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The Union Man
Like a Thousand of Brick
E Pluribus Unum
Our Country
Columbia, the home of che World
Star Spangled Banner
Marseilles Hymn of Liberty
God bless America
Sons of Freemen arise
The American Sword
The Federal Constitution
Lend your Aid
Patriotic Song for the Fourth of July
Independence and Union
Independence Day
Oh! spare the glorious Eagle
Come, strike the bold Anthem
The Union our Song
“Of Old, sat Freedom on the Heights”
Our Country's Flag
Hail Columbia .
The Gallant Yankee General
The Realm of the West
A Song for the Union
The Constitution and the Union

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Air-A Wet Sheet and a Flowing Sea.

Oh! Freemen, shall our own loved land

Bow 'neath foul Treason's guns ? And Columbia's honour'd flag pulled down

By Freedom's own born.sons ;
Stand by our Union! let us stand,

And cursed be ho that mars,
Stand hand in hand, as brothers, with
Our Thirty-four bright stars.

Stand by our Union, &c. Let's spurn the traitors North or South

Who'd aid in Treason's plot,
Or from our Union's glorious flag

One star would dare to blot.
Let's spurn fanatics now whose tongues

Do nought but threat and teach,
Ob! bid them cease their fiery slang,
But still respect- Free Speech.
Stand by our Union, &c.


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Extremists and Secederg-hold,

And hang your heads with shame; Think what our fathers did of old,

And Treason's plot disclaim. Remember what great Jackson said,

And with us strain each nerye, Our Federal Union boldly say, We'll fearlessly preserve.

Stand by our Union, &c. Send men to Congress now to work

As public servants should,
Whose actions louder speak than words,

And for our country's good.
Keep ranting orators at home,
They only

agitate, We've souls as pure, as days of yore, To guard our ship of state.

Stand by our Union, &o.

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(Inserted by permission of Coulston, Publisher of Music, 147

North Eighth Street.]

In oppression's dark hour, ere our patriot sires

Had poured out their blood for their homes, And with faith in the cause of their holy desires,

Had strewed glorious fields with their bones ; United as one to the rescue they flew

No section that hero band own, 'Twas “comrade,”'twas “brother,'-hearts noble

and true! 'Twas right, 'gainst the might of a throne!

Grorus.—They rear'd the proud standard defiant

on highWhile each bold freeman's voice in a

shout rent the sky! To the rescue, ye brave, or a true

patriot's graveOur birthright to save, for the Union

we'll die.

No sectional cry, or vain party strife

'Twas Union our Liberty won ! Undaunted and firm; nor reck'd they for life

'Twas the cause of the sire and the son ! Shall the shade of the brave who toil'd for the

prizeFor the boon we have lived to enjoyShall the spirit fraternal refulgent in skies

View its wisdom disdained as a toy ! CHORUS.—No! rear the proud standard defiant

on highWhile each true freeman's voice in a

shout rends the sky, To the rescue, ye brave, or a bold

warrior's gravem Our birthright to save, for the Union

we'll die!

High in air bear the banner, “The Union or

death" Inscribed on each star of its fold! With “Union forever" let each patriot breath

Shout for Freedom unpurchased by gold ! Accursed be the vile craven heart that would sever

The compact of true royal blood,

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