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Wakefield (Gilbert), dedicates his work
on the Person of Christ to Bishop
Watson, 133.

Watson (Bishop), Anecdotes of the
Life of, written by himself, 124-his
character, 124, 126, 131, 138, 145—
education, 125-academic studies,
ibid. chosen Chemical Professor, 126
-elected Professor of Divinity, ibid.
-the Bible his only guide, 127-
married, ibid. becomes a politician,
ibid. his letter to Lord Granby, 128

his answer to Gibbon, 129-letter
to the Archbishop of Canterbury,
130-made a bishop, ibid.-his scheme
of church reform, 131-letter to
Gilbert Wakefield, 133-his Collec-
tion of Theological Tracts, ibid.-left
an estate by Mr. Luther, 134-great
saving to government from his im-
provement of gunpowder, 135-a

promoter of the Irish Union, ibid.--
his remarks on tithes, 136-desirous
of a repeal of the Test and Corpora-
tion Acts, ibid.-his parting address to
the University, 137-no suitable re-
sidence attached to his bishopric, 138
-his conduct on the regency ques
tion, ibid.-behaviour of the Queen
on this occasion, ibid. ; and of the
Prince of Wales, 139-letter from
the Bishop on the Duke of York's
duel, ibid.--his Tract on Confirmation,
ibid.-opinions on the operation of
the Holy Spirit, 140-his concep-
tions of the changes in society, 141
-letter to Dr. Buchanan on propa-
gating Christianity in India, 142-
commends the improved Version of
the New Testament, 144--extract
from a letter to the Duke of Grafton
on repentance, ibid.-his nonresi-
dence, 150.

White (Kirke), his remarks on Moore's
love poems, 18 note.

William III, latter end of his reign,
184 bis character, 185.
Wilson (Daniel), Sermons, 367.
Witch of Endor, 200.

Wordsworth (W.), remarks on his poetry,


World, political changes in, predicted,

Women, influence of, on manners and

literature, 34-had little effect on
the character among the ancients, 35
-Grecian courtesans, 37- -state of,
among the Romans, 38-their cha-
racter greatly improved by the in-
troduction of Christianity, 41-bene-
fitted by the irruption of the northern
barbarians, ibid.-institution of chi-
valry, 42-warlike ladies, 45-learn-
ed ladies, 46-maintained to be su-
perior to men, 47-their influence on
French literature, 49, 51-and on
English, 49-difference of their in-
fluence in England and in France, 69.

Yates (Mrs.), her Lady Macbeth, 203.
Yates (Rich.), Basis of National Wel

fare considered, in Reference chiefly
to the Prosperity of Britain, and the
Safety of the Church of England, 285,
298, 299.


C. Baldwin, Printer,
New Bridge-street, London.

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