A Catalogue of a Valuable and Extensive Collection of Books; Containing Many Rare and Curious Articles, in the Finest Preservation ... Selling ... by Shepperson and Reynolds, ... 1788

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1788 - 236 pages

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Page 103 - Hiftory of Modern Europe, with an Account of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ; and a View of the Progrefs of Society, from the Rife of the Modern Kingdoms to the Peace of Paris in 1763. 5 vols.
Page 87 - A Philofophical and Political Hiftory of the Settlements and Trade of the Europeans in the Eaft and Weft Indiei^ tranflated from the French of the Abb* Reynall. By J. Juf amend, MA A new Edition carefully revifed, in 5 vols. 8vo. and illuftrated with Maps. 1 1. io«.
Page 45 - America, willing to help mend his native country, lamentably tattered, both in the upper leather and sole, with all the honest stitches he can take.
Page 33 - Topogruphicum et Historicum ; An Alphabetical Description of the chief Places in England and Wales; with an Account of the most memorable Events which have distinguished them. By the celebrated Antiquary WILLIAM LAMBARDE, formerly of Lincoln's Inn, Esq. and Author of
Page 84 - The Roman Hiftory, from the building of Rome to the ruin of the Commonwealth; illuftrated w.ith maps and other plates.
Page 233 - A Catalogue of the Lords, Knights, and Gentlemen that have compounded for their Estates.
Page 94 - A view of society and manners in France, Switzerland and Germany, 2 vol...
Page 99 - Praeceptor ; containing a general Courfe of Education ; wherein the firft Principles of Polite Learning are laid down in a Way moft fuitable for trying the Genius, and advancing the Inftruftion of Youth : In Twelve Parts, vi2.
Page 64 - Historical View of the Négociations between the Courts of England, France, and Brussels, from 1592 to 1617.
Page 28 - Cook's Voyage to the South Pole and round the World, in 1772, 3, 4, 5, with fine plates, 2 vol.

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