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Knowest thou not 'tis full of danger,
And will not thy courage fail?

I am bound for the kingdom,
Will you go to glory with me?

Hallelujah, hallelujah. 2 Pilgrim, thou dos't justly call me,

Wand'ring o'er this waste so wide; Yet no harm will e'er befall me,

While I'm blest with such a Guide. 3 Such a guide!-no guide attends thee,

Hence for thee my fears arise;
If a guardian power befriend thee,

'Tis unseen by mortal eyes.
4 Yes, unseen-but stiH believe me,

Such a Guide my steps attends, He'll in ev'ry straight relieve me,

He from every harm defends. 6 Pilgrim, see that stream before thee,

Darkly winding through the vale : Should its deadly waves roll o'er thee,

Would not then thy courage fail ? 6 No: that stream has nothing frightful,

To its brink my steps I bend, There to plunge will be delightful

There my pilgrimage will end.
7 While I gaz'd—with speed surprising,

Down the stream she plung'd from sight:
Gazing still, I saw her rising,
Like an angel, cloth'd with light.

HYMN 95. L. M.
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A heav'n where pleasure never dies,
A heav'n I sometimes hope to see,
But fear again it's not for me.

But Jesus, Jesus, is my friend, O hallelujah

Hallelujah, Jesus, Jesus, is my friend. 2 The way is difficult and straight,

And narrow is the gospel gate;
Ten thousand dangers are therein,
Ten thousand snares to take me in.


3 I travel, through a world of foes

Through conflicts sore my spirit goes;
The tempter cries, I ne'er shall stand,

Nor reach fair Canaan's happy land. 4 The way of dangers I am in,

Beset with devils, men, and sin;
But in this way thy track I see,

And mark'd with blood it seems to be. 5 Come life, come death, come then what will,

His footsteps I will follow still;
Through dangers thick, and hell's alarms,

I shall be safe in his dear arms. 6 Then, O my soul arise and sing,

Yonder's thy Saviour, friend, and king;
With pleasing smiles he now looks down,

And cries, "press on and here's the crown. 7.- Prove faithful then a few more days,

Fight the good fight and win the race,
And then thy soul with me shall reign,
Thy head a crown of glory gain."
My flesh shall slumber in the ground,
"Till the last joyful trump shall sound,
Then burst the chains with sweet surprise,
And in my Saviour's image rise.

HYMN 96. P. M.
"THERE is a land of pleasure.

Where streams of joy for ever roll, "Tis there I have iny treasure,

And there I long to rest my soul. Long darkness dwelt around me,

With scarcely once a cheering ray ; But since my Saviour found me,

A light has shone along niy way. 2 My way is full of danger,

But it's the path that leads to God; Then like a valiant soldier,

I'll dauntless keep the happy road, Now I must gird my sword on,

My helmet, breast-plate, and my shield, And fight the host of Satan,

Until I gain the heav'nly field.

3 I'm on my way to Canaan,

Still guarded by my Saviour's hand;
O come along, dear sinner,

And see Immanuel's happy land.
To all that stay behind me,

I bid a long, a long farewe!!!
O come, or you'll repent it,

When you do reach the gates of hell. 4 The vale of tears surround me,

And Jordan's current rolls before, O how I stand and tremble

To bear the dismal waters roar! Whose hand shall then support me,

And keep my soul from sinking there: From sinking down to darkness,

And to the regions of despair. 5 The waves shall not affright me,

Although they're deeper than the grave If Jesus will stand by me,

I'll calmly ride on Jordan's waves: His word has calın'd the ocean,

His lamp has cheer'd the gloomy vale i O may this friend he with me,

When through the gates of death I sil 6 Then come, thou king of terror,

And with thy weapons lay me low! I soon shall reach that region,

Where everlasting pleasure flow. Now, Christians, I must leave you,

A few more days to suffer here! Through grace I soon shall meet you

My soul exults-I'm almost there. 7 Soon the archangel's trumpet

Shall shake the globe from pole to poic, And all the wheels of nature

Shall in a moment cease to roll. Then I shall see my Saviour

With shining ranks of angels come To execute his vengeance,

And take his ransom'd people home.

HYMN 97. C. M.
ITH joy let each afflicted saint



That when he's tried he shall not faint,

But shall come forth as gold.
2 This, privilege, oh Lord! I claim,

Nor am I here too bold,
That from the trying, fiery flame,

I may come forth as gold.
3 What though the furnace burns on high,

Still to this truth I 'll hold, "Tis but design'd my soul to try,

I shall come forth as gold.
4 Herein his wisdom and his love,

Will God to me unfold;
And from the furnace I shall prove,

He 'll bring me forth as gold.
5 He 'll kindly thus consume my dross,

So in this world I 'm told;
Nor can I suffer real loss,

But shall come forth as gold.
6 Thus he'll conform me to his word,

And cast me in that mould;
And through the goodness of my Lord,

I shall come forth as gold.
7 Thus will I sing his praises here,

Whose mercies are of old;
And when in glory I appear,
I shall come forth as goid.

HYMN 98. L. M.
IN God let all his saints rejoice,

With thankful heart and cheerful voice,
Thus saith his word, so kind, so true,

" I, even I, will comfort you."
2 Sweet words! oh let us bless his name,

And joyful all his praise proclaim;
These words shall foes and fears subdue,

" I, even I, will comfort you."
3. Are you in darkness and distress?

Does Satan roar and break your peace ?

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Fear not, but still the truth review,

“I, even I, will comfort you." 4 Do sore afflictions on you lay,

And pungent sorrow day by day?
Look to this word, 'twill bear you through,

“I, even I, will comfort you."
5 If death in gloomy form appear,

And overwhelm your souls with fear;
Let this sweet word your faith renew,

“I, even I, will comfort you."
6 Thus while you sojourn here below,

As pilgrims in this world of wo;
Make this your song, your journey through,

" I, even I, will comfort you."
7 And when each happy soul attains,

That blissful state where glory reigns, This song shall all his powers employ, “ God is my comfort and my joy."

HYMN 99. L. M. 1

CHLODREEN GO God, renounce your fears; And loudly speaks, as he draws nigh,

“ Be not afraid, for it is l.
2 When in the awful tempest tost,

You feel your strength and courage lost,
And mighty waves roll o'er your head,

Your Lord is near, be not afraid.
3 When mournful tidings come from far,

Or nations raise tumultuous war,
And wide their devastations spread,

Yet he is near, be not afraid.
4 The famine, pestilence, and sword,

Are all obedient to his word;
He, riding on the stormy sky,

Says, “ Fear ye not, for it is 1."
5 When earthly joys are from you torn,

Or when with heartfelt grief you mourn,
To see your dear relations dead;
Yet Jesus lives, be not afraid.

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