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Daniel. Quot homines tot sententiæ.
Martin. And what is that?
Daniel 'Tis Greek, and argues difference of opinion.

John Woodvil.

Rebised Boltion.



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In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York.

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Stereotypod and printed by BILLIN & BROTUERA, No. 20 North William-street, N. Y.

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THE tale related in the following pages refers to a period in the history of Maryland, which has heretofore been involved in great obscurity,-many of the most important records connected with it having been lost to public inspection in forgotten repositories, where they have crumbled away under the touch of time. To the persevering research of the accomplished Librarian of the State-a gentleman whose dauntless antiquarian zeal and liberal scholarship are only surpassed by the enlightened judgment with which he discharges the functions of his officewe are indebted for the rescue of the remnant of these memorials of by-gone days, from the oblivion to which the carelessness of former generations had consigned them. Many were irrecoverable; and it was the fate of the gentleman referred to, to see them fall into dust at the moment that the long estranged light first glanced upon

To some of those which have been saved from this wreck, the author is indebted for no small portion of the materials of his story. In his endeavor to illustrate these passages in the annals of the state, it is proper for him to

upon them.

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