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Gentleman, R., Adresses to youth on various subjects. Kidderminster, 1793. Gilpin, Will., Sermons preached to a country congregation: to which are added

a few hints for Sermons. 2 Vols. London, 1800. Gilpin, Jos., Practical Discourses. Wellington, 1817. Girdlestone, Ch., Twenty parochial Sermons on particular occasions. London,

1836. Gisborne, Th., Serinons. 2 Vols. London, 1804. Glasse, Sam., Fear God, honour the King. A Sermon preached on Sunday, July

15, 1787, in consequence of His Majesty's late Royal proclamation. London,

1787. Griffith, Lord Bishop of Ossory, Eight Sermons, dedicated to the Lord Duke of

Ormond and the Dutchess of Ormond. London, 1664. 4. Haggitt, Geo., Sermons to country congregations. 2 Vols. London, 1800. Hawker, Rob., Sermon, preached in the Parish Church of Charles, Plymouth, on

the festival of St. John the Evangelist, Dec. 27, 1792, before the Lodge of

Unity. Plymouth. Heber, Reg., The personality and office of the Christian Comforter asserted and

explained, in a course of Sermons on John XVI. 7. At the lecture founded

by John Bampton. Oxford, 1816. Henry William Lord Bishop of Chester, Sermon preached on June 1802 in the

Abbey Church Westminster. London, 1802. 4. Heylyn, J., Theological Lectures at Westminster - Abbey; with an interpretation

of the New Testament. 2 Parts. London, 1749. 4. Hinchliffe, Lord Bishop of Peterborough, Sermons. London, 1796. Holmes, W. A., The doctrine of National Covenants, being two act Sermons.

Dublin, 1834. Hook, W. Farquhar, Hear the Church. A Sermon, preached at the Chapel Royal

in St. James Palace. London, 1838. Hopwood, H., Elisha's staff in the hand of Gehazi, and other Sermons. London,

1844. Horne, Geo., Lord Bishop of Norwich, Discourses on several subjects and occa

sions. 5 Vols. London, 1803. Horsley, Sam., Lord Bishop of St. Asaph, Sermons. Dundee, 1811. Sermon preached June 9, 1836 at the yearly meeting of the children of the Cha

rity schools. By John George, Lord Archbishop of Armagh. London, 1836. Jelf, R. W., Sermons, doctrinal and practical, preached abroad. London, 1835.

An inquiry into the means of grace, their mutual connection, and combined use, with especial reference to the Church of England, in eight Sermons preached before the University of Oxford, at the Bampton lecture. Oxford,

1844. Jones, W., Sermons on various subjects and occasions, ed. by the rev. W. H.

Walker. 2 Vols. London, 1830. Jortin, J., Discourses concerning the truth of the Christian religion. London, 1768.

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Irby, P. A., Three Sermons, preached in All Saints Church, Northampton. Lon

don, 1816, 1826 and 1829. Langford, W., The anniversary Sermon of the Royal Humane Society. London,1801. Lloyd, Peirson, Sermons on several occasions, preached in Westminster - Abbey

and St. Margarets, Westminster. London, 1765. Macdonald, W., Sermons on the leading articles of the Christian faith. London,

1824. Maclaine, Arch., Discourses on various subjects, delivered in the English church

at the Hague. London, 1799. Magee, W., Sermons. Dublin, 1797. Malan, C., Le témoignage de Dieu, annoncé dans des sermons, des homélies et

des instructions familières. Paris, 1838. Manning, Owen, Sermons on important subjects. 2 Vols. London, 1812. Mant, Rich., Appeal to the Gospel; in a series of Discourses delivered before the

University of Oxford in the year 1812, at the lecture founded by the late

rev. J. Bampton, Canon of Salisbury. Oxford, 1813. Mathew, Geo., Sermons on various subjects of doctrine and practice. 2 Vols.

London, 1817. Merewether, John, Sermon preached at the festival of the Sons of the Clergy.

London, 1834. 4. Mildert, Will. van, Bishop of Durham, Sermons preached before the hon. Society

of Lincoln's Inn, from the year 1812 to 1819. 2 Vols. Oxford, 1831. Miller, J., Sermons intended to show a sober application of scriptural principles

to the realities of life. Oxford, 1830. Moore, Ch., Sermons selected from his Manuscripts. Published by his son, Ch. ·

Moore. 2 Vols. London, 1818. Morehead, R., Series of Discourses on the principles of religious belief, as con

nected with human happiness and improvement. 2 Vols. Edinburgh, 1819. Mudge, Z., Sermons on different subjects. London, 1739. Noel, Ger. T., Sermons, intended chiefly for the use of families. 2 Vols. London,

1830. Paley, W., Sermons on several subjects. London, 1808. Perceval, A. P., Two Sermons. London, 1843. Pott, Jos. Holden, Course of Sermons for the Lord's day throughout the year.

2 Vols. London, 1817. The Works of the right rev. Beilby Proteus, late Bishop of London, with his Life

by the rev. Robert Hodgson. 6 Vols. London, 1811. Proteus, Beilby, Sermon preached in the Chapel of the Asylum for female orphans, May 19, 1773. London. 4.

Bishop of London, Lectures on the Gospel of St. Matthew. 2 Vols. London, 1802. Randolph, Fr., Sermons, preached at Laura - Chapel, Bath, during the season of

Advent 1799. Bath, 1800.

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Rennell, Th., Sermons on various subjects. London, 1831.
Riddoch, J., Sermons on several subjects and occasions. 3 Vols. London, 1799.
Sermon preached by George Saxby Penfold, October 14, 1804. 4. Manuscript.
Scholl, Ch., Pasteur de l'Eglise française de Londres, Sermons. Londres, 1836.
Scott, John, Practical Discourses upon several subjects. 2 Vols. London, 1700.
Seed, Jer., Discourses on several important subjects. 2 Vols. London, 1752.

Posthumous Works. 2 Parts in 1 Vol. London, 1752.
Shepherd, R., Discourses on a future existence, tending to establish the doctrine

of a recognition of each other. London, 1824. Sherlock, Th., Lord Bishop of London, Several Discourses preached at the Temple

church. 4 Vols. London, 1754–58. Southgate, Rich., Sermons preached to parochial congregation. Edited with a

biographical preface by Geo. Gaskin. 2 Vols. London, 1799. Stanhope, Geo., Twelve Sermons preached on several occasions. London, 1727. Sterne, Laur., Sermons. 7 Vols. London, 1773. Stevens, Rob., Sermons on our duty towards God, our neighbour, and ourselves; and other subjects. London, 1815.

Discourses on the Apostles' Creed. London, 1817. Suinner, Ch. Rich., Lord Bishop of Winchester, The free course of the Word :

a Sermon preached at Windsor Castle. Publ. by His Majesty's Command.

London, 1835. Tillotson, J., Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, Sermons on several subjects and

occasions. 12 Vols. London, 1757. Twenty Discourses on the most important subjects; carefully abridged from the

Works of Archbishop Tillotson. By D. Henry. London, 1763. Todd, J. H., Discourses on the Prophecies relating to Antichrist in the writings

of Daniel and St. Paul. Dublin, 1840. Venn, J., Sermons. 3 Vols. London, 1818. Walker, Rob., Sermons on practical subjects. To which is prefixed a Character

of the author by Hugh Blair. 4 Vols. London, 1799–1806. Warner, R., Sermons on the Epistles or Gospels for the sundays throughout the

year. 2 Vols. Bath, 1817. Way, Lew., Tracts concerning the Jews; and several Sermons. Dublin and

London, 1820-22. Ephraem Syrus, The repentance of Nineveh, a metrical homily on the mission

of Jonah. Translated from the original Syriac with an introduction and

notes by the rev. Henry Burgess. London, 1853. Whichcote, Benj., Works. 4 Vols. London, 1751. Wickes, J. W., Sermons. London, 1801. Sermons selected from the Works of Th. Wilson. 2 Vols. London, 1801. Wordsworth, Chr., Sermons. 2 Vols. London, 1814. Zollikofer, G. J., Sermons. Translated from the German by W. Tooke. 8 Vols.

London, 1807.

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Couard, Chr. L., Predigten über gewöhnliche Perikopen und freie Texte. 3 Bände.

Berlin, 1826--27. Fischer, J. H. L., Predigten für die häusliche Erbauung über sämmtliche Sonn

und Festtags-Evangelien des Jahres. 2 Bände. Schönberg, 1838. Harms, Cl., Sommer- und Winterpostille oder Predigten an den Sonn- und Fest

tagen. 2 Bände. Kiel, 1820. Hossbach, W., Predigten. 2 Bände. Berlin, 1822. Koppe, J. B., Predigten. Göttingen, 1792. Neander, D. Am., Predigten über auserlesene Stellen der Heiligen Schrift.

2 Bände. Berlin, 1826. Niemann, Ed., Predigten. Sammlung 1 und 2. Hannover, 1837–43.

Das Vaterunser, in zehn Predigten. Hannover, 1844. , Die Auferweckung des Lazarus. Predigten über das 11. Capitel des Evangeliums St. Johannis. Hannover, 1847.

Confirmationsrede über 1. Cor. 15, 58. am Sonntage Jubilate. Hannonover, 1844.

Lasset euch niemand verführen mit vergeblichen Worten. Zeitpredigt, gehalten am 19. Sonntage post Trinit. 1848. Hannover, 1848.

Der Herr weint über Jerusalem. Zeitpredigt am Busstage den 18. October, 1848. Hannover, 1848.

Die zehn Gebote in Zeitpredigten, gehalten in der Trinitatiszeit des Jahrs 1849. Hannover, 1850. Petiscus, A. H., Predigten. Berlin, 1812. Petri, L. A., Vom Wort des Lebens. (Neun und dreissig Predigten). Hannover, 1838.

Licht des Lebens. Ein vollständiger Jahrgang von Predigten aus den ordentlichen Evangelien. Nebst sieben Fastenpredigten. Hannover, 1858. Rupstein, J. G. E. Fr., Auswahl von Predigten, in der Königlichen Schlosskirche

zu Hannover gehalten, und nach der Reihenfolge der Sonn- und Feyertage

eines Jahrgangs geordnet. 2 Bände. Hannover, 1832. Sack, Fr. S. G., Predigten. Berlin, 1781. Sack, Fr. F. Ad., Vier Reden und zwei Predigten bei Confirmationen in fürst

lichen Häusern. Berlin, 1820. Schläger, Fr. G. F., Geistliche Amtsreden bei besondern Fällen. 5. Bändchen.

Meineidswarnungen, mit geschichtlichen Bemerkungen über den Eid. Weimar,

1837. Strauss, Fr., Predigten. Berlin, 1825. Theremin, Fr., Predigten. 7 Bände. Berlin, 1829–32. Uhlhorn, G., Predigten. Leipzig, 1854. Walther, C., Gott mit uns! Eine Sammlung von Predigten. Göttingen, 1840. Wedekind, J. H., Schriftlicher Nachlass, bestehend aus Abhandlungen, Predig

ten und Amtsreden; geordnet und herausgegeben von Fr. G. Ferd. Schläger. Hannover, 1844.

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Neun Wahlpredigten, behuf Wiederbesetzung der Secundariatpfarre zu S. S.

Jacobi und Georgii in Hannover von neun Predigern in dieser Kirche gehal

ten. Herausgegeben von H. W. Bödeker. Hannover, 1839. Christus der Weg, die Wahrheit und das Leben. Dreissig Predigten von Pre

digern Schleswig-Holsteins. Herausgegeben von C. W. Brodersen. Itzehoe,

1842. Eine Sammlung von Predigten, gehalten nach dem Tode Sr. Majestät des Königs

Ernst August und bei anderen denkwürdigen Gelegenheiten. In Manuscript.

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Thomas a Kempis, Of the imitation of Christ, in three books, with the Book of Sacrament. Translated from the Latin by J. Payne. London, 1785.

Von der Nachfolge Christi. Nach der lateinischen Urschrift bearbeitet von Fr. A. Koethe. Nürnberg, 1824.

Das Buch von der Nachfolgung Christi, neu übersetzt und herausgegeben von Joh. Mich. Sailer. München, 1825. Imitation de Jésus - Christ. Traduction de M. l'Abbé Dassange. Illustrée par T. Johannot et Cavelier. Paris, 1836. gr. in 8.

Texte encadré, initiales ornés. Companion for the festivals and fasts of the Church of England; with devotions

proper to each solemnity; by a Layman ; revised and corrected by L. How

ard. With engravings. London, 1741. Nelson, Rob., Companion for the festivals and fasts of the Church of England:

with collects and prayers for each solemnity. London, 1782. Disney, Brabazon, Companion to the Psalms of David; in which are inserted

numerous extracts from the Commentary of the late Lord Bishop of Nor

wich. Dublin, 1810. Gother, J., Instructions on the Epistles and Gospels of all the Sundays, moveable

feasts etc. in the year, and of every day in lent. 3 Vols. London, 1809. Contemplations on the Gospels and the acts of the Apostles. Selected from the

Meditations of the late Mrs. Trimmer. London, 1819. The Christian's duty from the Sacred Scriptures: containing all that is necessary

to be believed and practised in order to our eternal salvation. London,

1730. Taylor, Jer., Rule and exercises of holy living: together with prayers, containing the whole duty of a Christian. London, 1727.

Rule and exercises of holy dying. London, 1727. Tilly, W., The acceptable Sacrifice: beeing a full collection of Scripture - devo

tions. Oxford, 1719. Select devotions, for families, for particular persons, for the celebration of the

Holy Eucharist. London, 1785.

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