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inr-room, and shoved them all in: “In going up to Louise Habermam, he made with you, there! Take it easy! Get a a bow, saying, “ My Fräulein, if you are l'ttle something to eat and drink; they are ready, it is time,” – usually he cailed her not ready yet!”

“ Louise," but to-day he was a groomsman, And the advice was good, for the mar- and must do what was proper. And Fritz riage was delayed a little, because one of Triddelsitz went up to the little assessor, the groomsmen had not yet arrived, namely for she was the other bride's maid, and Fritz Triddelsitz, who at Rudolph's re- Kurz and Rector Baldrian placed themquest had been persuaded to remove the selves as leaders by Rudolph, and when ban from the Nüssler house, and to officiate young Jochen after some delay was shoved in that capacity. At last he came, riding forward, he stood by his Mining, and on up the court on his dapple-gray and in full his other side stood Habermam, for they state, and mingled among the guests with were the two leaders for the bride, - and so much dignity, and bowed right and then the procession moved to carpenter left with so much elegance, that the rec- Schultz's temple of art, where Gottlieb tor's foolish little pupil whispered in stood behind a green and white altar, and Ilerr Süssmann's ear : What a pity that began to read Lining's marriage cere

are all ready, he might have helped mony. us.". Whereupon Herr Sussmann I know very well that a marriage at garded him with a look of compassion, home is not thought much of, and turning to Brasig, who stood at his days all marriages must be celebrated in other side, said, “ Herr Inspector, have church, and I have nothing against it, for I you heard that I am chosen dance-direct- was married in church myself about that or for our fraternity ball, day after to-time, since my wife was a minister's daughmorrow?

ter, and would not have it otherwise; but, Brasig was going to tell him that he as I was saying, at that time this kind of would be a blockhead if he undertook it, marriage ceremony had not been estabfor kurz would discharge him, but he did lished in Mecklenburg by the ecclesiastical not have time to say it, for just then the consistory, and the old modes were still in bridal pair entered the room.

fashion, and children were inarried as their Rudolph was truly a fine looking bride- parents had been. New modes were in groom. Ilis fresh, joyous demeanor was fashion too, as Krischan Schultz said, when hidden, to-day, under a quiet earnestness, he fastened his horse by the tail; but and only the firm resolve under all cir- Gottlieb knew nothing about them, and if cumstances to fight for his wife and him- he had known about them, and had wished self, like an honest fellow, shone in his to fasten his horse in the new mode, Librown eyes.

Yes, he was a handsome ning would not have allowed it; Lining was bride rooin, for when does a man look a married woman, but she would not allow handsoner than when, full of courage and her other half to disgrace himself before lope, he goes out to his first conflict? these rich, stout, stupid Nüsslers, and the Who could blame his mother, the good old Rahn-tadt shopinen and school-boys, or advocate, for going up to him at this that her twin sister should have her marmoment, and kissing him, and stroking his riage feast spoiled by an ecclesiastical conbrown curls, and secretly pulling out his sistory, although she was the most diyruffle a little, from the dress coat, so that nified of pastors' wives, that is, after the people might see it?”.

Frau Pastorin, who was always the nearAnd now Mining! Mining looked, in est. her white satin dress and myrtle wreath, After the ceremony, the two little twinlike a Bauersdorf apple, freshly plucked apples lay in each other's arms, in full, from the tree, and laid in its green leaves untroubled blessedness, and Rudolph emon a silver salver. Fresh and cool outside, braced them both together, and Frau as the ripe fruit, but her heart was glow- Nüssler stood a little aside, looking over ing, and before Gottlieb had uttered a her handkerchief, with her head turned word of the cereinony, there was a pair over our shoulder, as if she were listening betrothed, - confident hope and quiet to something, — possibly the angel's song, Hessedness had joined hands. And frau — and as the stout, rich, stupid Nüsslers Nüssler was crying quietly behind her pressed around, with their congratulations, handkerchief, and saying to Brasig, “Iyoung Jochen stood among them and bowed cannot help it, she is my last, my young to this one and that, as if it were his own est.” And Bräsig looked at her, full of wedding-day over again : “ Uncle Luting, it friendliness, and said, “ Frau Nüssler, con- is my Mining! Cousin Wilhelming, it is trol yourself! It will soon be over; and our little governess! Aunt Zaphie, what

shall we do about it!”. These people, the Frau Pastorin suffered it with crowded up, the men with their bright out thinking any harm ; but when Aunt waistcoats, and gold watch-chains across Zaphie, who had formerly been very their breasts, and the women with whole handsome, and a sort of Venus among the flower-pots on their caps, and some of Nüsslers, gave Rudolph three or four them with dropping eyes, as if the flower-kisses, the little Frau Pastorin was startpots had been watered too plentifully, and led, and when Bräsig approached his lips were running over. And the men and the again, in such a friendly way, she said, women of Jochen's family kissed, alter-“ Brasig, you ought to be ashamed of yournately, Rudolph and Mining, as if before self! What have you particularly to do all things they must be taken into this with me? ” rich, stout, stupid relationship, so that And Bräsig drew back embarrassed, and Kurz at last grew terribly angry, because said, “ Frau Pastorin, don't take it unhe could not reach his new daughter-in- kindly, but my feelings ran away with me,” law, and for once his good old advocate and he brought the Frau Pastorin to agreed with him, because she could not Habermann, saying, “ Karl, you must erreach her own son. And the Rahnstadt change. Louise is my bride's maid, and I dancers also crowded about and wandered am a bachelor, and you and the Frau Pasaround the pair, and what else could they to are both widowers, and that is suitdo ? they could not have their kisses yet; able.” and among

this company stood Fritz Trid- Mining had taken her Rudolph by the delsitz with the little 'assessor, tall and hand, and, when she saw her dearest and slender and imposing, not as a groomsman, oldest friends standing a little on one side, no, as commander of the whole, and be had made various efforts to penetrate the hind him stood the rector's little pupil, sand-bags of stout, rich, stupid Nüsslers, imitating with his short body and black and the wooden palisades of shopmen and woolen stockings all the motions that Fritz school-boys, but without success; but made with his long body and black silk when her brand new husband saw her fustockings. Ile was Fritz's natural shadow, tile manoeuvres, he came to her assistance, that is, at noon-day, when shadows are shoved aside sand-bag No. 1, the rich short.

Uncle Luting, and sand-bag No. 2, the Near by stood two other couples, who witty cousin Wilhelming, grasped the were not crowding up, for they were suf- longest palisade, Fritz Triddelsitz himself, fficiently occupied with themselves, and in the short ribs, and moved him gently to had time to spare ; these were Haber- another place, and neatly sent his pupil. mann and his Louise, and Uncle Brasig shadow after him, and having thus made a and the Frau Pastorin. Louise lay with breach through obstinacy, stupidity and her head on her father's breast, looking tedium, - certainly no easy thing to do, up to him, as if she had been long ill, and he brought his brand new bride to the had been brought out from her couch, for people, who instead of congratulating her the first time, into the free air, and the with Aower-pots, and gay waistcoats and blue sky seemed to say: “ Better days! gold watch-chains, did it with what lies better days !” and her face looked as beneath them, their heads and their hearts. peaceful and happy as the blue sky, and And when Frau Nüssler came up, and sun and moon and stars might wander pressed her children, alternately, to her there, and dew and rain might fall, to re-heart, Rudolph wiped the tears from his fresh and rejoice and enlighten mankind. eyes, and said, “Let us all come out into Close to this pair stood Zachary Brasig, the garden, and be by ourselves a little with his arm round the little Frau Pasto- while.” rin, and his eyebrows elevated, and he And the carpenter, Schultz, who stood blew his nose, and said, “My little Mi- near and heard him, said: “Yes, out with ning! My little goddaughter! How you! All of you, out! We must set the happy she is !” and every time that one tables here !” and he began to shove the of the old, stout Nüsslers gave Mining a rich Nüsslers about as if they were blocks kiss, he bent down to the Frau Pastorin, and lumber. And when our company, and gave her a kiss, as if he must make I say our - had come to the famous arbor, up to this good old lady what the stupid Brasig pointed to the cherry-tree, and said, old people were inflicting upon Mining: “Mining, this tree must be an indicium

You see, because!” as our servant maid, and a token to you, all your life, since Lisette, says, here in Eisenach, when she your future was decided under it, and un. can think of no other reason. And so der ine that time; and since we are talkBrasig kissed the Frau Pastorin, and

ing about tokens, Mining, bring me a blue Then the feast began, and Frau Nissler's larkspur again, there is one !”

little waiting-maids, with their fresh faces And when Mining had gone for it Uncle and three-cornered caps, and white bibBrüsig said, “ Rudolph, have you always aprons, ran about the temple of art, and remembered the blue larkspur? ” And turned and whirled like humming tops, when Rudolph said he had, Bräsig looked for the old waiters with their shabby in his clear eyes, and then examined him black dress-coats, and white neck-ties à le from head to foot, and said, “I believe turkey-cock, and white cotton gloves which you!” and when Mining came back with are always dipping into the gravy, were the flower he said, “ Thank you, ikning! not the fashion then, - and the stout And now I will give you my wedding Nüsslers sat there and ate, as if there were present for it,” and he pulled out an old, a French commissary in their stomachs, thick, black pocket-book from his brown provisioning an army for a Russian camcoat, and rummaged among his old milk paign, and when they had finished the and corn accounts, and took out a withered fricassee they began on the pudding, and flower, saying, "See, my little godchild, when they had disposed of the pudding this is the flower of that time,” -- and he they attacked the roasted pigeons an'l held it towards her with the fresh blossomn, sparrows, and wondered that the pigeons

“and if, after long years, Rudolph can in Mecklenburg were not as large as the look at you with the same clear eyes, and geese, and murmured against providence give you this new flower, then you may because sparrows were not as thick as say, I have been a happy wife.' I have hops, and when the roast meat came, nothing more to say, nothing ! and I have Cousin Wilhelming, the wit of the Nüssler nothing else to give you, nothing at all!" family, stood up and clinked his glass, and and with that he walked away, and our cried, “ Quiet!” three times, and holding company heard bim saying to himself, up his glass said, “ To the health of the “ Nothing at all! but this indicium, Ru- old General Knusemong (que nous aimons), dolph's indicium !” And when they found who has been a very distinguished genhim again, he was walking with his sister eral, and is so to this day!” and with that and his niece Lotting, and the two women he looked towards the young pair, blinkwere caressing and thanking him, because ing with his left eye at Mining, and with he had never forgotten or forsaken them. his right at Rudolph. And Unele Luting

Then Frau Nüssler came up to our com- understand me, the rich Uncle Luting pany : Come children, all is ready. But -stood up expressly for the purpose, and don't take it illl Jochen's family are the said, Wilhelming, you are a devilish most distinguished, and I cannot offend fellow !” And Bräsig said to the Frau Jochen to-day, – he is master for this once, Pastorin, “ Frau Pastorin, I know you are

- they must sit nearest the bridal pair. opposed to the Reform, but I assure you Kurz and his wife, of course, will sit the witty shoemaker in the Reform woulil among them, for, as you say, Frau Pasto- have done it much better!” And Frau rin, they are the nearest, and Gottlieb and Nüssler sat on thorns and thistles, in disLining must also sit there, he as clergy- tress lest Jochen should take it into his man, and she as twin, and Jochen, too, be- head to make a speech; but Jochen recause they are his friends. But we, Frau strained himself, his speeches were not for Pastorin, Karl, Louise, and you, Brasig ! the world at large, they were only for we will sit together at one end, and it the neighborhood, and all he said was, shall be a merry wedding.".

** Wilhelming, fill Luting's glass! Lutiny, “A la bong kör!” said Brasig, “but help Wilhelming!” where is the shopman, Süssmann, I must And when the punch-bowls were placed speak to him about the fraternity ball.” on the table, and the champagne came,

Oh, bless you! the poor fellow is the old Nüsslers looked at the labels, and sitting in the back kitchen; he and Trid- said they had just such in their cellars, and delsitz were performing some kind of an- Fritz Triddelsitz and the Herr Shopmen tics over a heap of pea-straw, and he fell, and the Herr Pupils drank one glass after and something split, and Krischan had to another, losing no time, until the left wing get him Jochen's old blue trousers, and he of the wedding-army became so uproarious will not let himself be seen by daylight, that the little assessor remarked to the but is waiting until evening, when they commander of these light troops, to Fritz will not noticed.”

Triddelsitz, that if they were to attack the " And he wants to be dance-director !” enemy in that condition they would be said Brasig, as he followed our company obliged to retreat, and when Fritz was makto the hall.

‘ing arrangements to withdraw his forces,


then there happened a diversion, for him Then the dancing began. First the and for the whole company. Well, just to Polonaise. Fritz Triddelsitz had the lead think what clever things an ignorant for Hear Süssmann was not yet visible, heast will do sometimes? Banschan, Jo- and what a dance he led them! Throuri chen's B:inschan, our old Banschan was the hall, and through the garden, and sitting with a green wreath about his through the kitchen, and the entry, and neck, and another about his tail, – for the living room and the sleeping rooms, Kriscran the coachman had dressed him and back into the garden again, and into up for the occasion,- on the green and the hall went the procession, until Jochen's white altar, which was behind the bridal stout relations were quite out of breath, pair, and where Gottlieh and Lining had and Bräsig called out to him, why didn't inarried them, and he thrust his dignified he take the barn-yard by the way? And autocratic face between their heads and Jochen Nüssler danced, third couple, with lickel Vining with his tongue, and struck Aunt Zaphie in her flower-pot on one side, Rudolph with his tail, and then licked and Banschan in his wreath on the other, Rudolph, and struck Mining. And when and he looked between them like a pearl he had done this, the old fellow settled in a golden setting, or an ass between two down again upon the altar with the great-bundles of hay. And when the Polonaise est dignity, looking as if he were well con- was over, David Berger played the slowest tented with the whole affair, but meant to of waltzes, “ Thou, thou reign'st in this sit there a little longer, for his own pleas-bosom, There, there, hast thou thy throne," ure. Jochen sprang up: “ Banschan, for and another band answered out of the disshame! Down with you!” But Uncle tance : “ (ur cat has nine kits," and as he Brasig sprang up also, saying; “Jochen, played on : “Speak, speak, Love, I implore do you treat your best friend like that, on thee! Say, say, hope shall be mine!”this solemn occasion?” and turning to came the answer from the distance : “ So. Pastor Gottlieb, he added : “ Herr Pastor, and daughter, Into the water !” -- and so let Ban chan alone! When the beast on, for Frau Nüssler had given order3 shows his affection, here on this Christian that there should be dancing in the midsaltar, the beast knows something that we cellar also, and there sat old Hartloff, with don't. And Banschan is a clever dog! I his one eye, and Wichmann the joiner, and kuow it; for when I heard about the love- Rubrdanz the weaver, and all the rest; affairs, up in the cherry-tree, he heard them and Hartloff had helped them all to a good from below, for he was lying in the arbor, drink, and told them not to be discouraged, under the bench. Herr Pastor, this Ban- they could cope with such a city band as schan is certainly a marriage witness, for that, any day, and so they did their best, he was there when they were betrothed." and Krischan the coachman kept them

Gottlieb turned pale at the scandalous supplied with liquor. And when the fun idea, bit did not break out into a sermon was at its height, Rudolph and Mining this time, for there was suddenly a hum- came into the milk-cellar, and Mining ming and buzzing, as of a swarm of bees; danced with Krischan, and Rudolph with ererybody had risen, and began to remove the cook, and the bailiff got up a hurrah chairs and tables,—“Out! out !" cried car- for the married pair, and Hartloff fiddled penter Schultz,— and dishes and platters, so madly that Ruhrdanz tried in vain to and the rector's youngest pupil tumbled keep up with him on the clarionet, and down with a great pile of Frau Nüssler's finally gave up in despair. And when the china plates, and the fragments clattered bridal pair had gone, Krischan stood bethrough the hall, and he stood looking at hind the door with the cook, arguing the his work, and feeling in his vest-pocket for matter. treasures which were as much concealed “ Dürt, what must be, must." from his own eyes as from those of other “Eh, Krischan, what do you want?" people, and as Frau Nüssler passed by and “ Dürt, we are a bridal pair too, and saw the performance he turned very red, what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the and said he would gladly pay for them, gander; we must show ourselves on this but he hadn't so much by hiin. And Frau occasion, they cannot take it ill of us.” Nüssler patted) him kindly on the shoul- And Dürt said it was very disagreeable der and said, “Oh, nonsense! But you to her, and, if she must do it, she would must be punished !” and she took him by rather dance with Inspector Brasiy, for she the hand and led him to Brasig's niece knew him; and Krischan said, for all he Lotting, and said, “You shall dance out cared, and he would dance with the Frau. my plates here, this evening.” And he And nobody thought it anything out of paid his debt honestly.

the way, in the temple of art, when Krischan stood up with Frau Nüszler and the square rood, and if the rich Uncle Erä -ig with Dürt, and danced as merrily Brasig could help them with a few thalers, as the rest. So it was, in those times, and perhaps he might marry the lovely blue 'tis a pity it is so no longer,- at least not eyes and the golden ha'r which looked up in many places. Great joy and profound to him so joyously, and in the confusion grief bring high and low together: why of the dance got entangled in his black should a master who wishes his laborers to coat, which was about one third paid for mourn at his funeral not share his pleasures at Kurz's shop. I only know that the only with them also ?

unhappy being, in the whole company, It was a joyful occasion, and I could not was Herr Süssmann, and he only when his possibly describe the pleasure which filled eyes happened to fall upon Jochen’s old every heart, as the young feet danced blue trousers. merrily about, and hands silently pressed Yes, it was a joyful occasion ; but everyeach other. I only know that Fritz Trid- thing has its end; the little fairies and delsitz stood there as commander-in-chief, the shopinen and school-boys and the and that the little as essor at his side dancers, and David Berger with the musivery often blushed, and after the dance cians, drove off home,- the old people ran to Louise, as if to seek her protection. had gone before,- and Jochen placed himI only know that the little pupil got self at the head of his relations, and knocked over several times, in the dance, showed them to their quarters, and Frau because he was lost in arithmetical calcu- Nüssler took the ladies to their rooms, lations, how he, when his predecessor and every married lady had her nice bed; came to be sexton, and he should be ap- but the ummarried ones, with Aunt Zaphie pointed school-master, might live with the at their head, had to sleep in the great greatest economy, and rent a bit of potato- blue room, en table d'hô'e. land from the shoemaker at four shillings

THE TREATY OF WASHINGTON.- The settle- The Red Pipe-stone Quarry (America). ment of the outstanding disputes between the Dr. Hayden, in a work recently reviewed, gives Gorernments of this country and the United the following description of the above, which States that has now been arrived at, -will be Mr. G. A. Lebour thinks may be of interest memorable as a precedent. It is an attempt to as it unquestionably is — to every reader of determine international questions by the machin- " Hiawatha":- “ On reaching the source of ery of legislation and tribunals. The same means the Pipe-stone Creek, in the valley of which the that have proved successful in removing anarchy pipe-stone bed is located, I was surprised to see from among individuals are now tried, on an ex- how inconspicuous a place it is. A single tensive scale, to prevent international anarchy. glance at the red quartzites here assured me The Treaty of Washington will, therefore, be re- that these rocks were of the same age as those membered in history, not so much for the actual before mentioned at James and Vermilion Riv. terms of settlement, as because it inaugurates in ers, and at Sioux Falls. The layer of pipe-stone a most complicated case a new and better way of is about the lowest rock that can be seen. It dealing with international difficulties. When we rests upon a grey quartzite, and there are about contrast this peaceful solution with the costly five feet of the same grey quartzite above it, and bloody war between Prussia and France, we which has to be removed with great labour becannot but congratulate ourselves on the ad- fore the pipe-stone can be secured. . . . . The vance that this country and America have made pipe-stone layer, as seen at this point, is about in the direction of universal peace. The Joint eleven inches in thickness, only about two inches High Commission has exereised what is the only and a quarter of which are used for manufacpossible substitute for legislation – an agree- turing pipes and other ornaments. The rement between the parties as to the rules of con- mainder is too impure, slaty, fragile, &c. This duct by which they shall be bound, and a tri- rock possesses almost every colour and texture, bunal to determine all contested cases. The from a light cream colour 18 a deep red, depen 1Alabama qnestion is dealt with in that way; ing upon the amount of protoxide of iron. Some the rules affecting the responsibility of this portions of it are soft, with a soupy feel, like country are laid down, or they will be applied steatite, others slaty, breaking into thin Azkes, by a tribunal of arbitrators, of whom one each others mottled with red and grey.'. . . . There will be appointed by the President and the Queen, are indications of an unusual amount of labour and the other three by the King of Italy, the on the part of the Indians in former years to Emperor of Brazil, and the President of Switz- secure the precious material.” It is remarkable erland respectively.

Examiner. that its age is not yet settled.

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