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“Pastry first!” was the rallying-cry, and all eyes set about what she could remember of her work as were directed to the slab of marble before which non-comprehending people do, accepting her want the professor stood, and on which he was going to of grasp as something beyond her remedy, because do his magic work.

she had been accustomed to feel her ignorance, and * Like book," said the professor proudly, when was not surprised to find she was feeling it now. the paste he had made had been folded over into “She can ask again," cried the professor, with a a thick block. “Here, what's-your-name!” — to a kick of triumph to the oven door at the astonishworking-pupil, whose eyes were not quite where ment his volubility was creating; and then he they should have been "like a book”; and sure seized a call's head with quite a flourish, swept a enough, there were the layers of flour and butter, little place for it on the bechopped table, and laid it flour and butter, as compact and close as they could down with a sounding slam. be.

L " Calf's head aller tortoo ! " he cried out, rally“ Kate! tins; smalls and seconds; corks "; and ing all attention again to himself alone; and he these things all forthcoming, some pretty fancy- drew his largest knite theatrically, and prepared to work began. The little tins were filled with pastry, give bis lesson with his grandest air. daintily cut and shaped round the edges, and a cork “Calf's head what?" the youngest of the pupils stuck tower-like in each one's centre.

cried; and she was really a pretty coquettish “Bless me!" my unsophistication betrayed me creature, who had already received much of Alinto crying out; "cork tarts !”

bert's particular attentions, and could venture to “For baking,” said the professor, deftly going on. make her ignorance known. “Calf's head how?" “ Taken out after; shape quite good.”

Aller tortoo,” said Albert, airily, without a word “French pastry !” cried our master next; and of explanation more. be cut some of his nice bibliothecal crust into slices “Come,” I said with a smile," don't suppose all of four inches square, aud folded each corner into of us have been to France as you have, and lave the middle, bundle fashion ; and stamped some learned French. Tell us that tortue is turtle, and others into fancy edged circles, and with one fold then we shall all know what you mean." round the still useful corks, and one twist at the “ Yes,” explained his Albertship, accepting my narrow end, formed them into such pretty cornu- proposition graciously; "tortoo, turtle; aller, like; copias as were quite a sight to see.

aller tortoo, like turtle." And his nimble knife Then an interruption came. A new pupil ar- commenced some peeling process that was essential, rived; a big, bonnie, good-tempered-looking woman and then, when the knack was noticed, be handed about thirty, ushered into the kitchen by the keeper his knife over to the Coquette, that she might have of the school, and ready on the moment to begin the honor of bringing the labor to an end. her work.

“Not that way, miss,” the Professor cried, after " What do you want to learn ?” asked Mr. the Coquette had twisted the knife about a turn Albert.

or two, producing a very different result to his. The new-comer, who was of few words, however - So!” — and he showed his master-handling a prepared she might be for action, had no answer minute again ; and then turned sharply to Pupil ready, and only looked overwhelmedly round. the Last, who was still operating on her á vegg," — “ Want soups? Seen the bill of fare?”

Albertian for vegetables, - though casting an attenTwo questions were more than the new pupil, in tive eye on the skill she had paid to come to see. her then state of mental captivity, was able to “ Tbat's your way, is it?" were his words to understand; so she waived the first, and replied to her. "Ah, this is mine"; and he gave a momenthe latter in one short, spongy, puzzled "No." tary sharpening to another knife he drew froin his

"Read this, then," said Professor Albert, quickly, scabbard, and chopped away at the half-finished handing the sheet of paper on which were written carrot with his hand as rapid as a steam-engine, the dishes for the day. These are soups. Look making the “ veg” slices so thin they inight have here."

been pieces of colored glass. The pretty pastry-work was finished, and shot The pupil smiled and shrugged her shoulders as bastily into the oven, before Pupil the Last had before ; and when the magic whirl was over, went read the difficult list down. Then, not venturing on with her own slow and solid cutting, much as on pronunciation, she put her large thumb on a though the piece of rapidity had never been shown certain item, and said, in her soft, puzzled way: to her. She was not a vivacious person, and she "This.”

must do her work in her own slothful, certain way. “O, potridge aller reine !” cried the professor, It was not her fault; since sbe was a stonc, how becoming suddenly garrulous in the delight of some- was it possible that she could swim? thing definite to do: “Two carrots, two onions, Yet another operation called forth the criticism two turnips, slice them ; large blade mace, spoonful of the professor. A young miss was exerting her pepper-corns, pinch salt, bunch herbs, pint cream ; self at a vast pestle and mortar, but the measuri ol there are the vegs; here's a knife, there's a pan; her exertion did not come up to what he expected put veg cuttings through basket. Ask maids any of her. “When do you think that 'll be done?" be thing more!"

cried, taking the great pestle from her; and it was More and more swift had become the young a vast stem four or five feet long, with a “poss" at teacher's utterance at every word, till at last every the end as large as a child's head, and the mortar brain attending to him must have been in a maze. / was a gigantic marble thing fixed in a distint Pupil the Last's was in that condition certainly ; corner, on a substantial stand, where the operator and I watched her increasing blankness, thankful pounded, and pommelled, and perspired remote she was to be the operator, and not unlucky I. from everybody else. "Do it like this! Work

"Sball you remember all that?" I asked, in away! Work as if you had n't another day to live! simple pity for her bewilderment.

“Not I!” cried the miss, whilst the professor Her face broke into a smile then, and she shrugged labored. “Times come when we must work 50, her shoulders and raised her eyes; and then she and I'm sure I sha'n't do it until I'm obliged!"

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This made a laugh all round the kitchen, and action, however, was as good as speech, and her then it was time for the professor to be back at his friendly instructor prepared to enlarge her mind. tête de veau.

"Weigh sugar one pound," was his quick com“Now, miss,” he cried, with a familiar slap on mand. « Cold water, half-pint; white egg, juice the shoulder of the Coquette, “call's head aller lemon. Wooden spoon, wooden spoon ! - always tortoo. One carrot, one turnip, one onion, slice ; wooden spoon !" for Miss Coquette was banding him cut out tongue, brains; simmer head second stock; the pewter one she had brought herself, and he wash head cold water, dry cloth; this way cold pulled her up with a jerk, short and sharp. water, right hand, there!”

She was pulled up from her entire operations, a But a fishmonger's boy invaded the silence of minute after, by a circumstance of quite a different the kitchen with boots that performed a regular sort. The school being known as a school of cookclog-hornpipe as he rattled down the steep wooden ery, mistresses came there often when they were in stair. He was extremely deferential to Professor want of a cook, and the proprietor walked down Albert, and said " Good morning, sir,” to him as pro-stairs just then to say there was a lady waiting, if foundly as if he had been a potentate. He looked any girl were there who would like to go. round at all the nice things preparing, gave a sort A negative came froin one girl after another, till of appreciatory sniff, recited, as he was asked, what the proprietor's eyes lighted on the Coquette. She he had brought for the professor's use the day gave a sharp nod, pulled her gown down from its before, wbat his master bad for sale in his shop, cleanly tucking, smoothed her apron, and, mutely and what was left in the school's larder; and then still, turned to go up stairs. the orders for the day being given him, he gave “Don't go to say you can't do anything !” Albert another look round, enjoyed another sniff, clog- called after her encouragingly, showing his ridicubornpiped it up the wooden stairs again, and was | lous partiality by trying to put heart into her when gone.

he saw heart was going out. “You'll do well “Cutlet d'agneau !cried the professor without a enough! besides, you can soon learn." moment's interval of time; and then, in answer to And learn of him, the sly boy was thinking, of my look and former application, he condescend- course. And to think all this gallantry and affecingly explained, “ Lamb!”

tionate diplomacy was going on in a London kitchen, His movements, again, were of a very lively within four smoke-grimed, bottle-loaded walls that description. He once more swept a clean place for had no grace in them, and could not be made elehis joint upon the table, laid it down consciously, gant and noble if any one had tried ! . drew a knife with the air of a conspirator, and But in spite of the gratetul smile the Coquette made a telling plunge. His little pièces shaped, he gave, Albert absolutely went on with his barleylaid each upon his small swept area of table, and sugar! - he did indeed. He weighed, and pounded, gave it such a thrashing that it must have been and prepared; he spread his marble slab with butequal punishment to him as well. Down came a ter; he put down upon it three sides of the frame of wide flat chopper he had, with such heavy thwacks, an old slate; he poured his melted materials into the poor little "lamb” was battered into twice its this inexpensive receptacle; he rejoiced when he surface and half its width, and had to be cut and pulled the framework off"; and there his mixture shaped and scraped once more. Then it was in-lay, cooling, a neat sheet, with clean-cut edges all terred in bread crumbs, triumphantly exhumed, complete. The artist triumphed then over the held up by its accommodating bone for all the com- foolish, feeble man, and Coquette was nothing ! pany to see, and was finally laid in a skeleton-wire “ Hannah! scissors !” the professor hurried out; saucepan, which was soused in a pan of boiling fat. and he cut his compound into strips, twisted them

“Kate! did you empty meat-ilripping, drop of with his skilful fingers, and then the man came back it, into this?” asked Albert sharply of one of his again ; for, Coquette coming back as well, he handed assistants in the kitchen at the back.

her the remaining striplets, showed her the deft Kate, with black eyes, and cheeks and forehead touch that twisted them, and gave her some outlyblackened nearly to match, owned to her heavy ing fragments to taste as well. fault, and looked straight down upon the floor. He never asked her whether she had succeeded in

“ Should n't then !” roared the professor. “Told getting the situation, nor did any one, and she never you so before !”

said. She tripped down to us as mute as when she Kate, with her black eyes having a comic twinkle went; she retucked her clean starched dress, she in them, accepted the verbal castigation hurled at accepted the homage the professor paid her, but her, and retired to her outer region to go on with never said a word. And I respected this etiquette her outer work.

of the kitchen, and held masculine check upon my Wbilst the lamb blistered in its unctuous ocean, tongue, or else I could have played the woman - troubled as the professorial eyes had peered at it, finely, and have implored to have my curiosity it looked perfectly pure and clean, - Albert looked appeased. I could have bubbled over with fifty round for something else to do.

questions without a moment's stop. Was she a kind “ Ever made barley-sugar, miss ?” he said, with lady you have seen or a cross one, my dear? Will another caress of the Coquette's back. Really, he she allow you to wear that becoming cap? May was very unfair ; be was as partial as any other pro- you have your Sundays out? May you have a fessor when he has aptness and prettiness to steal follower? Are your wages what you would like ? away his heart. I wonder the other pupils did n't | And are your perquisites plenty ? prick the favorite with a larding-needle, pound ber But, attention ! to the entremets and entrées, the in the mortar, or dress her in their own fashion, un-plats, and rols, and hors-d'ouvres Albert is preparing; skilfully, aller torloo !

and never should I have known the result of the Coquette coquettishly shook her head; she also Coquette's absence from us if the proprietor of the had few words wberewith to bless herself, or kept school had not again made his appearance, his face them for some more trifling occasion, when instruc- radiant, his hands rubbing round one another raption was not costing so many pence an hour. Her idly in token of his triumph.

"Make haste, or you 'll be too late!” he cried, I puddings. But never, on any account, call them pointing up the kitchen window. “ Look! there's so! Always give them the French name, or else your mistress's carriage! Is n't it a beauty! two they will not sound grand !” horses, a footman, and a coachman! There! what I added this because our young professor was a lucky girl you are !”

indulging in a whimsical grin. He did not wish And every one,- one holding a spoon, another a to bring his dishes down from their high estate; he trussing-needle, à third a milk-can, the professor, was thoroughly alive to the importance of forriga what he had previously called for as, a 'air-sieve, - nomenclature, and wanted to dazzle with it as long every one left his occupation, and looked up at the as he could. He had dazzled, though; he had champing horses, and glittering and well-kept coach fluttered his superiority before a handful of womenand men; and the Coquette smiled, and looked as cooks, so his campaign meant victory; and he was though she thought herself distinguished ; and I not in the least displeased that I had had renewed knew she was engaged," and could therefore bend occasion to remind him of his spurs. He accepted my mind entirely to what was going on.

it as further decoration ; and gave me bounteous The finishing stroke, or coup de grâce, to some smiles in informing us it was the time now for the bourlins, or, to speak Albertly, boudeens de veau. kitchen dinner, that the school would break up for All the pestling and mortaring had been preliminary an hour, and that, at the end of that period, lessons to this ; and now, after the veal had been reduced would be resumed. to the consistency of butter, with as much labor Out in the wide light streets once more, I was spent upon it as would have sufficed to do some become, through cookery, so cookish, I could spend mighty deed, it was to be shaped and dressed that it the sixty minutes given to me in no better way might be ready to be served. One arrangement than in turning the leaves over of a cook's book for this was the soaking of the crumb of a loaf of It was a little, thin, paper-covered thing, bought, bread; and I felt quite affectionate towards the second-hand, for threepence at a book-stall, and homely compound when I saw its familiar face it was French; so, if I studied it, I might asrend again. Everything else my eyes had lighted on the ladder a rung or two higher than Master for hours bad been so hashed and larded, and Albert, and come out before him in such grand braised and grilled, so wrapped up in seasoning and fashion, I should make him open his bright brown touillie, and farce and meringue, it was a delight to eyes and stare. It was a noble ambition, and it see something that was neither, and that was inno-fired me. I plunged into the little volume, and the cent of all. Is this fine cooking such a need and first thing I lighted on was grenouilles! Frors! I cried boon to man, after all? I reflected. Is the loss of to myself, in most lively manner. Of course, frogs in two hours, and the usance of ever so much energy a French cookery-book! Why bad n't I thought of and muscle, quite paid for by the production of six that before? Why had n't I asked Master Albert spoonfuls of a putty-like mixture that would furnish how to dress, or, as the French word runs, accombut a fourth part of the meal of a tolerably hungry modate, a frog? Why had u't I said to him : * Do man? It might have tasted ravishingly, though. Iyou cut off his paws and his body, leaving only can say nothing about that I could not keep put his thighs (ha! ha! how droll !), and do you boil ting my middle finger into the dishes and then him, and throw him into fresh water, and dry bim sucking it, as professor and pupils did everlastingly; and put mushrooms to him, and parsley, and dip they went into a grenadine, dip into meringue, scallion, and garlie, and cloves, and butter, and dip again into soup bisque de homards, or soup à la flour, and white-wine, and salt, and pepper? and reine ; but this was beyond me, and therefore then do you adil to him a mixture – or liaison, as boudins de veau are to me yet undiscovered your French cuisinerie has it- of the yolks of three country; and until I have explored thein, and they eggs and a little cream? Because, if you don't, have brought me on my knees, I retain my wonder your way is but a twopenny way; and if you do, as to their desirability, and do not propose a statue you might as well leave your frog-thighs out, for to the artist who found them out.

small is the taste there would be of them with all “ There!” cried Albert, after minutes of patting those things as a disguise! unless, indeed, French and sieve-work, and spooning and knifing, -" there! frogs are of the race of those that tried to swell Bring those to the boil, and they will do. Boudeens themselves as large as oxen, and succeeded in dode veau. You'll know them again, won't you?” ing it!

Thus appealed to, Pupil the Last, as I have And then, why had n't I asked Albert if be could called her, broke through the crust of her stolidity accommodate a fricassée of vine-snails? A horsand bewilderment. “I must write it down," she d'æuyre of that appetizing little dainty is down !!! said placidly and low; “I shall never remember it." | my book, published in 1814: both frogs and snails

“Cooked veal, butter, milk, bread, mace, nut-being classed among fresh-water fish, or, to speak meg, salt, cayenne," began the professor, — his by rule exactly, animaux aquatiquer. And why breath drawn to continue the last for many ingre- had n't I hinter at hen's milk, lait de poule, which dients more.

my Cuisinière Bourgeoise says is made of the yolks But his pupil interrupted him; proud that she of eggs, and sugar and hot water, and is good, taken had come to something that she did know, and so on going to bed, for persons with a coled? I could holding up her head. “I sha'n't forget those," she have been learned, also, about a dish of calf's maro said. "I shall remember them." (No wonder, row, called amouretle because it is such a little love when she had taken her turn at the possing" and I could have talked of a purée of dried pease for sieve-rubbing, and butter-beating, and the rest!) | fast-days, of the 'e for pains bénits, - consecratul “ It's the name!”

bread, and of une idée de sel, and a bouquet de fines I was obliged then to come to her relief. I could herbes, -- the two last sounding so airy and delicious, not bear to think of her poor brain being so hazy, one feels, indeed, that cookery is an art, and that when I could do anything to make it clear. “I will there is wisdom in calling its practisers professors write it for you," I said. “But I will tell you how Well, why not come out with all this knowledge, you can remember it nicely: it simply means veal- | now my hour was over, and I was going back


Why not hurl my thunder, now it was prepared, | funnel, and poured the mixture into it, from which and make Albert and his tiny Hall of Cookery its only exit was through the pointed end. He had tremble with the roar? But no; this would not be previously made a twin-funnel to contain jam, and fair; so, though I laughed several good hearty had filled the little tart-cavities from which had laughs" in my sleeve,” I determined to let no smiles been drawn the corks; and now, with his squirt of or acquisitions get beyond that confined dépôt when meringue, he further embellished the little dainties I presented myself at the little kitchen, and was be- with spots, and trails, and winding-stairs of liquid ginning my novel studies again.

snow, which exuded itself at his sovereign will and I was a little too early when I did this. I had ar- pleasure, with merely the tender pressure of his rived at the bottom step of the steep stair before I broad and skilful thumb. True to the predilection was aware of it (and they are unfavorable circum- I had noticed at almost the first words he uttered, stances, those of one's toes being introduced any- be handed over the finishing of these fairy structures where before one's head), or I would have shown to the Coquette; and then, when they were all good generalship and beaten a retreat. What I done, and sugar had been sifted over them, we all could not do gracefully, however, I would not do at took our leave. all; and where five sixths of me already were, I let Cookery was over, as far as I was concerned, and the rest go, and trod boldly on. The kitchen was a I was heartily glad; and Albert — my rival in masdifferent kitchen to the one I had left fifty-nine min-tery of a foreign tongue, my fellow-servant-maid utes and three quarters before. Albert, and the enlightener — how was he? Not released yet, nor Kate and Hannah who assisted him, were quietly nearly. Not even for that day was there yet rest seated, all reading newspapers, (Hannah's was a for him. As my head was up stairs, and my legs thrilling journal though), and I pored unnoticed were yet necessarily lingering down below, I heard over the school-rules nailed against the wall, peeped a man-servant, who had a moment before passed into many pots and pans that were still unknown to me, say he “wanted” a particular clear butter-sauce; me, and ruminated on what I had learned and seen, and looking down, I saw Albert reaching out a pan, to make the best of them I could. But soon the Co- and I knew this supplementary pupil meant a short quette came tripping prettily to us, the Heavy Pu- spell of cooking and cooking's atmosphere for him pil followed her, and by the minute or two it took still. And I knew, even, what special part of his for the others to assemble, the fire-arrangements odoriferous occupation would be demanded of him were completed, and everything was ready once the next day; for, as I stayed a moment to bid more to begin.

good afternoon to my fellow-pupils, one of them " What will you have ?” asked Albert, briskly, was saying to anotber: “I must have ice-pudding “What will you do first ? Meringue, for decorat- to-morrow, or my mistress will go crazed !" ing tourtes." And we were round him as attentively For my part, I was so surfeited with cookery, I as if he had been an oracle.

cried : Something raw, if you please, for me! “ Tourtes !” said the Last Pupil, rolling the Something that has never been touched by hand, word heavily over and over on her tongue, except the one that pulled it off the blooming tree, “ tourtes !”

or uprooted it from the honest ground! Let me be “Call 'em tarts, if you like," said the professor, a Timon, if you will, and gnaw radishes and cabimpatiently. He would bave got out of the expla- bage; or a Beau Brummell, associated with the nation if he could, but he knew I was there to consumption of a green-pea; but no ragoût, côtecheck him; and if he could only have known the lette, compote, crême, or any hint of cooking, till the battery I could have brought to bear upon him! remembrance of all that I have seen is faded, and But he did n't, so it does n't matter. “ Some peo- the very smell of it has passed away! ple say, tourtes, some tarts; I like tourtes best my-! And one more word before I lay down my pen; self.” And then he reverted to the meringue, and or let it be given in the way of a royal notice or rattled out the list of ingredients to make it ; proclamation : Whereas many English persons quite sorry, I am sure, it was not twice as lengthy, having been heard to say, with much contempt of and could n't be complicated into a great deal their own dear country, and more contempt of their more.

own dear country's maids, that French cooks are Then, when one pupil was whisking eggs for this, the only cooks worth mentioning, besides they can and another was pounding sugar, the professorial make disbes, good for the digestion and savory to mind became intent on the calf's head à la tortue, the palate, out of nothing; judgment is hereby and Albert, taking something from some frying fat given, that all such persons shall yield up such belike two large stones picked up from gravel, spoke lief immediately, on pain of being thought ignorant suddenly to the Coquette in words that filled me and absurd. French cooks may use a small quanwith surprise. “ Here's your brains, miss !!" was his tity only, possibly, of the thing the dish they make startling exclamation.

is called by, as in the case of frog fricasseé, for inAnd I gave quite a bounce. “Good gracious!” Istance; but if the articles the frogs are to be cried, — "are they indeed ?

dressed with are nothing, and would amount to And whilst I looked piercingly at the two brown nothing when bought and paid for, then will I things lying flat on the professor's hand, the kitchen bind myself to Professor Albert for å regular apburst into a roar.

prenticeship, and be a slave to cooks and cookery " How sharp you are !" said the professor. forever.

So I let him and the others think so, and the There was a good story current once of a man work went on

entreating the use of a pan and fire to make stoneJust the applying of the meringue. That was broth, and cunningly getting into it afterwards — the thing that brought the day's tuition to a con-one by one, and by separate solicitation - all the clusion; and very adroit, pretty work it was. The ingredients with which other folk make broth of Coquette bad whisked the egg-whites into a cloud- less illusory pretensions; and I think that, between like froth; Albert thickened it with the sugar, the nothingness of the things the poor man declared twisted some pure-white paper into an impromptu | he wanted, and the nothingness of the things other


" And you, adds the doctor, “ proprietors of gardens, ' waistbands glitter with jewelry, but quality in the and fields, I have read a bundred times wbat incal- case scarcely makes up for the lack of quantity culable services the feathered population render you As to the mere dialogue of the piece, it is beneai by the incessant war they wage against the small contempt." but powerful destroyers of your seed and fruits. Do not hesitate to wade through the snow to bring them alms and spare their lives. You may then 'A CHRISTMAS SCENE AT ROME. change your boots with the consciousness of having

THE RIVAL PIFFERARI. performed a truly good and humane action.”

1. The Pall Mall Gazette says that a piece brought Our Lady of Seven Sorrows, — Hush! out recently in Paris is a remarkable illustration of (Paolo, man, why the deuce do you push ?) the state of public taste in France. “ The theatre

Seven poniards meet in her breast. which had the honor of producing the play was Le

Quern of Angels, she's now at rest. Châtelet, a house which has obtained a name for

There are the sbirri spying about, such spectacular extravaganzas as “ Rothomago"

Ready to snap us, there's not a doubt, and Cendrillon." It is emphatically the “ people's

If we or the Mattei draw a knife. theatre." It was built expressly for their enjoyment, These Romans think so much of a life. and it is so capacious that it has no less than 2,700 reserved places, — nearly twice as many as any other

II. theatre in Paris can boast of possessing. The prices are considerably lower than elsewhere, and if a ga

Mary, mother ! smile now and then min can beg, borrow, or steal the sum of seventy

On us, the poor Abruzzi men. five centimes, or sevenpence halfpenny, he may have

Star of Heaven shine graciously!— access to his earthly paradise. It is emphatically

Why, there 's old Matteo's whelp I see, for the lower orders that a paternal Government has

Sneering at Beppo's peacock feather, provided the dramatic entertainment of the Châ

And the hole in his jacket of untanned leather. telet. But the places destined for the canaille have

Th' impenitent thiet bas such a face, been usurped to some extent by the jeunesse dorée

I wish we were in a quieter place. of Paris, and as much as fifty francs have been asked and obtained for a stalle d'orchestre, the normal price of which is only four. Liberty reigns Holy Saint Simon! look at him now, supreme in this theatre, and, contrary to Parisian For half a paul I'd give him a blow. usages, ladies are admitted to the stalls. At the sec See how he's tossing his Rosary, ond representation many ladies of fashion, including Cospetto! in gibe and in mockery. the Princess Metternich and the Duchesse de Morny,

And there are the younger devil's kin were present. Let us see the sort of exhibition Piping away through thick and thin which the grande dame who gives 200 francs for a To out-play us, — faster, louder: loge and the shopboy who pays 15 sous are equally I wish I'd my gun and a little powder. anxious to witness. The subject, “Gulliver's Travels,” is surely harmless enough. It bas formed the

IV. subject of numberless pantomimes, and the Châtelet piece is, in fact, exactly like one of our Christmas

Shout out our hymn to Paul and Peter : introductions. The only difference in the piece it.

Never stop for the special metre. self is that the story is complicated, with the object

Carlo, the beasts are looking this way; of making the performance last five hours. Gulliver

Giacomo, did n't I tell you, — Pray. is shipwrecked among icebergs, and he is then trans

Can't Onofrio people sing ported in succession to the Flying Island, to the

As well as Matteo's underling! pays des chevaux, to the country of Liliput, and

Down to the image of Mary, mother! to the home of the Brobdingnagian giants. The ar

Here come Luigi and his brother. my of marionettes that do duty for Liliputians are wonderfully well managed, and an immensely fat woman who personates a Brobdingnagian baby is

Now we are strong enough at last. amusing, if rather coarse.' But it is the fairies of Filippo, the time for the Ave's past. the piece who form the great attraction, and, para

Snatch old Matteo's bagpipe, lad, doxical as it may seem, it is their scanty costumes It's sure to make the whole lot mad. that have drawn so largely on the treasury of the

Throw it to me. I stamp on it. — There, theatre. No less than three hundred thousand francs

Let them gibber, we none of us care. have been expended on this one piece. And yet

Giacomo, now for a steady stab, the superticial area of the dresses must be ludicrous

I've got him down on the fountain slab. ly small in proportion to the bodies which they do not cover. The inhabitants of the “pays des che

VI. vaux” are impersonated by large-limbed women who wear a borse's head, a huge tail, a corsage fit

Matteo 's grappling with Paolo yonder. ting as tight as possible to the figure, and nothing

Holy Father! who 'll beat, I wonder. else! Miss Menken's costume as Mazeppa was lavish

Saints be thanked, the old man groans! ly ample in comparison with this, and in all the three

That's right, — dash him upon the stones. ballets, whether the figurantes appear as butterflies

Bene, bene, tbat is the dig or jewels, the one single object has been to reduce

To let the heart's blood out of the pig. the clothing to a minimum. In a "danse des oiseaux"

Slip off, fratelli, I hear a drum, they remind one irresistibly of the saying, “as naked And quick, before the Zouaves come. as robins.” It is true that their headdresses and

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