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I found for the student who has trouble with understanding the concept of the DBT course using Linderman's (1993 worksheets in class) = tell me that this book simplifies what the lecturer is trying to convey. I use this in conjunction Bipolar Affected Disorder for DBT

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stick pins into a voodoo doll? Are you kidding me? Are we in Haiti? This is crazy advice. see page 16

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I know DBT is the gold standard treatment for BPD right now. But I found that this technique worked on symptoms & not really on fixing the core problems. It doesn't teach the person where the dysfunction comes from or any real life skills to improve relationships with self & others. It works all on symptom management, how to cope when a moment of crisis occurs.
With that being said that doesn't mean this book doesn't have good information in it. It just wasn't of much use to me, because I already had good coping skills. This book would be good for someone unable to control their actions caused by severe emotional crisis. Like someone who causes self harm or abuses others. It also addresses the concept of Radical Acceptance, which is a goal we should all reach for, not just those with BPD. But radical acceptance is a huge concept that hard to grasp. It's not something that your going to do just because you read about it in some book.
I'm sure this book could help some people. But it wasn't right for me.

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