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2; decms it prudent to leave Cam-
Aberdeen, university of, foundation bridge, 16 ; introdneed to Con-

of, 361; coileges of, ib.; constitution rocation by Cromwell, ib.; takes
of, ib.; recunstitution of, 367

part in its discussions, ib.; bis info.
Absence, leave of, to master of Trinity, ence on these discussions, 17, n. 1;
139; to fellows of Trinity, 143

appointed professor of theology st
Abstract, An, etc., quoted with reler. Leipzig, 101; meets with Carlinit

ence to proceedingy in the schools in Giermany, 11-; one of the eariksi
prior to admission to degrees, 4:27: students at St Leonard's College,
sec also Appendix (G).

Academiix, Tractatus de, assigned to Albericns Gentilis, revires the stoiso!
Dr Cains, not by him, 161, n. 2

the civil law at Oxford, 125
Accorambonus, professor of the civil Aleinti, reforms the study of the civil
law at Padua, 57

law, 12.5; his two orations a: Po-
Accursins. Fr., civilian, his want of na, 12%; his writings stu lied his Sur
classical learning, 129

T. Smith, 130; Aldrich, ko. (maslet
Ackworth, Geo., public orator, delivers of Corpus Christi), pues over to the

an address on occasion of the resto. Puritan party, 216; formally co-
ration of Ducer and Fagius to their sunil by Burrhley, ib. ; resigns luis
university Jionours, 1N?

Ina-ur-lein. ib.; deprived of his
Act, of l'arliament, for the Mainten. ennonry, 201

ances of colleges, son Smith, Sir Alexander, Peter, compi!ra a new col.
Tho.; reference of Whitgift to ope. lection of Sentences, 103
ration of, fil; of 13 Eliz., 377; of All Soul, Oxíonil, dewi med to be the
18 Eliz, ib.; of 1.57), for repression law college of the university, 13.1, n.
of abuses in elections to fellowships, 3; only two falous at, in potrt's

ories, cire. 172, 27; Whitin
Adams, Jo., esquiro belell, reports the propame a new cul for, *3

return of Northumberland to Cam. Allen, W., D.l., of Orel, Orlaril,
bridge, 118; death of, 1.51

owns a house for en l-h Catholics
Admission, to degree of B.A. in reisn nt Douay, 231

of Edward vi, 88; soc Buchelors oj Alulori, uuiserwily of, origin of, 110,

n. 2
Ainsworth, Ralp, master of Peter. Alvry, Ilon, f. of St John's, hind mm.

house, his description of the town tre of Trinity Colle, Dublin, 336;
nuthorities, 1; displaced at acces.

L'uritanical views of, ih.
sion of queen Mary, 151)

Alicy, Ki., na tip of the Temple, :
Alane, Alex., virit* Cambridge, 14 ; in flow of St John's, 30.;

appointed King's scholar,' 16 ; lrc. Amex, W., f. of Christ, lisa Rama's
tures on the Scripturis, ib. ; entira 1.wir, 111; A pupil of Birkin, 610;
Queens' College, ib.; circumstances no funcil of, to wiar the murpilee, 16.;
of his previous carrer, ib.; lin ja 11. miruwon bv, nitinet the line prue.
sion from Cronwell pot piil, ill. ; turul nt Christine tine in the uni.
Opportion offered to his teaching Pernily,11: : comiggleory rinna.
ib.; explanation of his name, 16. 4. ly, of liis fellowolipo oh i wystal

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mont of, to profcarorship, at Frnne.
ker, ib.; Medulia Theologorum of, ib.;
introduces the new Cambrilge me.
thod of studying divinity at Franeker,
512 ; his defence of the same, ib.;
importance of this trailition, both at

home and abrond, 513
Andrewes, Lancelot (bp. of Winches.

ter), f. of Pernbroke, defends tho
opinions put forward by Baro, 319;
liberality of, as head of l'embroke,
381; reason for which he revoked the
monies originally designed for buy.
ing up impropriations, 451, n. 2;
elected to a Greek scholarship at
l'enbroke, 486; circumstances of
bis election to a fellowship, ib.; his
character and genins, 486-7 ; his
love of nature, ib.; his love of tench.
ing, 187; his success as a catecheti.
cal lecturer, 44%; his ability as an

Administrator, ib.
Andrewes, Rog., master of Jesus Col.

lege, misrule of, 190; first to enact
that it journal of the college should

be kept, ib.
Antimartinux, on Whitgift's merits as

an administrator, 278, n. 1 ; culo.

gium of, on Dr Perne, 312, n. 1
Ap Rico, Dr, appointed by Tho. (rom.
well a commissioner to the universi.

ties, 8
Arbuthnot, Alex., principal of King's

College, Aberdeen, 366; in conjunc.
tion with Melville devine's a new con.
Mtitution for the universities of Glas.

gow and Aberdeen, ib.
Archer, Wm., mayor of Cambridge,

AKRUTE* his precedence of the judges

of size, 626
Aristophanes, I'lumns of, acted in 1536

at St John's College, 73
Aristophanes, citation from, by Dr

(ains, 165
Aristotle, begins to be studied loy those

under M.A. in the time of Aschinm,
52; Politics of, rubject of lectures
riven by Thomas Smith in 16th ceu.
tury, 55; the Elenchi of, prescribed
14 A text-book in time of Eilw. vi,

Arithmetic, to whom tanght, as a sub.

jert in the regular courso of study,

Arminianism, opinions favoring, berrin

to be avowel in Cambridge, 124,364
Articles, Fifteen, imposed by Ciardiner

on the miversity, 151
Ascham, koper, Artudent at St John's

Coller, 19; his character of Met.

calle, the master, ib. ; writes on be.
half of the university to bp. Thirlby
to reqnost his nid in obiniving the
buildings of the Franciscana, 27;
his testimony to the eminence of St
Jobin's, 36; his earlier tutors in the
college. 41-42; indebted for his
university education to Sir Anthony

, 42; his indiscreet speech
concerning the l'ope, 43; he is pro.
tected by old Dr Metcalsı, io. ; his
Bilmirabile penmanship, :5. and n. 3 :
his account of the effects produced
by thu Renius professorships, 62:
opposer, and then adopts, the new
pronunciation of Greek, 56; de.
scribes the effects proluced by Gar.
dimer's decree against the same, 60;
his account of the prosperity of St
John's, #1, n. 3; his concern for
Seuberg School, 87; his account of
the university in 1517, 88; his de.
scription of the courtiers, 93 ; leaves
Englanil for Germany, 101 ; retning
his public oratorship, ib.; his stric.
tures on the Injunctions of 1.319,
114; testimony of, to the neglect of
the study of the civil law, 152, n. 3;
description given by, of condition of
the university during reign of queen
Mary, 152; considerations which
serve to qualify his account, 153;
death of, 20.3; estimate of Ramus's

lonic forced by, 107
Astronomy, included in ‘mathema ics'

in ruign of Edw. vi, 110; coi cop.
tions of, at Cambriile in early part
of 17th century, 102; statutes of
Savilian professor of, at Oxford, ini.
tiated the rengnition of iuclern

discoveries in, for
Athinson, Mi., Kucceeds to the provost-

slip of king's, 151
Audlev, ladly Eliz., executress of lord

Auliley, 67
Audley, Sir Tho., warn the townamen

to keep the peace with the university,

Audley, Sir Thos., educated at Ruck.

inrham College, 65; he restores the
hoende', 16. ; his character, ib. ; a kreat
Rainer by the dissolution of the mon.

asteries, 60
Anksburg, university of, a great contro

of Jerut activity in 16th century,
Augustinian friars, the site of their

former foundation at ('ambridge, 23;
At one time distinguished by intel.
lectual activity. 31, 11. 1

Aylmer, Jo. (bp. of London), l. of Baker, Tho., socius ejectus of St John's,
Quocn's Collogi, 291; character and on the trailition of l'uritanical doc.
caroer of, ib.; vigilanco shewn by, trine in the university, 1944; bis
in surveillance of l'uritan prers, ib.; opinion on the dispnte between Dr
concurs in recommending to Burgh. Caius and the fellows, 202, n. ?
loy the suppression of the university Balcanqual, Walter, f. of Pembroke,
press, 295; condemns tho Ilarmonia represents the Church of Scotland
Confessionum, 321

at the Synod of Dort, 561
Ayusworth, see dinsuorth.

Berle, Jo., & member of Jesus Collere,

30; testimony of, with respect to

hospitality shewn to Marian esiles
Bachelors of arts, numbers proceeding at Zurich and Lasci, 171, n. 2

to dentee of, in reigns of Euw. vi Balliol College, Oxford, acceptance of
and Vary compared, 153; sare, at

Blundell scholarships by, 36'); diili.
Oxford and Carnbridge, in reign of culties attending the same, ib. n. 3.;
Elizabeth, compared, 168, 11. 2; alterations at, with respect to same,
same, in reign of Elizabeth, com: 361, n. 1
pared, 214, n. 4; residence on the Bancroft, Ri. (arclıbp. of Canterbury),
part of, when studying for degree of signs petition against Elizabethin
31.A., first dispensed with, 387; statutes, 236; opinion erproud by.
stu lies of, for degree of 11.A., 411; respecting Cartwright and his follow.
the time often misspent, ib. n. 1

ers, 293, n. *; ou the translating
Bachelors of divinity, requireinents of the Disciplinu published a: ('a'u.

imposed upon, in timo of Edw. vi, briilge, 301; on the spread of the
111; sometimes ailinitted without principles alvocated in the Discos
A degree in Arts, 112

plinu, 312, n. 3; opposition or
Bacon, Francis, criticism of, on defects by, to Bera's insluence, 331; work.

of universities, 137; paper drawn up by, Ayainst the l'urilne, 33%; ser.
by, for guidance of king James, 116; mon at l'aul's Cross bx, ib.; rulet.
return of, as representative of the ence maile by, to controversies at
university to parliament, 161; at. Cambrids' at Hampton Court Cn.
tachment of, to his university, ib.; ference, 152; common esprint a
design of, at one period of his life, boul of sympathy between him and
to retire to live at Cambridge, 165; king Junes, 13; intluence of, ont
liis costly entertainments in the the latter, 1.5"; life of, Bled by
university, ib.; name of, aasociated Laurence. Chilton, his flow col.
with the maintenance of the indepe'n. loziin, 177 and n. 1; success of, as
dence of the university, 163; pro- a tutor of Jesus (lle, 10); nie
Lally present on the occasion of the fellow of the humeirly, ib. n. 1; Julia
royal visit in Mar. 161.1, 521; possi. Cowell as times the profession of a
blo reference in his Norton Orgnum civiliin at the instance of, 17:
to a question disputeil on the occa- death of, 60); ncoxnition br, of
sion, 52?; appeal to, from the uni. Lively's di serty, 301; kaid to have
versity for assistance in its contest dictated to the translaon of the
with the town, 51%; he proves to Bible', 507; drives Ames from Eng
havo auticipated the request, 519; lanıl, 511
election of, as high steward of the Barber, Thos., executor of lord Audley,
town, 351 ; letter of, on forwarding
hit Vorum Organum to the univer: Barlow, Wm. (hr. of Lincoln), mm.

plaint of, with trompet to lienee in.
Bailes, Tho., 1.8., removed froin 144. dulge in illiset ily palpi, 4?)

tership of Clare Hall, 177; hin sub Darmurill, porivry at, final will"**
Nepucent career, il..; ritires to Duway, of, 27; it risenues will considerable
2;1; not tho author of the life of at the time, ib.
Fixher, ib.

Bin, liter, lavom! by Ir Peme,
Bakır, l'hilip, D.D., fuccrcly to pro. 320 ; +["pointment of, to In ly Nat.

Voutship of kings, 178; 'popish garct prufurahip. 3241; chvacuum
sluitl' found in climbers of, 2000); of, as a theolenian, ib.; altid
articles preferredagaiu-t, au propust, by Lnno Chaletou, 377; finde
ib.; tight ol, ib.

an u'ly in Barret, ib.i mit ja

sity, .173

proached by, at St Mary's, 317; his
desenco of name to Whitgift, 318; is

cited before the Hearls, ib.; sympathy
• phewn for him and for his vicws,

319; his resignintion of his chair, ib.;
his death and funernl, 3.30; Fuller
on treatment of by the university,
313, n. 4; testimony of, to the
prosperous condition of the colleges

at Cambridge, 373
Barret, Jo., a Carmelite, educated at

Cambridge, 30
Barret, Wm., fi of Cains, sermon

preachelby, in 1595 the origin of the
Lambeth Articles, 327; con-ent: to
read a retractation nt St Mary's, 328;
is nunin cited, i6.; appeals to Whit.
gift, ib.; citrg in his defence tho
Apostles' Creel by l'erkins, 329; nc.
cused of attributing blasphemy to
beza, ib.; Avnil himself of the re.
action aninst Cnlvinism, 333; is
summoned by Whitist to Lambeth,
33%; consents to sim a second re.
cantation, ib.; quits Cambridge and

joins the Jesuits, 350
Bartholomew, St, massacre on the evo

of, 212; sensation created thereby

in England, ib.
Bartolus, his want of classical learning,

Barwell. Elm., master of Christ's, signs

petition izgainst Elizabethan stntutes,
236; takes part in the prosecution of
Barret, 3.31; laxity of adıninistration

ol, 172
Basel, a centre of the Varian exiles,

Baxter, Ri., failure of, nt Saroy (on.

furence oning to his want of logical

training, 415
Beacon, Jo., proctor of the university,

accused by the leals of fomenting
di satisfaction among the younger
members, 237; described by I'r Perno

as given to contention, 257, n. 2
Beaumont, Rubt., 2.. (m. of Trinity),

ruperedel in the lady Jarrieret pro.
fe-sorship, 128; signs letter to Cicil
deprecating re-introluction of ritual.
isin, 1998; his Calvinistic sympathies,
ih.; letter of Cecilio, on use of the
surp'ice, ib.; apprehensive lost the
Puritan party should overthrow the

Acadernic constitution, 221
Bachell, Wm. bp. of kilmore), f. of

Christ's Colle, 3540; elected provost
of Trinity College, Dublin, ib.; adopts
Vildmar's view with respect to resi.
dence of fellows, ib.

Bell, Jo., master of Jesus College, rigos

petition against Elizabethan statutes,

Bennet, Dr E. R., nuthor's obligation

to, for loan of manuscript, 330, n. 2
Botte, Ri., royal nomination of, to a

fellowship at Peterhouse, 289 ; his
real mcrits, ib.; his ultimate election,
230; himself a petitioner against

another royal nomination, ib.
Beza, Theod., succeeds to the place of

Calvin at Geneva, 191; observation
of, on the Zwinglian influence on
Elizabeth'- policy, ib. n. 2; ohjection
of to squnre caps, 195, n 1; enter-
tains ('artwright at lieneva, 227 ; in.
Almence of his trentine de jure Magis.
Iratum, 22:), n. 2; dictn of, beli ng
of higher authority in St John's than
those of the Fath.cre, 2009; Baro ac.
cused of attributing bin-pleiny to,
3:29; estimation in which he was
held ir: England, 330; his Coder, ib.;
his influence oppo-ed by Laucroft,
331; his dictatorial character, 332;
letter of, to Burghley, on forward.
ing the polyglot Pentatcuch, 315, 11.
1; misconception of, with respect

to the university library, ib.
Bible, the, authorised version of, namce

of the Cambrilse translators of, 307;
misgiving of the translators of, ib.;

verdict of Selden on its merits, 508
Bidding I'rayer, version of, used by Dr

l'erne on occasion of royal visit in

1361, 192 ; He also Appendir (B.)
Bignon, Philip, render of Hebrew in

the university, 417
Bill in parliament (1577) for mpression

of abuses in connexion with fellow.

ships, etc., 203
Bill, i'm, (in. of St John's), circum.

ainees of his election to a fillowship,
41; his remarkable combination of
oilica, il, n. 2; as master of Trinity,
Buds with Northumberland on his
arrival in ('amnidze, 117; re-craine
Sanys' impet110-sty in the rikont.
muse, 119; forcibly removal from
'frimty Chapal on accension of Mary,
151; one of the university com-
mission in 1539, 171; re-tored to

the mastership of Trinity, 176
Bi-lopus' Bille, the, Cambridge hal a

Iarnir share in the preparation of,

than (Oxforil, 323
• Back Book.' the, crnog rntions of, 33
Blundell scholarships, foundation of,

at Saviney College, 360: irksone
conditions attached to their accepta

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