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spotless before the judgment seat of Christ, and shall dwell with him eternally in the heavens. And the honor be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost, which is one God. AMEN.

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With regard to the character of the three witnesses, above named, we have no authentic record.

The above unfinished article on Mormonism was in type when the Editor was informed that some professors of Mormonism, had, very recently, arrived in this city from the West. Application was immediately made for their creed, doctrines, sentiments or religious notions. After stating the nature of the publication to Mr. Joseph Young, of Kirtland, Ohio, an Elder of the Church, a very civil man, who appeared to represent the Mormon faith in Boston; and after exhibiting to him a copy of what had been printed, the Editor was kindly favored, in the course of three days, with the the following written statement:

"The leading principles of the religious faith of the CHURCH OF THE LATTER DAY SAINTS, vulgarly called Mormons.

This Church was organized on the 6th of April, 1830, in the State of New York, and its principal articles of faith are,

1. A belief in one true and living God, the creator of the heavens and the earth, and in his Son Jesus Christ, who came into this world 1800 years since, at Jerusalem; was slain, rose from the dead, ascended on high, and now sits on the right hand of the Majesty in the heavens; that through the atonement thus wrought out, all men may come to God and find acceptance; all of which they believe is revealed in the holy Scriptures.

2. That God requires all men, wherever his gospel is proclaimed, or his law known, to repent of all sins, forsake evil, and follow righteousness; that his word also requires men to be baptized, as well as to repent; and that the direct way pointed out by the Scriptures for baptism, is immersion. After which, the individual has the promise of the gift of the Holy Spirit; that this divine communication is absolutely promised unto all men, upon whom "the Lord our God shall call," if they are obedient unto his commandments. This gift of the Holy Spirit, was anciently bestowed by the laying on of the apostle's hands: so this church believes that those who have authority to administer in the ordinances of the gospel, have this right and authority, through prayer; and without this authority, and this gift, the church is not now what it anciently was; consequently, cannot be recognized as the true Church of Christ.

3. That God will, in the last days, gather the literal descendants of Jacob to the lands anciently possessed by their fathers; that he will lead them as at the first, and build them as at the beginning. That he will cause his arm to be made bare in their behalf; his glory to attend them by night and by day. That this is necessary to the fulfilment of his word, when his knowledge is to cover the earth as the waters cover the seas. And that, as men anciently saw visions, dreamed dreams, held communion with angels, and converse with the heavens, so it will be in the last days, to prepare the way for all nations, languages and tongues, to serve him in truth.

4. That the time will come when the Lord Jesus will descend from heaven, accompanied with ten thousand of his saints; that a mighty angel will lay hold on the dragon, bind him, cast him into the pit, where he will be kept from deceiving the nations for a thousand years; during which time, one continued round of peace will pervade every heart. And,

5. They believe in the resurrection of the body; that all men will stand in the presence of God, and be judged according to the deeds, or works, done in this life; that the righteous will enter into eternal rest, in the presence of God, but the wicked be cast off, to receive a just recompense of reward; and that, to ensure eternal life, a strict obedience to all the commandments of God, must be observed, to the end."

Elder Young says, "the book of Mormon is the literal fulfilment of the 29th chapter of Isaiah's prophecy. See also 37th chapter of Ezekiel, and 12th verse of the 8th chapter of Hosea."

We have been presented with a book entitled the "Doctrine and Covenants of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, carefully selected from the revelations of God, and compiled by Joseph Smith, Jr., Oliver Cowdry, Sidney Rigdon, and Frederick G. Williams, presiding Elders of said Church; published at Kirtland, Ohio, 1835." The volume contains articles on Faith, Covenants and Commandments, Priesthood and Calling, Marriage, Government, Laws, &c. It contains a great number of revelations to divers persons. We copy four of them as fair specimens of the whole.

Revelation to Oliver Cowdry, David Whitmer, and Martin Harris, June, 1829, given previous to their viewing the plates containing the book of Mormon :

1. Behold I say unto you, that you must rely upon my word, which if you do, with full purpose of heart, you shall have a view of the plates, and also the breastplate, the sword of Laban, the Urim and Thummim, which were given to the brother of Jared upon the mount, when he talked with the Lord face to face, and the miraculous directors which were given to Lehi while in the wilder

ness, on the borders of the Red Sea; and it is by your faith that you shall obtain a view of them, even by that faith which was had by the prophets of old.

2. And after that you have obtained faith, and have seen them with your eyes, you shall testify of them, by the power of God; and this you shall do that my servant, Joseph Smith, Jr., may not be destroyed, that I may bring about my righteous purposes unto the children of men, in this work. And ye shall testify that you have seen them, even as my servant Joseph Smith, Jr. has seen them, for it is by my power that he has seen them, and it is because he had faith; and he has translated the book, even that part which I have commanded him, and as your Lord and your God liveth it is true.

3. Wherefore, you have received the same power, and the same faith, and the same gift like unto him; and if you do these last commandments of mine, which I have given you, the gates of hell shall not prevail against you; for my grace is sufficient for you: and you shall be lifted up at the last day. And I, Jesus Christ, your Lord and your God, have spoken it unto you, that I might bring about my righteous purposes unto the children of men. Amen.

Revelation to Joseph Smith, Jr., and Sidney Rigdon, given December, 1830.

1. Behold I say unto you, that it is not expedient in me that ye should translate any more until ye shall go to the Ohio; and this because of the enemy and for your sakes. And again, I say unto you, that ye shall not go until ye have preached my gospel in those parts, and have strengthened up the church whithersoever it is found, and more especially in Colesville; for behold they pray unto me in much faith.

2. And again: a commandment I give unto the church, that it is expedient in me that they should assemble together at the Ohio, against the time that my servant Oliver Cowdry shall return unto them. Behold here is wisdom, and let every man choose for himself until I come; even so. Amen.

Revelation given March, 1832,

Verily, thus saith the Lord, unto you, my servant, Stephen Burnett, go ye, go ye, into the world, and preach the gospel to every creature that cometh under the sound of your voice, and inasmuch as you desire a companion, I will give unto you my servant Eden Smith; wherefore, go ye and preach my gospel, whether to the North, or to the South; to the East or to the West, it mattereth not, for ye cannot go amiss; therefore, declare the things which ye have heard and verily believe, and know to be true. Behold this is the will of him who hath called you, your Redeemer, even Jesus Christ. Amen.

Revelation given November, 1834.

1. It is my will that my servant, Warren A. Cowdry, should be appointed and ordained a presiding high priest over my church in

the land of Freedom, and the regions round about, and should preach my everlasting gospel and lift up his voice and warn the people, not only in his own place, but in the adjoining countries, and devote his whole time in this high and holy calling which I now give unto him, seeking diligently the kingdom of heaven and its righteousness, and all things necessary shall be added thereunto; for the laborer is worthy of his hire.

2. And again, verily I say unto you, the coming of the Lord draweth nigh, and it overtaketh the world as a thief in the night; therefore, gird up your loins that you may be the children of the light, and that day shall not overtake you as a thief.

3. And again, verily I say unto you, there was joy in heaven when my servant Warren bowed to my sceptre, and separated himself from the crafts of men: therefore, blessed is my servant Warren, for I will have mercy on him, and notwithstanding the vanity of his heart, I will lift him up inasmuch as he will humble himself before me; and I will give him grace and assurance wherewith_he may stand; and if he continues to be a faithful witness and a light unto the church, I have prepared a crown for him in the mansions of my father: even so. Amen.

Elder Young says that these revelations are received from Heaven by the Prophet of this church, Joseph Smith, Jr.; that they are written down by a scribe, and then delivered to those for whom they are designed.

This people first located themselves in Kirtland, Geauga County, Ohio. A party of them settled in Independence, Jackson County, Mo. whence, the people having become unfriendly towards them, they were driven away, under great sufferings and loss of property. At Kirtland, they have erected a stone temple at an expense of $40,000. It is 80 by 60 feet on the ground, and 50 feet high. The first floor is a place of worship, with four pulpits at each end; each pulpit calculated to hold three persons. These pulpits rise behind and above one another, and are designed for the bishops, priests, teachers, and deacons, according to their rank in office.

Some of this people are found in many of the States in the Union, some in the Canadas, and some in Nova Scotia; but they are most numerous in Ohio and Missouri. The whole number in North America is probably not less than 20,000. Many of them are respectable, and possess considerable wealth.

Elder Young seems to think that revelations from heaven, and miracies wrought, are as necessary now, and as important to the salvation of the present generation, as they were to any generation in any preceding age or period. This appears to be the sum and substance of the Mormon scheme.

The Book of Mormon, and the Doctrine and Covenants of the Church of the LATTER DAY SAINTS, are in possession of the Editor, and may be inspected, either for curiosity or edification.


Statistics of the Presbyterian Church in the United States.

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The above Table is taken from the Minutes of the General Assembly for 1834. In 1835, this church had, in the above States, 24 synods; 120 presbyteries; 1973 ministers; 257 licentiates, and 274,048 communicants. The funds of this church, in 1835, for religious and charitable purposes, amounted to $253,426.

There are some Presbyterian churches in Louisiana, Arkansas, Florida, and in the British Provinces.

The two Presbyteries in New England, are at Londonderry, N. H. and Newburyport, Ms., and are connected with the Synod at Albany, N. Y.

The population in the United States, attached to the Presbyterian form of church government, is supposed to amount to nearly two millions.

For the publications of this church, see Calvinists, note C.

We stated, in the body of this work, page 81, that the Presbyterians "agreed to govern themselves agreeably to the Westminster Confession of Faith," &c. We here give what we consider a summary of that Confession of Faith, and which " every person, ap

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