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6 When fierce disease attacks your frame,

Your Saviour's love is still the same;
In death's dark shade you need not fear,

For Jesus will be with you there.
7 When stars are from their orbits hurld,

And flames consume the guilty world, E'en then your Judge will smiling cry, “ Be not afraid, for it is I."

HYMN 100. C. M. 1" “I

LOVE the Lord," is still the strain

My heart delights to sing ; Though oft iny heart suggests again,

“ Perhaps 'tis no such thing." 2 Before the power of love divine,

Creation fades away;
Till only God is seen to shine,

In all that we survey.
3 Nor exile I, nor prison fear,

Love makes my courage great; I find a Saviour every where,

His grace in every state. 4 Nor cast!e walls, nor dungeons deep,

Exclude his quick’ning beams; There I can sit, and sin, and weep,

And dwell on heavenly themes. 5 A Saviour kindles all my joys,

And sweetens all my pains,
His strength in iny defence employs,

Consoles me, and sustains.
6 I fear no ill, resent no wrong,

Nor feel a passion move,
When malice whets her sland'rous tongue;
Such patience is in love.

HYMN 101. C. M.
THE Lord himself, the mighty Lord,

Vouchsates to be my guide;
The shepherd by whose constant care

My wants are all supplied.
• In tender grass he makes me feed,

And gently there repose ;

Then leads me to cool shades, and where

Refreshing water flows.
3 He does my wand'ring soul reclaim;

And to his endless praise,
Instruct with humble zeal to walk

In his most righteous ways.
4 I pass the gloomy vale of death,

From fear and danger free;
For there his aiding rod and staff

Defend and comfort me.
5 In presence of my spiteful foes,

He does niy table spread; He crowns my cup with cheerful wine,

With oil anoints my head, 6 Since God does thus his wond'rous love

Through all iny life extend, That life to him I will devote, And in his temple spend.

HYMN 102. C. M. D. 1 W Be my vain wishes stilld;

HILE thee I seek, protecting Power,
And may this consecrated hour,

With better hopes be fillid:
Thy love the power of thought bestow'd,

To thee iny thoughts would soar;
Thy mercy o'er my life hath flowed,

That mercy I adore.
2 In each event of life, low clear

Thy ruling hand I see;
Each blessing to my heart more dear,

Because conferr'd by thee:
In every joy that crowns my days,

In every pain I bear,
I still would find delight in praise,

Or seek relief in prayer. 3 When gladness wings my favour'd hor

Thy love my heart shall fill; Resign'd when storms of sorrow low

My soul shall meet thy will:

My lifted eye, without a tcar,

The low'ring storm shall see; My steadfast heart shall know no fear;

That heart is fix'd on thee.


HYMN 103. P. M. 1 YE ,

And list as general volunteers,
Become our royal brothers here,

I mean as valiant soldiers ;
You 'll enter into present pay,
And feasting live from day to day;
Then turn about and march away,

And Jesus will support you.
2 Ye careless sons of Adam's race,

Who long have trod in folly's ways,
O turn about to Zion's face,

And meet Apollyon's forces ;
Gird on your sword and glittering shield,
And with your helmet take the field,
And fight your way, and never yield,

And Jesus will support you.
3 The bounty you shall have in hand,

If you 'll enlist in Jesu's band,
Your captain in the front will stand,

Aad beat your foes before you;
Coine throw your rebel weapons down,
And seek for honour and renown,
And you shall wear a starry crown,

For Jesus will support you.
4 You long have been the slaves of sin,

With dire corruption deep within,
The Christian warfare now begin,

And face Apollyon's forces ;

The breast-plate take of righteousness,
Your feet be shod with gospel peace,
Be daily at the throne of grace,

And Jesus will support you.
5 Desert the cause of heaven's foe,

Before you plunge in endless wo,
Now courage take, to Jesus go,

And he will now receive you;
From sin and Satan you'll get free,
And happy seasons you shall see,
And gain the Christian's liberty,

For Jesus will support you.
6 No more in Satan's ranks appear,

But to our banner pray draw near,
We'll win the day, you need not fear,

Though earth and hell and oppose us;
Our captain he is always brave,
And able still his men to save;
He conquered death, hell, and the grave,

And he will still support you.
0, let not sinners you affright,
Although they rage and vent their spite,
Wear but the Christian's armour right,

And none can stand before you ;
Although your parents should oppose,
Your dearest friends become your foes
Yet sweetly with the gospel close,

And Jesus will support you.
& And when the war is at an end,

Our captain still will be our friend,
We 'll wing our way and up ascend,

To reign with him in glory:
Then all our tears be wip'd away,
Our night be turn'd to endless day,
And on our golden harps we'll play,

The joyful song of heaven.


HYMN 104. P. M.
WHEN shall I see Jesus,

And dwell with him above,
To drink the flowing fountains,
Of everlasting love ?


When shall I be deliver'd,

From this vain world of sin, And with my blessed Jesus

Drink endless pleasiires in ? 2 But now I am a soldier,

My captain 's gone before, He's given me my orders

And tells me not to fear, And if I hold out faithful,

A crown of life he 'll give, And all his valiant soldiers

Eternal life shall have. 3 Through grace I am determin'd,

To conquer though I die, And then away to Jesus,

On wings of love I'll fly:
Farewell to sin and sorrow,

I bid them all adieu;
And you my friends prove faithful

And on your way pursue.
4 And if you meet with troubles,

And trials on the way, Then cast your care on Jesus,

And don't forget to pray. Gird on the heavenly armour

Of faith, and hope, and love, And when your race is ended,

You 'll reign with him above. 5 O do not be discourag!d,

For Jesus is your friend;
And if you lack for knowledge,

He'll pot refuse to lend;
Neither will he cpbraid you,

Thougb often you request, He'll give you grace to conquer,

And take you home to rest.

HYMN 105. P. M. L'ATM your

hearts, Immanuel's friendo, Let nothing cause you to delay, But hasten on the good old way.

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