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the celebrated Scottish Queen, - no less! - own sis- bare, and so are her well-shapen legs; but she is n't ter to Achaivement, and the best blood in Ireland. - the chance was lost long ago. The Scottish And where 'll I be driving ye're hanner? Impayrial Queen bowls along. There are good roads from Hotel? I'll make no mistake, sir, seein' there's no Kildare to the camp, and from time to time we other but one, and that's a club-house." And so I meet cars upon them containing well-buttoned miligo the Imperial Hotel, where the guest proposes, tary men. Other military men are seen, in ones the host disposes. “Foive, did ye say? It's no and twos and threes, lounging in one direction : dinner ye 'll be gettin' at foire, sir, nor no baife they show in moving patches of red amongst the aither; it's mutton ye'll have." And you have dark green masses of furze. mutton at four. At least I did, or at any other Jimmy bas no precise instructions; he is to drive hour when the table-cloth happened to be disen- upon the Curragh, and that's all; but he has a gaged. But then, how do I know? More honor- notion that generally we want to go to the camp, able guests than myself may have been there; and and particularly to the Hollow, the actual spot it was necessary for me to look rough and sink all where Cooper was licked by the immortal Donnelly. fastidiousness, because my business was with people In this somewhat aimless way we came to a series with whom a gentleman is never seen, and can of block buts, extending for two miles, perhaps, on never mingle with a hope of learning anything: at either side of the road. Here and there a few least, so I thought then, though I have reason to groups of soldiers were seen lounging listlessly, or believe now that a gentleman and an officer may engaged in some athletic sport. Jimmy pointed out sometimes send for a wren, and nourish her in his each object of interest as we drove along. “And honorable bosom.

that's the Catholic chapel, your hanner. And that's In the afternoon Jimmy Lynch — my carman on the Prothestant church. And this is Donnelly's many little expeditions afterwards - a loud, loqua Hollow" (strewed with many canvas tents), " where cious carman, whose adoration was given to horses the fight was! Hould the mare, sir! hould Scottish and his respect to Mr. Donnelly, who fought the Queen, and, bedad ! I'll show ye where Cooper great fight with Cooper in Donnelly's Hollow stood, and where Donnelly stood, — well I know the called to take me on my first visit to the Curragh. futmarks ov 'em!” Nor would Jimmy be denied. As we drove along, Jimmy talked of his mare, Fortunately, the Scottish Queen restrained the fiery there was never such a mare; of the fight, there impulses of her blood, and stood like any car-horse was never such a fight; while I, half listening, looked still while Jimmy planted himself in Donnelly's footaway to the vast common where an army lives all marks, and tried to satisfy the last object of my the year round..

journey by putting himself in a fighting attitude on “How many men do you think, Jimmy?" Ithat heroic spot. With as little shock to his feelasked, breaking into his raptures about the * Scot- ings as I could contrive, I made him aware that I tish Queen."

didn't care extremely abont Cooper or Donnelly; * Well, thin, tin or twelve thousand, maybe! and that the afternoon was too far advanced for a regular a moighty foine toime they have of it!”

visit to the camp itself, but that in driving back I * Without their wives and sweethearts ? »

should like to get a glimpse of the wrens' nests. ** Widout their wives, sbure, and bwat of that, yer Jimmy put his hands down slowly, and in silence hanner? But some of their wives is with them, I remounted the car. The sojers he could understand belave, good luck to them! though there's no sweet- as the object of a tourist's gaze, and Donnelly's Holhearts in the camp at all, — divil a one! But over low as an object of his contemplations; but “thim there," pointing vaguely with his whip across the wrins!" common, there's minny of them poor divils living However, back we went throngh the line of buts; in places made of furze inthirely. Winther and the road dwindled, and we were presently driving summer in a bit of a bush."

over the common itself. By this time the air was fast * Wrens, don't you call them?”

growing colder and mistier. The block huts of the “ Wrins! That's the name ov 'em! Wrins ! - camp, seen only in dim outline, soon were the only that's what they do call 'em, and a dridful life they hints of human life in the dreary prospect. As far lade. Most distrissing, belave me!” This exela as the eye could distinguish within the waning limits mation was not priggish in Jimmy, - it was only a of the light, all was barren and cheerless. The sky note caught from the mouths of other intelligent above looked waste as the heath itself, and drearier; tourists. A moment of silence and his mind sought for there were still those constantly recurring patches relief in the virtues of his mare ; while my eyes wan- of furze to break the green monotony below, while dered over the common, where many a furze bush there was nothing at all to break the gray monotony was visible, but pone which looked as if it could be above. How, in such solitary places at such tiines, inbabited by any creatures but birds of the air and the mind also seems to close in from above and on beasts of the field.

all sides in a twilight sort of way, everybody knows. On the Curragh the air is strong; an easterly Mine soon got into that condition as we rolled over wind was blowing over its miles of waste land, - the noiseless tarf; so that it was with a start I dead level for the most part, but with undulations presently saw a bare-headed, bare-footed woman bere and there, and broken by mounds and raths, standing only a few feet distant. Had the figure stretching along for a considerable distance and at sprung out of the earth or dropped from the clouds, a height at least distinguishable. The turf is soft my surprise could not have been greater; true and elastic everywhere. Sheep browse upon it; though it was that I had come to Ireland to see this and there you may see the Irish sbepherd, idler | very woman, — her and her companions. At the than nobody else in bis green isle, and the Irish same moment, " There's a wrin, sir!" Jimmy shoutshepherdess (O Arcadia !) flustering her rags outled ; * and there's a nest! and there's another! ** of tbeir natural repose in an attempt to separate I siw no nest. The clumps of furze looked s the sheep marked this way from the sheep marked little thicker than usual in the direction indicated, that. That she might have been a beauty you see but there was nothing more remarkable about them. well, because her head, with its abundant locks, is But when, jumping from the car, I walked a few

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paces onward, I understood better what nesting on | keep it down, and secure from the winds that drive the Curragh is. These heaps of furze are built and over the Curragh so furiously, sods of earth are furnished for human occupation; and here and there placed on top, here and there, with a piece of coroutside them were squatted groups of those who rugated iron (much used in the camp apparently, dwelt therein, — "winther and summer in a bit of a - I saw many old and waste pieces lying about) bush.” Not one or two, but several groups, — half as an additional protection from rain. Sometimes naked, lagrant, - indicating a considerable colony. a piece of this iron is placed in the longitudinal slit It is too late in this paper to describe what those aforesaid; and then you have a door as well as a creatures were like who lived in this wild way, and doorway. Flooring there is none of any kind whatwhat the manner of their life is; it must be left for ever, nor any attempt to make the den snugger by another occasion. I spent a long night amongst burrowing down into the bosom of the earth. The them afterwards, and believe I know pretty well all process of construction seems to be to clear the turf that is worth knowing of a tribe of outcasts as from the surface of the plain to the required space, interesting, perhaps, as any which the scientific men to cut down some bushes for building material, and of the Abyssinian expedition are likely to write to call in a friendly soldier or two to rear the walls books about. One thing I may as well add here. by the simple process of piling and trampling. When your correspondent who inspected the casual When the nest is newly made, as that one was wards of Lainbeth told what he had seen there, he which I first examined, and if you happen to view thought it necessary to warn your readers that there it on a hot day, no doubt it seems tolerably snug was not a single word of it that could justly be shelter. A sportsman might lie there for a summer called exaggerated. So I assure them that what I night or two without detriment to his health or his may have to say of the Curragh shall not have a moral nature. But all the nests are not, newly touch of false "color" anywhere. But of course, in made ; and if the sun shines on the Curragh, bitter dealing with such a matter, a great deal must be winds drive across it, with swamping rains for days suppressed.

and weeks together; and miles of snow-covered plain sometimes lie between this wretched colony of

abandoned women and the nearest town. Wind WHEN once a wren's nest is distinguished from and rain are their worst enemies (unless we reckon the natural mounds of furze amidst which it is in mankind), and play "old gooseberry” with the placed, after-recognition is tolerably easy ; though | bush dwellings. The beating of the one and the at a first glance it is so much like a mere bush that pelting of the other soon destroy their bowery sumyou might well pass by without dreaming that it mer aspect. They get crazy; they fall toward this was the habitation of human creatures. However, side and that; they shrink in and down upon the there are differences, of course; and thus, after I outcast wretches that huddle in them; and the had looked for a few moments at my first nest, and doorposts don't keep the roof up, and the clods don't glanced around and beyond it, I saw that I was in keep it down :- the nest is nothing but a furzy fact in the midst of a little village, with as many — hole, such as, for comfort, any wild beast may homes shall I say? and as many inbabitants as match anywhere; leaving cleanliness out of the some English hamlets whose names are well marked question. on the map. Dotted about to right and left and Of course, I did not make all these observations onward, at intervals varying from 20 to 100 yards, at a first visit. It was afterwards that I found No. were other bushes, which bore not only certain signs 5 Bush (they are called No. 1 Bush, No. 2 Bush, of man's constructive skill, but of woman's occu- and so forth by the wrens themselves) was a really pany. Suspended against the prickly sides of one superior edifice in its way, -larger, better than any of them was a petticoat, against another a crinoline; other; and well it should be, for it was the abode an article so bulky and intractable that it could not of five or six women. Other nests were smaller, well be got inside. Indeed, the probability is that and fast going to decay ; but even in the smallest it never did get inside at all, - never was inside ; three women were barbored, while one was tenanted but was put on and taken off, as occasion required, by as many as eight. Altogether, there are ten at the hole that served for a door. How could bushes, with about sixty inhabitants. In tbem they three or four large-limbed women, crinolined ac- sleep, cook, eat, drink, visit, receive visits, and cordingly, live in a space no bigger than the ox's crib perform all the various offices of life. If they are or the horse's stall ? Besides, that is exaggeration. sick, there they lie Brothers and mothers and To be particular, the nests have an interior space fathers go to see them there. There sometimes of about nine feet long by seven feet broad; and such occurrences do happen — they lie in childbed ; the roof is not more than four and a half feet from and there sometimes they die. the ground. You crouch into them, as beasts crouch My eyes had not taken in one tenth of what is into cover; and there is no standing upright till you above described when they were brought to bear crawl out again. They are rough, misshapen domes upon the group of women which had first arrested of furze, - like big, rude birds' nests compacted of my attention. They were three members of the harsh branches, and turned topsy-turvy upon the family of No. 5 Bush. One was a perfectly neatground. The walls are some twenty inches thick, | looking girl, washed, combed, and arrayed in a and they do get pretty well compacted, — much clean starched cotton gown, and with bright white more than would be imagined. There is no chim- stockings and well-fitting boots; she had evidently ney, - not even a hole in the roof, which generally just completed the one toilet of the day. Two slopes forward. The smoke of the turf fire which others squatted at the bush door, and they were burns on the floor of the hut has to pass out at the foul as any Hottentots. One filthy frieze petticoat door when the wind is favorable, and to reek slowly worn about the loins, another thrown loosely over through the crannied walls when it is not. The their backs, – that was all their clothing. Their door is a narrow opening nearly the height of the towzled hair hung down upon their naked shoulstructure, - a slit in it, kept open by two rude ders, and straggled upon their unwashed faces, as posts, which also serve to support the roof. To they sat in a full stream of gossip. All three were

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و نه ته وه ها از کار و به امام و انکو و پر تھی اور اشاره به په اند و این بی ام نموده و برده داری که تو مرده ها امور کے مال و رفتن به دیگر برای اجرای ورود قنادر و کون و مکان نقد و بر پا که به یاد پدر به بوده که درگیر و به بهانه دی اس نحوه ته ته وه وملاءم مع مو بور بودم و او ر مه وه . ما را به ده : کا کند و تر امور اجرا با ار و مار مار کر رکھو ، و هو العاب دورا الباب * اره کنم که ما هو سر کنم که همه با ما حساب و امر در را به مو و کم ب و

دند و بر این بود که همه به

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و تقریبات کو نیم میای کار به محور ته له نه مر ستوده دم بردارید و بر همه او ر ا

به ما همه با هم جه به این سمیه به تهیه و بیمار را دارد و به من می شود و به لا اله به در باره کار و

و تهران به من زد که او له کاری شده و خوب با مناقصه ها را باید زمانی که به ابراز احمد کو ایران عودة الي عم او که به سورايه مه وه و نمونه کارها کنید که به او په کار داده ایده ها بود اور مصر به و انه خالی کنید اون و ۰۰ قربانی دی ماه مرگ ه ا و مادر انتها بيت والا ہو ا و ر ا س کر تو مهمو کار به او اس و مد سالم ال ا

نم که قرار

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و باید بر مهر آبادانی ها که به کله نور عاريه * نامه ای به نجه و کم هه تھی اور مو زنانه - د جمه : ندارد و داری از این کار را به خزانه و تره " به ۶ دی ماه من ب ود و به منو با تو ای دور ہو اور ہوا اور امیر که ا ا ها : کو سره بوده و هم به عه مره - کارا جھم مع جمهور در امور سر ایران در اندر قرار بوده که هر کسی با که در مو به مو و در مجالسة النور که به حد کو بند - همه گناه می کند و با مردم روقة اليو بي اي در مرز مه به هر دو د ن

بعد بھی وہ مور په بری رو به مرگ و میر و سفرة ميا 4 - به هه ر م ه به هم میمیره دوره به و محو ، برد ایرانی پا به بیمار می کند و راه اب بیاورند و بار در کوه ر بو قه له و رع به کار مردی که بهتر است به خود ما مرا مد کار توالد و القيام به همه مراد و مه و و اليه و ما که همه با هم و به برانکو و و و و میده شد و تقریبا ده

یه بوده و معدہ کرو ور و او په هه محمود کو ویران کرده است و همه ت و به هه لام کا مقصد اور امام الجمهور به مرد بھی ہوتا ء و به تیم ملی و مهم ایران 4 ته بد و بیر و - ر پر زیادی را به شرکت در این م ر وری بوده اند ما و عمو امید ، او به ره و مي وه اوه ته وه یه م م محمد محمد عز علي الفجر در ماه محرم و دلم را با خود به یه به ماه محرم میمیرم براتون نه پر مصر بوده و به کمر به

ابھی بھی ان کے بال اور م و اله و تمارة حماية - م وه ره ب به همراه داشته و به همراه پیره میره و و و و و ه ه ه ه . * جیره به ترانا ندیم به ت و که با نام و نحوه کار من بود و به همه مردمو جانی و ما ها قرار می کرد و به کمد جمیل ا حمر بهر ته پر بر و مه و کرده و به و که

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# WAT**** Hot el male animais it being ber d in return Dhe tipo de t res and the work ****** * u tupo ha spintsal nature up to tre park, to ** Visit our way to set typy **, Opp Wiw o on and to party his aii-etions to be a sort of to y portray tippeke yet !, ***, "foret, fruwing room religion in the mid le of every day V e nt of the 15tiv pe * *******, AI aru, manga, to serve 24 annet o levotion to the religious All it on the topla frota

W in 100t , and to leat him through love of herself up they at hindi rin podbinti the ti seisara w dry chr u ths be of humanity in the abstract. One diffibude p o

11, * turn woll'n byly presented by this matrimonial view of woman's tie

s tvorire i l a matin wn, thiet winy is to know what, under the present condiThis time in the film women from mu n nel 1004 in which society finds itseli placed, is to be

not Noir W and Water at all ap s of plain girls. Their mission is a subject frontity '11 "C rush graduat" fularly which no philosopher as yet has adequately handled. Jimny font milli hii mwil * Surinn: ita perniarity of marriere is the object of all feminine endeavors A n love that it la fin del, hot mot ironed. The and ambitions, it certainly seems rather hard that binnehode in the mornin a poom wretches Providere should have condemned plain girls to

| start in the race at such an obvious disadvantage. | Even under M. Comte's system, which provides for al

monto verything, and which, in its far-sightedness and i firmly in their lamun hal demeanor thoughtfulnegg for our good, appears almost more When b ut when tipy. In the one condition benevolent than Providence, it would seem as if the diagnolly a well belovedl mai civil in any hardly sullicient provision had been made for them.

mennil l willen hemel in the other they It must be dillicult for any one except a really adA lbanim mavu, with more than a NAVA v anced Comtist to give himself up to the worship of Whemel mori I love how come to the end of a thoroughly plain girl. Filial instinct might ena

i tump in very murious tremulances of blo 119 to worship her as a mother, but even the lui frumurni d al primer poinain to be told ; moblest desire to serve humanity woull scarcely be wan t to Njot how they carry on their daily enough to keep a husband or a lover up to his daily

devotions in the case of a plain girl with sandy hair

and a freckled complexion. The boldest effort to proof of the universal benevolence we see about us rectify the inequalities of the position of plain that so many heiresses should be plain. Plain girls girls has been made of late years by a courageous have a right to be cheered and comforted by the school of female writers of fiction. Everything has thought. It teaches them the happy lesson that been done that could be done to persuade mankind beauty, as compared with a settled income, is skinthat plain girls are in reality by far the most attrac-deep and valueless; and that what man looks for in tive of the loc The clever authoress of "Jane Eyre" the companion of his life is not so much a bright nearly succeed in the forlorn attempt for a few cheek or a blue eye, as a substantial and useful years; and plain girls, with volumes of intellect amount of this world's wealth. spxwaking through their deep eyes and from their Plain girls again expect less, and are prepared to navire foreheads sened for a while, on paper at accept less, in a lover. Everybody knows the sort least, to be carrying everything before them. of useful, admirable, practical man who sets himself

The onlr duficulty was to get the male sex to fol- to marry a plain girl. He is not a man of great low out in practice what they completely admired rank, great promise, or great expectations. Had it in Mix Bronte's three-rolume novels. Unhappily, been otherwise, he might possibly have flown at the male being very imperfect and trail, could higher game, and set his heart on marrying female not love how she tool Ther regnized the beau loveliness rather than homely excellence. His

of the canceptin about plain girls, they were choice, if it is nothing else, is an index of a conpiry to get them married wir in scores to he-tented and modest disposition. He is not vain

val R ours, and they que admitted that enough to compete in the great race for beauties. Tal yang kebemen might be represented What he looks for is some one who will be mother in AYAN & B ing violenth attached to young of his children, who will order bis servants duly, and matarea with in anters and remarkable mindskeep his household bills; and whose good sense will But ihan was brught about in ordinary teach her to recognize the sterling qualities of her la Mar sin man me with pleasure about the husband, and not object to his dining daily in his sliptranslate Santanal girls but still kept on pers. This is the sort of partner that plain girls van with an uning to the proter ones may rationally hope to secure, and who can say

Am lan seur w eriren back on the that they ought not to be cheerful and happy in hindani u A n d, in the productheir lot? For a character of this undeniable sobri***

**** mitte anni doninine workmanshinety there is indeed a positive advantage in a plain di

*** Nain and has lxva sandi girl as a wite. It should never be forgotten that the ** me at th

enviant in other the man who marries a plain girl never need be WIN

with unir curates and with de Jealous. He is in the Arcadian and fortunate conWWMWWW: with


s well, dion of a lover who has no rivals. A sensible un*** ***** W * tel of their fairer | ambitious nature will recognize in this a solid bene** NYTT

til Pain girls rarely turn into frisky matrons, and A

gond an d eren want this fact renders them peculiarly adapted to be the a walk in their litt for the res *; wines or dall and steady mediocrity. Walking in my happen toe in marmory in love

it should be supposed that the above calcuThat was when it to the task

tha of what plain girls may do leares some of din

** * * ra ir pur and success still unaccounted for, it is * * v

An site and proper to add that the story of plain - I n what I h a ve And r is it it were carefaler written, would contain When o the role

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ade and exceptional triumph. W W WAN ** a imposed

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