Bulletin of the Philosophical Society of Washington, Volume 15

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co-operation of the Smithsonian Institution, 1913 - Science
Vols. 6-12 include the Proceedings of the society's Mathematical Section, 1883-1892.

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Page 102 - And so these men of Indostan Disputed loud and long, Each in his own opinion Exceeding stiff and strong, Though each was partly in the right, And all were in the wrong!
Page 102 - It was six men of Indostan To learning much inclined, Who went to see the Elephant (Though all of them were blind), That each by observation Might satisfy his mind. The FIRST approached the Elephant, And happening to fall Against his broad and sturdy side, At once began to bawl: "God bless me; but the Elephant Is very like a wall!
Page 163 - ... round her burn, And all the planets in their turn, Confirm the tidings as they roll, And spread the truth from pole to pole. What though, in solemn silence, all Move round the dark terrestrial ball; What though no real voice nor sound Amid their radiant orbs be found ; In reason's ear they all rejoice, And utter forth a glorious voice ; Forever singing as they shine, The hand that made us is divine.
Page 117 - It has been truly said that the " seeds of great discoveries are constantly floating around us, but they only take root in minds well prepared to receive them.
Page 116 - On two occasions I have been asked, — "Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?
Page 17 - I have thus far had only a purely scientific interest in the results of these labors. Perhaps if it could have been foreseen at the outset how much labor there was to be, how much of life would be given to it, and how much care, I might have hesitated to enter upon it at all. And now reward must be looked for, if reward there be, in the knowledge that I have done the best I could in a difficult task, with results which it may be hoped will be useful to others.
Page 151 - Pacific, which, by half a century of unequaled progress in the arts of life, has made an important contribution to evolutionary science through demonstrating the falsity of the theory that the most ancient races are doomed to be left in the rear of the advancing age — in a word, from every great center of intellectual activity on the globe I see before me eminent representatives of that world advance in knowledge which we have met to celebrate.
Page 16 - I have spoken regarding the group of great leaders in industrial enterprise at Pittsburg, and the name of one of them was now commemorated in the preface of Langley's "Experiments in Aerodynamics," as follows : "If there prove to be anything of permanent value in these investigations, I desire that they may be remembered in connection with the name of the late William Thaw, whose generosity provided the principal means for them.
Page 19 - Carolina, was signally successful. A half dozen or more papers illustrating the various advances made in the study of the spectrum were also issued about this time. The building of the large aerodrome and of models to aid in its construction was rapidly being pushed ahead. Since the successful flight of the first aerodrome in 1896, a further possibility of increased power with comparative lightness had come with the employment of the gas engine, and this was experimented upon with a view to determining...
Page 25 - I have been able to faintly trace the lines of a great mind and a great soul, one that left a powerful impress upon the knowledge and thinking of the country in which he was born and the time in which he lived, and his name and his fame are bound to be handed down through all posterity. Yet he valued these labors and the results which sprung from them but little when compared with the affection of his kin and of his friends — affections not many in number nor easily obtained, for he was, as I have...

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