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HYMN 83. P. M. 1 OW' glory be to God, we can hear with great The preachers of the gospel, who preach with all

their might; They explain the Holy Scriptures, the word of

the Lord, And power divine attends it right to the sinner's

heart. 2 While many have been disputing about an out.

ward form, The Lord sent forth preachers to sound the great

alarm; Repent and be converted, O! singers, sinners

turn, Or else in the wrath of God you will for ever

burn. 3 And now this glorious news is heard, all the

plains around, The mountains and valleys reverberate the

sound, And thousands in America, at present do rejoice, That they were so greatly favour'd to hear the

bridegroom's voice. 4 01 come my loving Christians and let us fol.

low on, And still pray to God for the itinerant men, That God may keep them faithful, and give them

wisdom too, That with singleness of heart they may force

their passage through. 5 01 come my loving brethren, with wonder now

look on, And see what a mighty work our Jesus has done. The multitudes are thronging, our churches are

too small, We'll repair to Camp-meeting, for the grove will

hold us all. 6 How pleasant is the sight to see Israel's tents

around, And many a precious soul lay prostrate np the


While others are a shouting the praises of the

Lord, And sinners are awakened by the Spirit's two

edg‘d sword. 7 The Pharisees and Formalists look on and

stand amazed, They wonder what's the matter with the shout

ing Methodists; But if they would repent, and believe in the

Lord, They also wouid go shouting and praising their

God. & Now glory be to God, there is glory in my soul ; if I dad a trumpet's voice I'd sound from pole

to pole, That Israei's God is reigning throughout this

happy land, And thousands of precious souls do bow at his


HYMN 84 S. M.
PREPARE thankril song

To the Redeemer's name!
Ilis praises should employ each tongue,

And every heart inflame!
He laid his glory by,

And dreadful pains endured,
That rebels such as you and I,

From wrath mighi be secured.
3 Upon the cross he died,

Our debt of sin to pay:
The blood and water froin his side

Wash guilt and tilth away.
4 And now he pieading stands

For us before the throne,
And answers all the law's demands.

With what himself hath done.
5 The Holy Ghost he sends,

Our stubborn souls to move ;
To make his enemies his friends,

And conquer them by love.

6 The world and Satan rage,

But he their power controls;
His wisdom, love, and truth, engage

Protection for our souls.
7 Though press’d, we will not yield,

But shall prevail at length;
For Jesus is our sun and shield,

Our righteousness and strength.
8 Assured that Christ our king

• Will put our foes to flight,
We on the field of battle sing,
And triumph while we tight.

HYMN 85. P. M.
HThe souhat's hir'd with joy and peaco,
That bears the fruits of righteousness,

And kept by Jesus' power;
Their trespasses are all forgiven,
They antedate the joys of heaven:

In rapturous lays
Shout the praise
Of Jesus' grace

To a lost race
Of sinners, brought to happiness

Through th' atoning blood of Jesus.
2 Satan may tempt, and hell may rage,

And all the powers of earth besiege ;
Their united strength at once engage

To pluck a soul from Jesus :
The faithful soul laughs them to scorn,
He's heaven bound, he's heaven born,

He'll watch and pray,
Night and day,
Fight his way,

Win the day,
And all his enemies dismay,
Through the mighty name of Jesus.
3 Oh monster death, thy sting is drawn!

O boasting grave! no trophy's won !
The saint triumphs through grace alone,
To praise the name of Jesus.


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At length he bids the world adieu,
With all its vanity and show-

The soul it flies
Through the skies,
To paradise,

And joins its voice,
In rapturous lays of love, to praise

The glorious name of Jesus.
4 When Gabriel's awful trump shall sound,

And rend the rocks, convulse the ground,
And swear that time is at an end,

Ye dead, arise to judgment.
See lightnings flash, and thunders roll,
The earth wrapt like a parchment scroll;

Comets blaze
Sinners raise
Dread amaze

And horrors seize,
The guilty sons of Adam's race,

Unsaved from sin by Jesus.
5 The Christian, fill'd with rapturous joy,

Midst flaming world he piounts on high,
To meet his Saviour in the sky,

And see the face of Jesus.
Then soul and body reunite,
And fill'd with glory infinite:

Blessed day!
Christians, say-
Will you pray

That we may
All join that happy company,
To praise the name of Jesus ?

HYMN 86. P. M.
1 OSANNA to Jesus, I'm filled with his

Comie, oh my dear brethren, and help me to sing :
No theme is so charming, no love is su warming,

It gives joy and gladness, and comfort within. ? Hosanna is ringing; I'm happy while singing

And shouting the praises of Jesus's hame;
'The angels iri glory repeat the glad story
of Jesus's love, which is made known to men.


3 to Jesus, who died to redeem us,

I'll serve him and love hi:a wherever I go,
He's now gone to heaven, the spirit he's given

To quicken and comfort his children below. 4 Hosanna for ever, his grace like a river,

Is rising and spreading all over the land:
His love is unbounded, to all it 's extended,

And sinners are feeling the heavenly flaine. 5 Hosanna to Jesus! my soul how it pleases

To see sinners falling and crying to God:
Then shouting and praising, they cry,

amazing, We've found peace and pardon in Jesus's blood." 6 Hosanna is ringing, hark how they are singing

“ All glory to Jesus, we 've tasted his love." The kingdom of heaven to mortals is given, And rolls through my soul from the mansions

above. 7 Hosanna to Jesus! my soul feels him precious;

In bright beams of glory, he comes from above. My heart is now glowing, I feel his love flow.

ing: I'm sure that my Jesus I really do love. 8 Hosanna is ringing, the saints now are singing,

And marching to glory in bright royal hands : Come on, my dear brethren, let us press towarde

heaven, For Jesus invites us with aowns in his hands. 9 Hosanna to Jesus! my soul sweetly rises,

I'll soon be transported to a happier clime, Where I shall see Jesus, and dwell in his pro

And with him in glory eternally shine.

HYMN 87. P. M.
EJOICE, my friends, the Lord is King,

Let all prepare to take him in;
let Jacob rise, anil Zion sing.
And all the world with prajeos ring,

And give to Jesus glory.

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