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Sanborn, Carter & Bazin, 1856 - 384 pages

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Page 155 - We wage no war, — we lift no arm, — we fling no torch within The fire-damps of the quaking mine beneath your soil of sin ; We leave ye with your bondmen, to wrestle, while ye can, With the strong upward tendencies and godlike soul of man ! But for us and for our children, the vow which we have given For freedom and humanity is registered in heaven ; No slave-hunt in our borders, — no pirate on our strand ! No fetters in the Bay State, — no slave upon our land!
Page 162 - Gone, gone, — sold and gone, To the rice-swamp dank and lone, From Virginia's hills and waters, — Woe is me, my stolen daughters ! Gone, gone, — sold and gone, To the rice-swamp dank and lone.
Page 345 - ANOTHER hand is beckoning us, Another call is given ; And glows once more with Angel-steps The path which reaches Heaven. Our young and gentle friend, whose smile Made brighter summer hours, Amid the frosts of autumn time Has left us with the flowers. No paling of the cheek of bloom Forewarned us of decay ; No shadow from the Silent Land Fell round our sister's way. The light of her young life went down, As sinks behind the hill The glory of a setting star, — Clear, suddenly, and still.
Page 310 - Where pity dwells, the peace of God is there ; To worship rightly is to love each other, Each smile a hymn, each kindly deed a prayer. Follow with reverent steps the great example Of Him whose holy work was " doing good " ; So shall the wide earth seem our Father's temple, Each loving life a psalm of gratitude.
Page 85 - Which of ye, worthy seamen, will take this Quaker maid ? In the Isle of fair Barbadoes, or on Virginia's shore, You may hold her at a higher price than Indian girl or Moor.
Page 304 - Through this dark and stormy night Faith beholds a feeble light Up the blackness streaking ; Knowing God's own time is best, In a patient hope I rest For the full day-breaking...
Page 310 - He asks no taper lights, on high surrounding The priestly altar and the saintly grave, No dolorous chant nor organ music sounding, Nor incense clouding up the twilight nave. For He whom Jesus loved hath truly spoken: The holier worship which He deigns to bless Restores the lost, and binds the spirit broken, And feeds the widow and the fatherless!
Page 303 - Give me joy that in his name I can bear, with patient frame, All these vain ones offer: While for them he suffereth long. Shall I answer wrong with wrong. Scoffing with the scoffer? " Happier I, with loss of all, Hunted, outlawed, held in thrall, With few friends to greet me, Than when reeve and squire were seen...
Page 73 - STREAM of my fathers ! sweetly still The sunset rays thy valley fill ; Poured slantwise down the long defile, Wave, wood, and spire beneath them smile. I see the winding Powow fold The green hill in its belt of gold, And following down its wavy line, Its sparkling waters blend with thine.
Page 345 - The blessing of her quiet life Fell on us like the dew ; And good thoughts, where her footsteps pressed, Like fairy blossoms grew. Sweet promptings unto kindest deeds Were in her very look ; We read her face, as one who reads A true and holy book : The measure of a blessed hymn To which our hearts could move ; The breathing of an inward psalm ; A canticle of love.

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