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AM travelling from friend to friend. A Dr. W.accidents ally called at the house of my kind host Mr. G. yesterday, and hearing some one address me by name, he evinced much pleasure, said he had no time to lose, that he had long wished an interview with me, and if I would indulge him with permission to ask a few questions, not to gratify an idle curiosity, but in the hope of obtaining truth, I should confer upon him an important obligation.

You will not doubt that my readiness to hear corresponded with his wishes to question, and he proceeded to request my ideas of the new birth, which I delineated precisely as the word of God, from whence I have received my sentiments, describes it.

I found I was speaking to a candid, sensible man, who, equally surprised and satisfied with what he heard, proceeded to ask a variety of pertinent questions, to which, as he assured me, I was enabled to give satisfactory answers. He heard me with great attention until the bell summoned us to church, where I delivered my sentiments upon the eighth verse of the eighty-fifth Psalm :

“I will hear what God the Lord will speak : for he will speak peace unto his people, and to his saints: but let them not turn again to folly."

I firmly believe God sent this gentleman to this place, that he might obtain the knowledge of salvation. I never saw a more striking instance. He passed the night with me, and hath parted with me this morning, full of gratitude to that Divine Being, who hath brought him into an acquaintance with his grace and truth, while his soothing expressions of affectionate regard to me, as the

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instrument, were abundant. I think he has gone home as fully convinced of the truth as it is in Jesus, as I myself am. How truly consolatory are such instances! How doth my soul rejoice, as often as they occur, as often as I can behold my fellow men feeding upon the bread of life!

I have been interested in an account given by a friend, who had placed his son with an uncle who was not very friendly to what they denominate my principles. The good gentleman was in the habit of taking his family to church on the Sabbath ; and on Sunday morning, the child, about twelve years of age, was ordered to get ready to attend with the rest. He sighed deeply, and discovered manifest reluctance—“Come, my boy," said the uncle, “ why do you not get ready ?"_“Why, Sir, I would rather not go."_“Why so, pray?-_“I believe what they call Mr. Murray's doctrine, Sir."“ You do! Pray what have you to do with Mr. Murray's doctrine?" - Why, Sir, I think it is God's word, I read it all in the Bible.”“ Well, suppose it is, why should that discourage you from going to meeting?"_“ Why, Sir, it makes me feel bad, when I hear the minister telling the people the word of God is a lie.”—“Why, you young rogue, you never heard any minister say so.”_" But, Sir, they say our Saviour is not the Saviour of all men, and God


he is, and that is saying the word of God is a lie.”—“Well, my boy, if you stay with me, you must go to meeting.”—“If you insist upon it, Sir, I must ; but I am sure, Sir, you would not like to go yourself if you loved God.”—“ Why so, pray?”—“Because, Sir, if you loved God you would not like to hear so much bad said of him.". The observations of this child were impressed upon the mind of the uncle, he could not erase them, and happening to be in this town on business, he has attended the ministry of reconciliation, and has been so fully convinced of the truth, that he attended me home to my lodgings, communicated many particulars relative to the exercise of his mind, repeated this story of his nephew, and confessed himself fully established in the truth.

This same child seems to be an early observer of, and proficient in, the truth. When he was but ten years of age, reading one of Watts' hymns, he said to his mother, who was much of a bigot, “ Mama, I never saw the like."-" The like of what ? Why, some part of this hymn says, that all mankind are saved, and the rest talks of damnation.”-This originated the first question in the mind of his parent. She struggled with conviction, but it forcibly

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