavenly anthem,* Great and marvellous are thy works, Lord God Almighty"-" Hallelujah! salvation, and glory, and honour, and power unto the Lord our God; for true and righteous are his judgments."

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HYMN 1 P. M.

He was condemned and led away,
Think, O my soul, on that dread day:

Look on mount Calvary.
Behold him lamb-like led along,
Surrounded by a wicked throng,
Accused by each lying tongue,
And then the lamb of God they hung

Upon the shameful tree.
% 'Twas thus the glorious sufferer stood,

With hands and feet nailed to the wood:
From every wound a stream of blood

Came flowing down aniain.
His bitter groans all nature shook,
And at his voice the rocks were broke,
And sleeping saints their graves forsook
While spiteful Jews around him mock'd

And laughed at his pain.
3 Now hung between the earth and skies,

Behold, in agonjes he dies;
O sinners! hear his mournful cries,

Come see his tort'ring pain.
The mourning sun withdrew his light,
Blush'd, and refus'd to view the eight:
The azure clothed in robes of nighi,
All nature mourn'd and stood affright,

When Christ the Lord was slain.

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4 Hark! men and angels, hear the Son;

He cries for help, but O! there's none;
He treads the wine press all alone,

His garments stair'd with blood.
In lamentations hear him cry,
“ Eloi, lama sabacthani !"
Though death may close his languid eyes,
He soon will mount the upper skies,

The conquering Son of God.
5 The Jews and Romans in a band,

With hearts like steel around him stand,
And inocking say, “Come save the land,

Come try yourself to free."
A soldier pierced him when he died, -
Then healing streams came from his side,
And thus iny Lord was crucified,
Stern justice now is satisfied,

Sinners, for you and me.
6 Behold! he mounts the throne of state,

He fills the mediatorial seat,
While millions bowing at his feet,

With loud hosannas tell,
Though he endured exquisite pains,
He led the monster death in chains;
Ye seraphs raise your highest strains,
With music fill bright Elen's plains;

Ho conquered death and heli.
7 'Tis done! the dreadful debt is paid,

The great atonement now is made:
Sinners, on him your guilt was laid,

For you he spilt his blood;
For you, his tender soul did move,
For you, he left the courts above,
That you the length and breadth might prove,
And heighth and depth of perfect love,

In Christ your smiling God. & All glory be to God on high,

Who reigns enthron'd above the sky,
Who sent his Son to bleed and die,

Glory to him be given:
While heaven above his praise resounds,
o Zion sing-bis grace abounds;

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I hope to shout eternal rounds,
In fiaming love that knows no bounds,
When swallowed up in heaven.

HYMN 2. C. M.
N evil long I took delight,

Unawed by shame or fear;
Till a new object struck my sight,

And stopp'd my wild career. 2 I saw One hanging on a tree

In agonies and blood;
Who fixed his languid eyes on me,

As near his cross I stood.
3 Sure, never to my latest breath

Can I forget that look;
It seemed to charge me with his death,

Though not a word he spoke.
4 My conscience felt, and own'd the guilt,

And plung'd me in despair ;
I saw my sins his blood had spilt,

And help'd to nail him there. 5 Alas! I knew not what I did;

But now my tears are vain;
Where shall my trembling soul be hid ?

For I the Lord have slain.
6 A second look he gave, which said,

“I freely all forgive; This blood is for thy ransom paid,

I'll die that thou mays't live." 7 Thus, while his death my sin displays

In all its blackest hue; (Such is the mystery of grace)

It seals my pardon too.
8 With pleasing grief and mournful joy

My spirit now is filld,
Thai I should suich a life destroy,
Yet live by him I kill'd.

HYMN 3. P. M.

On the Passion. Sawye my Saviour! saw yemy Savious

Saw ye God?

Ah! he died on Calvary, to atone for you and me,

And to purchase our pardon with blood. 2 He was extended! he was extended!

Shamefully nail'd to the cross : Ohi he bowed his head and died I thus my Lord

was crucified, To atone for a world that was lost. 3 Jesus hung bleeding! Jesus hung bleeding!

Three dreadful hours in pain: Oh! the sun refus'd to shine, when his majesty


Was derided, insulted and slain. 4 Darkness prevailed! Darkness prevailed!

Darkness prevailed o'er the land : Ohl the solid rocks were rent, through creation's

vast extent,

When the Jews crucified the God-man. 5 When it was finish'd, when it was finish'd,

And the atonement was made; He was taken by the great, and embalm'd in

spices sweet,

And in a new sepulchre was laid. 6 Hail, mighty Saviour! Hail, mighty Saviour!

Prince-and the author of peace ! Oh! he bursts the bands of death, and triumph.

ant through the east,

He ascended to mansions of bliss. 7 Now interceding! Now interceding!

Pleading that sinners may live ; Crying, Father I have diedi o behold my hands

and side,

To redeem them :- I pray thee forgive. 8 I will forgive them! I will forgive them!

f they'll repent and believe : Lei them now return to me, and be reconcil'd to

And salvation they all shall receive.

HYMN 4. P. M.
S near to Calvary I pass,
Where a poor victim hangs;


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