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Assertions of Maurice Faulknor.

Shepherd's malalıinistration is master of St Juin's:

D.Tcrent character of Dr Still, his successor

Nes statutes given to St John's

Bater's criticism on two of their main features

B.] broaght into Parliament to prevent the buying and selling

of fellowships and scholarships

Euleth reliscs her assent to the measure

Tepecsentations on the subject made by Whitgift to Burghley

At in relation to these practices passed in 1589

Trzi ty College and Westminster School

be Watminster monopoly

PS of Trinity College to Cecil, June, 1569.

The zierance partially rcalressed but only for a few ycars

List elected to the see of Worcester

lle rec-mmeoils llow land as his successor at Trinity

:: ns appainted at Trinity and Ilowland at St John's

skilt to Burghley on the occasion

1!. t stimoniy to the good effects of Whitgift's rulo

!! . cemium apparently justified by the facts .

's influence in attracting the sons of noble families to

the college

1..1! as an administrator

He escoarges beneficed fellows to reside at tho college rather

tian at their cures

The practice censured by the Puritan party

Cansizlt's description of some of the fellows .

*...!! defends the practico.

His rie at Trinity favorable to the maintenance of order

1. ereception of his duty as defined by himself

tesg with wbich bis departure was regarded by many at


rastanees of his departure from the university

"ven might have been better spared

... in the university after his departuro

Dl's testimony to the absenco of non-compliers

Lot of Gabriel llarvey .

created lig the Roman Catholic agitation

1- and Campian .

Les at Rheims


ee ederts resulting from tho diminished attention to

demical controsorry.

ce of allairs at (ambridgo for more favorable than that

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Puritanism in tho nscendant at tho lattor university

Abscrtion of Anthony Wood

This corroborated by Whitgist and by Giordano Bruno




Strassburg, Heidelberg, Leyden, and Paris


Eviilence of a growing spirit of independence at Cambridge

Impaticnco manifested in the university at roosal nominations

Case of llenry Copinger at Magdalene Collego

Character of his successor, Degory Nicholt

Caso of Booth, a nominee of Burghley at Corpus Christi

Dr Norgate's letters to Burghley

Booth declincs the ordeal of an examination

Remonstrance addressed to Burghley by the university on

the evils resulting from the practico

Dr Perne refuses to admit a royal nominee at Peterhouso .

The same society refuses to elect John Tenison

Renewed activity of the Puritan party

Proposal to print Cartwright's translation of Travers' Disciplina

in England . .


Hostility of the Stationers' Company

Thomas Thomas appointed university printer

Interference of the Stationers' Company

Remonstrances of the university

Their letter to Burghley

John Aylmer, bishop of London

llis conduct in relation to the Puritan press

llo concurs with the Stationers' Company in urging Burghley

to suppress the Cambridge press

Burghley's cautious rejoinder

Attitude of the university

Burghley finally sanctions the establishment of the university

press .

Reviving spirit of the Puritan party at Cambridgo
Increasing importance of the questions raised by tho party
Influence still exercised by thom in the university
Motives wliereby many of their opponents wero at this tinic


Richard Greenham

llis pupil, ROBERT BROWSE

Brownie's career at Cambrid,o

llo rctires to Vorwich

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Tigether with Robert Ilarrison of Corpus, ho leaves England

for Middelberg
Dieecnsions among their followers
Jons Suitst
Driesensiors among his followers at Amsterdam
The tendencies of Separatism afford a sccming justification of

the policy of Whitgift
A new translation of the Disciplina printed at tho university

press Travers a favorito of Lord Burghley llis general reputation Ilis relation to Whitgift

llis symmthics with the Generan reformers Sign Scance of the appearance of this new version of the Dis

ciplina Cambridge
Thiegi's letter to Burylley on the appearance of the volumo
The Mastership of the Temple.

Rx hard Alrey
Whattt dissuades Burghley from appointing Travors to

the post
Arpintment of Richard Hooker
urts of both universities to obtain representatives in Parlia-

ment. Petition to l'arliament to allow fellowships at colleges to be held

for the purpose of moro protracted study The ser que al impliol the endowmont of re-carch

pe weutuing to the views of the bishops. Raciter opinion . . This unwalified condemnation of the proposal, chicfly on the

Eroand that it would be prejudicial to the study of

Comelesion to which their objections would seem to point .
Permanent euasequences of the rejection of the proposal

lis attachment to the college and to the university
lle is accused by Elizabeth of designing to found a Puritan

College .
Giret mstances that might tend t justify the suspicion
The wriginal statutes of the society.
Preletence given to natives of Exsex and Northanipton
General design of the college
15. l'unlin character .
Emiscut l'urit.ına olucated at the collego

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ih. 320

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llabitual disregard shown by the society for tho dinciplino

of the Established Church
Lengthonod cxclusion of thic collego from tho academic

cyclo' .
Iligh reputation of socioly during the Commonwealth
Sir Wiltor concurs with tho bishops in wishing to dim

courago long residenco at college on the part of tho

The statuto de Mora Sociorum
Arguments advanced by Laurence Chaderton against its

Subscquent history of the statuto
Conditions eventually attached to tho tenure of college

fellowships in general
Tho results
Sermon by John Smith of Christ's aguinst the performance of

plays on Sunday evenings The universities combine to protect their presses against the

piracy of the London Stationers Tuosas T1018.

llis Latin Dictionary

lle publishes the Ilarmonia Confessionum Tho last clection of one who was not a llcall to the vice-chan.

Dr Copcot, master of Corpus Christi
WILLIAM WHITAKER, master of St John's

llis sympathy with tlio Puritan party .
lle tries to expel Everard Digby from his fellowship at St

Meetings of l'uritan leaders at St John's in order to reviso

the Disciplina
Question of Whitaker's complicity in thcso meetings dis-

cussel by Baker
Whitaker's reputation as a controversial writer
Tho predominant theology at Cambriilgo in the latter part of

the sixteenth century eminently Calvinistic
Doctrino anel discipline
Opposing views of the two divinity professors
Puter Baro
lliy character as a thcologian
William Barret.
llis sermon al clerum, Easter, 1595

This tho occision of the Lambeth Irticles .
Burrct is cited locfoorc tho vice-chancellor and llcads

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llo is induced to make a public rocantation

328 Ilis enemics are dissatisficd with bis recantation and hic in again citaal

ib. Ile appeals to Whitgilt

ili. lle complains of the injustice of his persecution

329 Ile had been accused of attributing blasphemy to Beza ib. TADBORE BEZA .

330 The Cuter Dese:

ih. Whegist's transcript of the Codes


331 llis writings against the Puritans

3:32 Euth Bancroft and Whitgist assume a less deferential attitudo towarıls Beza

ib. Bartet avails himself of this chanze in Whitgir's views and is to some extent defended by him.

ill. The vice-cliancellor and Ilculs vindicato their proceedings is

Whitzit . They alice that their efforts towards the repression of heterodoxy had been attended with success in the university .

334 Tit's repoly: he accuses tho univer-ity of ingratitudo . ib. lle anserin his rizlit of interference au granted by the Crown,

bat denies that the Ilcals have power to decido in
questions of doctrino.

335 Tie creulptos himself with regard to Barret lle berays his cutisciousness that Barret's doctrine could not bo

rempiled with that then professol by the English Church ib. roodact Robert Simo

ib. I!: ert attack on Wlitgift

336 S's resentment .

ib. Ientes tactics of the acaulemic authorities Lokey endeavours to bring about an understanding

337 Larrt is summoned by Whitgift to London and conscnts to read a second recantation


ib. of Whitaker ".retemporary and subscqucnt reputation I ad of Dr P'erne

ib. I's career and character lors on behalf of the university library

342 > D-lehaw's account of the library at this period

343-5 E of John Overall to the legius professorship .

343 of Ruburd Clayton to the mastership of St John's

a sugal nominec 1. >ments as a master



339 340






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