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12126 The Blind-Beggar of Bednal-Green, WITH THE MERRY HUMOURS OF TOM STROWD THE NORFOLK YEOMAN, as it was divers times publickly acted by the Princes Servants. Written by JOHN DAY. R. Pollard, and Tho. Dring, 1659. (See Reproduction of title-page). FIRST EDITION. Sm. 4to, morocco extra gilt edges.


Dramatis Personæ (1 p.).

Day seems to have had assistance from Chettle on the writing of this play, and it was acted in 1600 probably by Prince Henry's men.

The play contains an interesting SHAKESPEARE allusion. In Act 4, Scene 1, Strowd says "Tulley's Offices say that the capital that Cæsar was stabbed in was Rome." Canbee answers, Impute the gross mistake to the fault of the author." This unquestionably applies to Shakespeare's Julius Cæsar, which must therefore date before May, 1600.

12127 David's Desire to goe to Church: AS IT WAS PUBLISHED IN TWO SERMONS IN ST. MARIES IN OXFORD. The ONE, the Fift of November, in the afternoone to the Universitie, in the Yeare of our Lord God 1609. The Other, on Christmas Day next following to the Parishioners of that place. Prnited at Oxford by Joseph Barnes, 1615. PRESENTATION COPY "GIVEN BY THE AUTHOUR TO MARGARET WARNER." Day's Festivals or Twelve of His Sermons: Delivered by him at several times to the Parishioners of St Maryes in Oxford, on the three Chiefe Festivals of the Yeere, Christmas, Easter, and Whit-sontide. Three of which Sermons, are touching our Saviour; One, the Holy Ghost; Two, the Two Sacraments; the other six, such severall Duties, as belong to the severall Sorts of all Christians. Ib. 1615. Concio ad Clerum IN SECUNDI, VEL QUARTI, REGUM, CAPITIS SEXTI, Versum Primum, Secundum, Tertium, et Quartum. Habita in Templo B. Mariæ Oxon. Junii 25° Ann. Dom. 1612. Per Joannem Dayum Baccalaureum in Theologia, et Collegii Orielensis apud Oxoniensis Socium Editio Secunda. Oxoniæ, Excudebat Josephus Barnesius, 1615. Sm. 4to, in one volume, contemporary vellum; RARE.



12128 Le Philosophe en Voyage. OPERA-COMIQUE en Trois Actes et en Prose par M. CH-PAUL de Kock. Paris Chez Quay, Librare, Editeur de Pièces de Theatre, 1821. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, half cloth.



12129 Advice to the People of Great Britain, WITH RESPECT TO TWO IMPORTANT POINTS OF THEIR FUTURE CONDUCT. I. What they ought to expect from the King. II. How they ought to behave to him. Written in Vindication of the E-1 of Oxford; and supposed to be written by his Directions, if not by himself. London: Printed for J. Baker, in Pater-Noster-Row: and Reprinted in Dublin, for G. Risk, Bookseller at the London, in Dames-street, over-against the HorseGuards, 1714. 8vo, sewn, 28 pp., RARE. £3 3s


12130a The Complete Tradesmen in Familiar Letters; DIRECTING HIM IN ALL THE SEVERAL PARTS AND PROGRESSIONS OF TRADE. Viz. I, His acquainting himself with Business during his Apprenticeship. II, His writing to his Correspondents and obtaining a general knowledge of Trade; &c., &c., &c. ... Charles Rivington, 1726.-Do. Volume II. Directed chiefly to the more Experienc'd Tradesmen; with Cautions and Advices to them after they are thriven, and supposed to be grown rich, &c., &c., &c. Charles Rivington, 1727. 2 vols., 8vo, BOTH FIRST EDITIONS. old calf, some pages a little stained. VERY RARE.

£16 16s

Vol I. Preface, contents (16 pp.).
Vol. II. Preface, Contents (10 pp.).

I. By establishing an University where Gentlemen may have Academical Education under the Eye of their Friends.


12130 Augusta Triumphans: or, The Way to make London The most flourishing City in the Universe.


II. To prevent much Murder &c. by an Hospital for Foundlings.

III. By suppressing pretended Mad-Houses, where many of the fair Sex are unjustly confin'd, while their Husbands keep Mistresses, &c. and many widows are lock'd up for the sake of their Jointure.

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IV. To save our Youth from Destruction by clearing the Streets of impudent Strumpets, Suppres sing Gaming-Tables, and Sunday Debauches.

V. To avoid the expensive Importation of Foreign Musicians by forming an Academy of our own.

VI. To save our lower Class of people from utter Ruin, and render them useful, by preventing the immoderate Use of Geneva: With a frank Explosion of many other Common Abuses, and incontestable Rules for Amendment.

Concluding with AN EFFECTUAL METHOD TO PREVENT STREET ROBBERIES, and A Letter to Coll. Robinson, on account of the Orphan's Tax. J. Roberts, 1728. FIRST EDITION. 8vo RARE. £6 69 "This and all other copies I have seen has the signature cut out of last page.' See note from the Huth Catalogue.


12131 An Enquiry into the Occasional Conformity of Dissenters, IN CASES OF PREFERMENT. With a PREFACE TO MR. How London: Printed Anno Dom. 1701. FIRST EDITION. Sm. 4to sewn, UNCUT.

£3 3

Preface to Mr. How signed D. F. (2 pp.).

12132 An Essay upon Literature: OR, AN ENQUIRY INTO THE ANTIQUITY AND ORIGINAL OF LETTERS; Proving That th two Tables, written by the Finger of God in Mount Sinai, was the firs writing in the World; and that all other Alphabets derive from th Hebrew. With a short View of the Methods made use of by the An tients, to supply the want of Letters before, and improve the use them, after they were known. Tho. Bowles, 1726. FIRST EDITION


By the

12133 Jure Divino. A SATYR. The First Book-to the 12th. Author of the Full-born-Englishman. P. Hills, N.D. (1709). Rough woodcut portrait of Defoe on title. 8vo, sewn, UNCUT, A SCARCE


£1 10s

Separate titles to each book, portrait repeated in Book IV.

12134 Parochial Tyranny; or, The House-Keepers Complaint AGAINST THE INSUPPORTABLE EXACTIONS, AND PARTIAL ASSESSMENTS OF SELECT VESTRIES, &c. With A Plain Detection of many Abuses committed in the Distribution of Publick Charities. Together with a Practicable Proposal for Amendment of the same, which will not only take off great Part of the Parish Taxes now subsisting, but ease Parishioners from serving troublesome Offices, or paying exorbitant Fines. By "Andrew Moreton," Esq. J. Roberts, N.D. (1727). FIRST EDITION. 8vo, sewn, RARE. £5 5s

12135 A Plan of the English Commerce.
Trade as the Foreign. In Three Parts.
the present Magnitude of the English Trade, as it respects,
I. The Exportation of our Own Growth and Manufacture.
2. The Importation of Merchants Goods from Abroad.
3. The prodigious Consumption of both at Home.

Part II. Containing an Answer to that great and important Question now depending, Whether our Trade, and Especially our Manufactures, are in a declining Condition, or no?

Part III. Containing several Proposals entirely New, for Extending and Improving our Trade, and Promoting the Consumption of our Manufactures, in Countries wherewith we have Hitherto had no Commerce. Humbly offered to the Consideration of the King and Parliament. Charles Rivington, 1728. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, original calf, repaired. £10 10s 12136 The Quakers Sermon on the Union: BEING THE ONLY SERMON PREACH'D AND PRINTED, BY THAT SORT OF PEOPLE, on that Subject. Benj. Bragge, 1707. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, sewn.

£3 3s

NATION, as well the Home
Part I. Containing a View of

Epistle to the Reader (2 pp.).

12137 A Second Volume of the Writings of the Author of the True-Born 3 Englishman. SOME WHEREOF NEVER BEFORE PRINTED. Corrected and Enlarged by the Author. Printed and Sold by the Booksellers, 1705. 8vo, old calf. £8 18s 6d

2138 Secret Memoirs or the New Treaty of Alliance with France: IN WHICH SOME OF THE FIRST STEPS IN THIS REMARKABLE AFFAIR ARE DISCOVERED; with some Characters of Persons. London, J. Roberts at the Oxford Arms, 1716. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, sewn. £4 4s


12138a A Serious Inquiry into this Grand Question; WHETHER A LAW TO PREVENT THE OCCASIONAL CONFORMITY OF DISSENTERS, would not be Inconsistent with the ACT-OF-TOLERATION and a Breach of the Queen's Promise. Printed in the Year 1704. FIRST EDITION, sm. 4to, sewn. £3 3s

12139 Some Account of the Two Nights Court at Greenwish: Wherein may be seen The Reason, Rise and Progress of the late Unnatural Rebellion against His Sacred Majesty King George, and his Government. J. Baker, 1716. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, half calf. £3 3s

12140 Some Considerations on The Reasonableness and Necessity of Encreasing and Encouraging the Seamen. FOUNDED ON THE GRACIOUS EXPRESSIONS, in their Favour, contained in His Majesty's Speech from the Throne. With Some Proposed Schemes for the Effectual Performing it, without Prejudice either to the Navy, or the Commerce. Never made Publick before. J. Roberts, 1728. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, sewn. £3 10s 12141 Some Objections Humbly offered to the Consideration of the Hon. House of Commons, RELATING TO THE PRESENT INTENDED RELIEF OF PRISONERS. R. Walker, 1729. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, sewn. £2 15s

12142 Street-Robberies, Consider'd. THE REASON OF THEIR BEING SO FREQUENT, With Probable Means to Prevent 'em. To which is added, Three Short Treatises. I. A WARNING FOR TRAVELLERS. WITH RULES TO KNOW A HIGHWAYMAN, and instructions how to behave upon the Occasion. II. OBSERVATIONS ON HOUSE-BREAKERS. How to prevent a Tenement from being broke open: With a Word of Advice concerning Servants. III. A CAVEAT FOR SHOP-KEEPERS. WITH A DESCRIPTION OF SHOP-LIFTS, how to know 'em, and how to prevent 'em. Also a Caution of delivering Goods. With the Relation of several Cheats prasticed lately upon the Publick. WRITTEN BY A CONVERTED THIEF. TO WHICH IS PREFIX'D SOME MEMOIRS OF HIS LIVE. Set a Thief to Catch a Thief. J. Roberts (1728). FIRST EDITION. Evo, half calf. £8 18s 6d

12143 A True Account of the Proceedings at Perth; THE DEBATES IN THE SECRET COUNCIL THERE; with the Reasons and Causes of the suddain finishing and breaking up of the Rebellion. Written by a Rebel. J. Baker, 1716. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, sewn. £4 4s 12144 The Two Creat Questions Considered. 1. WHAT THE FRENCH KING WILL DO, WITH RESPECT TO THE SPANISH MONARCHY. II. What Measures the English ought to Take. London. Printed for Charles Mount, near Holbourn, 1700. Price Two Pence. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, 16 pp., sewn. £3 3s

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12145 A View of the Scots Rebellion. With Some Enquiry What we have to fear from them? and What_is_the_properest Method to take with them? R. Burleigh, 1715. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, sewn.

£4 14s 6d

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12146 The Funeral of the Low Church; or, the Whigs last Will and Testament. No place or date, c. 1730. BROADSIDE ENGRAVING (11in. x 9in.) IN COMPARTMENTS depicting the Funeral of the Low Church, in coffin with pall and mourners and Gravedigger, compartment containing figures representing the Observator, A Tory, Bickerstaffs, DEFOE, around sick man, compartment containing sick man in bed with three Divines at bedside: below, four columns of engraved verses, in which Sacheverell, Benjamin Hoadley, Daniel Burgess, Redpath, and DANIEL DEFOE are mentioned. £2 2s

12147 A Letter from a Student in Grub-street, To a Reverend HighPriest and Head of a College in Oxford. CONTAINING AN ACCOUNT OF A MALICIOUS DESIGN TO BLACKEN HIM AND SEVERAL OF HIS FRIENDS. To which are added FOUR SCURRILIOUS EPIGRAMS UPON ONE DR. CRASSUS. W. Temple, 1720. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, sewn, scarce. £2 2s Relating, we think to Defoe. See reference to one of Defoe's titles (p. 8), and the paragraph (p. 10) re Robinson Crusoe.

12148 Tories and Tory Principles Ruinous to both Prince and People. BEING A SPECIMEN OF THE INCONSISTENCY OF THEIR PRETENDED PRINCIPLES and Real Practices. J. Baker, 1714. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, 95 pp., sewn. £3 3s 212149 The True-Born Englishman. A Satyr, Answer'd, Paragraph by Paragraph. Printed in the Year 1701. FIRST EDITION. NARCISSUS LUTTRELL'S copy; he has marked on title-page the date " I Febr. 'o" and the original price 8vo, sewn, UNCUT, RARE. Dedication to Sir Charles Duncomb, Kt., Preface (6 pp.).



£3 3s


11895 Chubb (Thomas), A Short and Faithful Account of the Life and Character of the Celebrated Mr. Thomas Chubb, WHO DIED LATELY AT SALISBURY. In A Letter from a Gentleman of that City to his Friend in London. John Noon, 1747. FIRST EDITION.— [Chubb (Thomas)]. Memoirs of Mr. Thomas Chubb, LATE OF SALISBURY: OR, A FULLER AND MORE FAITHFUL ACCOUNT OF HIS LIFE, Writings, Character, and Death. Interspers'd with some Remarks on the Short and Faithful Account. In A Letter from another Gentleman of that City to his Friend in London. James Fletcher,_1747. FIRST EDITION.-Dryden (John). A Summary Account of the Deists Religion: IN A LETTER TO THAT EXCELLENT PHYSICIAN, THE LATE DR. THOMAS SYDENHAM. To which are annex'd, Some Curious Remarks on the Immortality of the Soul; And an ESSAY BY THE CELEBRATED POET, JOHN DRYDEN, Esq.; to prove that Natural Religion is alone necessary to Salvation, in Opposition to all Divine Revelation. N.D. This last Piece contains the strongest Arguments

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