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characteristics which, of themselves, would call forth hung up in their church led them to understan: a lively interest ; but their value is greatly enhanced what we wanted; no person there knowing that ti by their connection with one of the most important object of our inquiry anyways related to Wiliar.. events in history, the main subject of the whole the Conqueror, whom to this day they call .250 design.'

William. During the French Revolution in SUSTFIE "A critic has observed the wonderful similarity of der was demanded for the purpose of covering the narrativn that appears between these and the mar- guns, but fortunately it was concealed IF 2 bles recently brought from Nineveh, not only in the preserved in the library of Bayeux, and = exceed same battle incidents, homage to royalty, and evi- to view in glass cases." ient baste in executing a commission, but the varied size of the figures according to rank, the hape of the trees (some radiating in buds with

A NICE CORRESPONDENT: Fanciful stems), and the marking of the waves, and " The glow and the glory are plighted ninuteness of architecture, combined with an utter To darkness, for evening is come: hot liance of perspective.

The lamp in Glebe Cottage is highted, A great argument for this being the work of the Tbe birds and the sheep-bells are dor Cunqueror's wife is that, had the Empress Matilda I'm alone, at my casement, for Papps worked the tapestry, she would have introduced the Is summoned to dinner at Kew: armorial bearings which were in her time becoming I'm alone, my dear Fred, but I'm hapeommon, and especially the Norman leopards, of

I'm thinking of which, in the tapestry, there is not the slightest

* I wish you were bere: Here I daller ruce. Some of the shields, it is true, bear the rude ." vies of a dragon, griffin, serpent, or lion ; others,

Than dall, you'd be dearer than des.Cruses, rings, &c.; but these, in the opinion of the

I am dressed in your favorite color,

Dear Fred, how I wish you rere bere at learnedi archæologists, are mere ornaments nyre akin to those of classical antiquity than to

I am wearing my lazuli necklace

The necklace you fastened asker! n lern heraldry.

Was there ever so rude or 90 reckless - There is one shield in the tapestry which appears to be charged with a cross coupée between five

A darling as yoa? rindels: but whatever may be said of the croes, the “I want you to come and pas sentence

moun'le's are probably only the studs or rivets of the On two or three book with a plos:
Beid. Is there are several shields in which the Of course you know Jane's Repentasse':
:1libents are exactly alike, the arms of a family I'm reading Sir Waverley Scott,

rivt be intended. The chiet weapon seen is a The story of Edgar and Locy;voce, wlaieh was little used after the Conquest. The How tariling, romactie, and true!

and work of the tapestry is a strip of fine linen The Master — his bride was a gooses th, which through age has assumed the tinge of

Reminds me of roa. wa holland. It is 227 feet long, 20 inches broad,

- To-day, in my ride, I've been crowning i divlei into 72 compartments. The stitches

The Beacon whose magie still lares. Cont of lines of colored worsted laid side by side, * 1991 down at intervals with cross fastenings.

For up there you discorsi about Browning I donde pus intended to represent flesh are left un

That stup: chi Browning of yours;

His verre and his rogge are alarming, oy the needle. The colors chietiy used are

I'm anxious to give him his dae; 5.5 201 ligbe blue, red, pink, yellow, buff, and

But, Fred, he's not Dearly so charming
"Á and light green
a'r be wris of Jir. Hadson Garney in the Arci

poet 23 you.
"MI, the viors are as bright and distinct, and I have heard how you shot at the Beeches,
s at the superscriptions as legible, as if of I sw bow roa rode Chantieleer,

way.' Bruce, in his Biye Tatry Einci- I have read the reports of your speeches, :,. maks: It contains figures of 623 men, 902 And echoed the ecboing cheer:

i bros 5403 animals of variors kimis. 37 There's a whisper of hearts you are breaking, i **. 41 ships and buats, and 49 trees, - in all! I envy their owners. I do:.:

The Sarons wore mustaches: the Small marvel that fashion making s none. Father Montfaucon caused research!

Her idol of you. avdio be that ended in the discovery of the tape

- As for the worll. and is dearly
Leren Catieiral in 1724. Napoleon I hadhi
leveni to Paris in im3, where it was exhibited to

Bongbt trienph and fingitive bliss! i "13 the main is of the people for the invasion!

Sometimes I alt wish I wis merely
Di In I$lt it was showed coiled rounis

A plin de 3 penniless Miss; vi ser in i frime with a winch. The name of

Bat, periaps. 02 is best with a measure !Toie de S. Jean' was given to it. because is

Of pelt: ami I in not sorry, too.

That I'm pretty, because its a pleasure, 23 Isolved to the people on St. John's Day ini The Cierbestral

My dearest, to Fou - So little leal interest du thuis wonderfiz reiz! - Tour whis is for frolite and fashion. Nite that Mr Guruet. Um IST. WIS merly Your taste is too letters and art ;Marius Beveux without seeing it. beemse be i This rhyme is the commonplace passion lappen to use it by the title of LR

"That grows in stond woman's heart Sa Jene

recortes Ws not anberseport Pussit or in a dainty deposit Chapareha i Di . The priests of size

For reies. — we all have a few! spearing in WAUA W* e selves or siria Some day, love, ter 1 print it, becacze it wa mambo **et de tenir un muading

Wis written to you." 416 by M

v ult being sually

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named the white

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ith Bigelow., & Celine for Tickaer and Feliz

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