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ment of, to prolcarorship, at Frane. calso, the master, ih. ; writes on bo-
ker, ib.; Medulla Theologorum of, ib.; half of the univerrily to bp. Thirleby
introduces tho now Cambridge me. to reqnost his nid in obtaiving the
thod of studying divinity at Franeker, buildings of the Franciscanr, 27;
512; his defence of the same, ib.; his testimony to the eminence of St
importance of this tradition, both at Jobn'x, 36; his earlier tutors in the
home and abroad, 513

college, 41--42; indebted for his
Andrewes, Lancelot (bp. of Winches. university education to Sir Anthony

ter), f. of l'einbroke, defends tho Wingfield, 42; his indiscreet speech
opinions put forward by Baro, 319; concerning the l'ope, 43; he is pro.
liberality of, as head of Pembroke, tected by old Dr Metcalle, iv.; his
3+1; rcason for which he revoked the almirable penmanship, ib. and n. 3 :
monies originally designed for buy. his account of the effects produced
ing up improprintions, 451, n. 2; by the Rerius professorships, 62;
elected to a Greek scholarship at oppones, and then adopes, the new
l'embroke, 486; circumstances of pronuncintion of Greek, 36; de.
liis election to a fellowship, ib.; his scribes the effects produced by Gar-
character and gening, 481–7; bis diner's decree against the same, 60;
love of nature, ib.; his love of tench. his account of the prosperity of St
ing, 187; his success as a catecheti. Jolin's, 81, n. 3; his concern for
cal lecturer, 48%; his ability as an Sedberg School, 87; his account of
Administrator, ib.

the university in 1517, 88; his do.
Anirewes, Rog., master of Jesus Col. scription of the courtiers, 33; leaves

lege, misrule of, 4:0; first to cnact England for (ierimany, 101; retning
thint it journal of the college should his public oratorslip, ib.; his stric.
be kept, ib.

tures on the Injections of 1.319,
Antimartinus, on Whitgift's merits as 111; textimony of, to the neuleet of

an administrator, 278, n. 1; culo. the study of the civil law, 152, n. 3;
pium of, on Dr Perne, 312, n. 1

description given by, of condition of
Ap Rice, Dr, appointed by Tho. Crom. the university during reign of queen

well a commissioner to the universi. Mary, 152; considerations which
ties, 8

serve to qualify his account, 153;
Arbuthnot, Alex., principal of King's death of, 20.5; estimate of Ramus's

College, Aberdeen, 360; in conjunc. Tonic formed by, 107
tion with Melville devis's a new con. Astronomy, included in ‘mathema ics'
Atitution for the universities of Glas. in nign of Edw, 11, 110; col cep.
gow and Aberdeen, ib.

tions of, at Cambridge in early part
Archer, Wm., mayor of Cambridge, of 17th century, 402; statutes of

Ansartu huis precolence of the judges Savilian professor of, at Oxford, ini.
of rewize, 6:20

tiated the recognition of modern
Aristophanes, I'lutus of, ncted in 1536 discoveries in, 10r2
at St John's College, 73

Atkinson, Ri., Kuccide to the provost-
Aristophanes, citation from, by Dr ship of king, 131
('aius, 165

Audliv, ladly Eliz., executress of lond
Aristotle, beking to be studied by those Audley, 67

under M.A. in the time of Ascham, Audley, Sir Tho., warns the townsmen
52; Politics of, subject of lectures to keep the peace with the university,
riven by Thomas Smith in 16th cer). 5
inry, 55; the Elenchi of, prescribed Audley, Sir Thos., educated at Buck.
ne a text-look in time of Edw. 11, iniham College, 65; he restores the

10622-0,1b.; his cliencies, ib. ; a kuat
Arithmetic, to whom tanght, as a sub. Aniner by the dissolution of the mon.

jert in the regular courso of bludy, auteries, 60

Augsburg, university of, a great centro
Armininnism, opinions faroring, berin of Jesuit activity in 16th century,

to be around in ('ombriday, 1368
Articles, Fifteen, imposed by Ciardiner Augustinian friars, the site of their
on the university, 151

former foundation at Cambride, 23;
Archam, Roger, A Mindent nt St John's nt one time limeingiided by intel.

Coller, 19; his churacter of Met. lortunl activity, 31, n. 1

Aylmer, Jo. (bp. of London), l. o! Baker, Tho., socius ejectus of St John's,
Quocn's Colloge, 291; character and on the tradition of l'uritanical doc.
career of, ib. ; vigilanco shewn by, trine in the university, 19; his
in surveillance of l'uritan prens, ib.; opinion on the dispute between Dr
concurs in recommending to Burgb. Caius and the fellows, 202, n. ?
loy the suppression of the university Balcanqual, Walter, f. of P'ernbroke,
press, 295; condemns tho llarmonia represents the Church of Scotland
Confessionum, 321

at the Synod of Dort, 561
Ayusworth, see Ainsworth.

Berle, Jo., a member of Jesus Collere,

30; testimony of, with respect to

hospitality shewn to Varian esiles
Bachelors of arts, pumbers proceeding at Zürich and Davel, 171, n. ?

to degree of, in reigns of Edw. vi Balliol College, Oxford, acceptance of
and vary compared, 153; same, at Blundell scholarships by, 34); diili.
Oxford and Cainbridge, in reign of culties attending the same, ib. n. 3.;
Elizabeth, compared, 168, 11. 2; alterations at, with respect to same,
same, in reign of Elizabeth, com. 361, n. 1
pared, 211, n. 4; residence on the Bancroft, Ri. (archbp. of Canterbury),
part of, when studying for degree of Bigns petition against Elizab this
31. A., first dispensed with, 387; statutes, 236 ; opinion erpriss by,
studies of, for degree of 21. A., 411; respecting Cartwright and his fudow.
the time often niisspent, ib. n. 1

ers, 239, n. 4; ou the translatma
Bachelors of divinity, requireinents of the Disciplina publielas ai (ata.

imposed upon, in time of Edw. vi, bridge, 301; on the spread of the
111; sometimes admitted without principlex alvocated in the Dicie
A degree in arts, 112

plinus, 312, n. 3; opponition of ord
Bacon, Francia, criticism of, on defects by, to Beza's iudence, 3.31: work.

of universities, 137; paper drawn up by, Against the Puritan4, 332; st.
by, for guidance of king James, 116; mon at Paul's Cross by, ill. ; relict.
return of, as representative of the ence male by, to controversies at
university to parlinment. 164; at. Cainbrid' at Hampton Court Cn.
tachment of, to his university, ib.; ference, 152; common erpatiences a
design of, at one period of his life, boul of sympathy between hin an!
to retire to live at Cambridge, 165; king Jones, tij; intuence of, onet
his costly entertainments in the the latter, 15!'; life of, shed by
university, ib.; name of, a-xocinton Laurence Charleston, his falusel.
with the maintenance of the indepen. Bogiin, 177 ann. 1; UC ** ol, as
dence of the university, 16.5; pro. a tutor of Jesus Collee, 11); nita
bably present on the occasion of the fellow of the society, ib. n. l; dedin
royal visit in Mar. 161.1, 521; povi. Cowrll as times thu prosession of a
ble reference in his Norum Organum civiliun at the instance of, ini:
to a question disputed on the occa- death of, 504; recoxnition by, of
sion, 522; appeal to, from the uni. Lively's disert, 504; maid to have
versity for assistance in its content dictated to the translators of the
with the town, 51%; he proves to Bible, 507; drives Ames from En
have anticipated the request, 519; lani, ila
election of, as high steward of the Barber, Thos., executor of lord Auley,
town, 551; letter of, on forwardin:
liis Varun Organum to the univer. Barlow, Wim. (hr. of Lincoln), com.

plaint of, with rempt to lione in.
Bailey, Tho., D.D., removed froin me. dulge in in uninpaily palpe, 111

bership of Clare IIall, 177; his sub Bornwell, potiory at, final - 11.festiv
Repuent career, ilı.; retires to Louny, of, 2,; it revenu*.llculuk ralls
2;1; not the author of the life of at the tine, ib.
Fisher, ib.

Baru, l'edit, from! by Dr Peme,
Bakr, l'hilip, D.D., succeels to pro. 333; appointment of, to In ly dur.

vodeship of hingin, 178; 'popriale parut pitufoampolup, 39; caur
Ntull' found in chamber of, 20); of, as a theolonan, ib.; alte
articles preferredagainst, as provost, by Lunn'c Chelston, 387; ant.
ib.; Dipht of, ib.

un a'ly in Barret, ib., mm sa

Rity, 573

Bell, Jo., master of Jesus College, sigos

petition against Elizabethan statutes,

Bennet, Dr E. R., nuthor's obligation

to, for loan of manuscript, 390, n. 2
Botte, Ri., royal nomination of, to a

followship at Peterhouse, 289; his
rral merits, ib.; lis ultimate election,
230; hinisell petitioner against

another royal nomination, ib.
Beza, Theod., succeeds to the place of

Calvin at Geneva, 191; observation
of, on the Zwinglian influence on
Elizabeth'- policy, ib. n. 2; objection
of to square caps, 195, n l; enter-
tning (artwright nt Geneva, 227; in.
fluence of liis treative de jure Nigir.
tratuum, 22), n. 2; dictn of, belias
ol liher authority in St Jolin's than
those of the Fathers, 20); Bronco
cused of attributing bla-pleiny to,
32); estimation in which he was
hellir: England, 330; his Coder, ib.;
his iniluence oppo-a by Lancroft,
3:1; his dietntorinl character, 332;
letter of, to Burghley, on forward.
ing the poly-lot luntatcuch, 315, 11.
1; misconception of, with respect

to the university library, ib.
Bible, the, authorised ver-ion of, names

of the Cambrile translators of, 307;
misgiving of the translators of, ib.;

verlict of Selden on its merits, 004
Bilding I'rayer, version of, used by 1)

Perne on occasion of royal visit in

1361, 192 ; see also appendir (B.).
Bignon, Philip, reader of Hebrew in

the university, 417
Bill in parliament (1577) for repression

of abuses in connexion with fellow.

ships, etc., 265
Bill, i'm. (in, of St John's), circum.

nincs of his clection to a fellowship.
41; his remarkable combination of
olliers, ih, n. 2; a manter of Trinity,
sups with Northumi rinnd on his
arrival in Cambridge, 117; restrnine
Sandy's' imprinosity in the rigent.
lmuse, 119; forcibly removed from
'Trinity Chapel on accession of Mary,
151; one of the university com-
mission in 1539, 171; re-lored to
the mastership of Trinity, 176
Bishops' Bible, the, Cambridge hala

Inrger share in the preparation up,

than (Oxforil, 325
• Black Booki' the exaggerations of, 32
Blundell scholarships, foundation of,

prrached by, at St Mary's, 317; his
defenco of same to Whitgift, 318; is
cited before the Headls, ib. ; sympathy
shown for him and for his views,
819; his resignntion of his chair, ill. ;
his death and funeral, 3.30: Fuller
on treatment of by the university,
319, n. 4; testimony of, to the
prosperous conditiou of the colleges

at Cambridge, 373
Barret, Jo., a Carmelite, educated at

Cambridge, 30
Barret, Wm. fi of Cring, sermon

preachelby, in 1595 the origin of the
Lainbath Articlex, 327; consents to
read a retractation at St Mary's, 328;
is nonin citud, io.; appeals to Whit.
gift, ib. ; cites in his defence the
Apostles' ('reeil by l'erkins, 3:29; ac.
cuiscil of attributing blasphemy to
Beza, ib.; availhimself of the re-
action hyninst Calvinism, 333; is
kummoned by Whit:ist to Lambeth,
338; consents to sign a second re.
cantation, ib.; quits Cambridge and

joins the Jesnits, 330
Bartbolomew, St, massacre on the evo

of, 212; pensation created thereby

in England, ib.
Bartolus, his want of classical learning,

Barwell, Eilm., master of Christ's, signs

petition against Elizabethan statutes,
236; takes part in the prosecution of
Barret, 33t; laxity of adıninistration

of, 172
Basel, a centre of the Varian exiles,

Baxter, Ri., failure of, nt Saroy ('on.

ference owing to his want of logical

training, 115
Beacon, Jo., proctor of the university,

aceusel by the Heals of fomenting
di sutisfaction among the younger
members, 237; described by Dr Perno

as given to contention, 2-7, n. 2
Beaumont, Robt., b.1). (in. of Trinity),

rupur needed in the lady Marveret pro.
fessorship, 12m; signs letter to Cecil
deprecating reintroduction of ritual.
isin, 1:18; his Calvinistic sympathies,
ib.; letter of Cecil to, on use of the
surplice, ib.; apprehensive lost the
Puritan party should overthrow the

ncadernic constitution, 221
Bedell, Wm. (bp. of hilinore), f. of

Christ's College, 336; elected provost
of Trinity College, Dublin, ib.; adopts
Mildmar's view with respect to resi.
dence of fellows, ib.

at Sidney College, 360; irksome
conditions attached to their accept.


• ' ance, ib. ; refusal of the same, by

some colleges, 361
Dlythe, Jo., circumstances that favoured

hiy appointment to the Regius pro.

fessorship of l'hysic, 53
Bodin, Jo., his ile Bepublica ured as a

text-book nt Cambridge, 422
Bois, Jo., enters at St Jolin's College,

419; preference given by the Bene-
dictine editors to his notes on
Chrysostom over those by Downes,
506, n. 1 ; one of the translators of

the Bible, 507
Boloyn, Ann, ails Wm. Bill in obtain.

ing a fellowship, 44
Dologna, one of the schools of medi.

cine to which fellows are advised by

Dr Caius to repair, 16:3
Bon, Dr, recommended by Whitrist

for the mastership of the Temple,

Bourges, univ, of, Alciati accepts the

chair of civil law at, 1:29
Brackyn, Francis, deputy-recorder and

recorder of the towni, single ont for
satire in the Return from l'urnassus,
526 ; advises the corporation in ns.
sertion of precedence of academic
authorities, ib.; unpopularity with
the university which he thus incurs,

527; resigns his office of recorder, 571
Bradford, Jolin, f. of Pembroke, watches

by Bucer's death-bed, 123; com.
mittel of, to the Tower, 119; White

gift's tutor at l'embroke, 209
Bradshaw, Mr, on the university li.

brary, 313-5; on Beza's letter to

Burghley, ib.
Brandon, lorils Henry and Charles,

pupils of Martin Bucer, 123 ; their
early deaths, 1:21 ; their portraits by

Holbein, 121, n. 6
Brunthwaite, Wm., m. of Cnius Col.

leve, valuable library collected by,
477; one of the translators of the

Bible, 507
Brassic, Robert, provost of King's,

lernth of, 178
Brandesby, ki, fell. of St John's, A

correspondent of Roger A-charu, 32
Bridves, Jo., dean of Sarum, testimony

of, to compa.Ative quiet enjoyed by
the Church of England, 24); attack

on, by Martin Varprelate, ib. n. 3
Bridgewater, R. (public orator), peale

with Sir Thomas Gresham on behall

of Cambridge, 331
Broughton, Hugh, his scholarship de.

rided by Bezi, 33; textities to the
learning of Chevallier, 417; excluded

froin a share in the authorised ver-

sion of the Bible, 507
Browne, Geo., archbp. of Dablin.

scheme of. for foun.lation of a uni.

versity in Dublin, 334
Drowne, Robe., founder of the set of

the Independents, early career of, at
Carnbridsm, 300); succes of, as a
preacher in the unirersity, 10.; re-
tirement of, to Norwich, ih. ; leares
England for Millelberg, 301; quar.
rels among followers ol, on the con-

tinent. ib.
Bruno, Giorlano, account given by, o!

Osforil, 241; and of the continental
universities, 231-3; his estimate of

Oxforl, 122
Bucer, Martin, prorounces the Can.

briilge colleges superior to any on
the contineat, i, n. 1: arrival of
in England, 103; moderation of dxo.
trinal views and character of, 117;
is coinpellel to quit Strassburs, th.;
reproached by Luther, ib. n. 3; ar
pointed Rezire professne. 119; his
inauxurl oration, 11); mecs with
opposition at Cam'rilor, 1); b.
illness and death. 123 ; his funeral,
ib.; various trinutes to his bent,
123-1 ; ohervations of, on the cou-
dition of English law, 134; doctrins
of, condemned by the univery,15;
burning of remains of, 136; T13.
tion made by the university it in.
sult otierel to his memory, 1-1:
honour shewn to his grunison, W.

Hang Meier, 1-2
Buckingh an College, foundel for the

use of Benedictines tising in
the university, 66: :n
of its desi?n, ib.; its arkly
conti-cated by the crown, iists
name channed to that of S: Mary

Jaglalene. 6,7
Buchinastor, I'm., disturlance on his

election to the vice-chaureurship

in 13.59, 33
Bull-bitings, students forisi'lby

l's Cailis, to be present at, 16,
Bullinger, Hv., honaty why why,

to the Manan tulos 171; kur
tains the tvarking of Zwinzu at
Zurich, 191; letter of to Lawrence

Humphrey, 193, n. 1
Dullock, Geo. Am. of St John'sl, nold

as an opponent of k fotints a dic.
trines, th: runoud from ***
slip of S: Jolin's in 1979, 177; Les

Bubrepuent canti, ib. n. I
Burcher.Jo., letter of, to Bailar. 167.

[blocks in formation]

he speaks of Cambridge as legg per.

versely leamed than Oxford,' ib.
Burghlev, seo Cecil.
Butler, Wmn., f. of Clare Inll, a celebrated

physicinn consultei by king James

on his second visit to Cambridge, 646
Dutta, Sir W'm., M.8., nide Thomas

Smith when a struggling student,
46 ; nesisted in his benevolent efforts
by Parker, 48; culoyimnon, pro.

nounced by Sir T. Smith, 131
Bynik, Andr., professor of llebrew, com.
plaint of, for licence of speech in
university pulpit, 429

Caius College, account of foundation

of, by Blomefield, 160; statutes given
to, in 1572, 161 ; scheme of the foun.
dation of, ib. ; 'Gate of Honour'at,
when to be shut, 161; three gates of,
described by Fuller, ib. n. 3; sends
at, between master and fellows, 200;
Parke: is called upoa to intervene,
201: obligationg of, to archbisbop
Parker, 218; Lerge and Swale, tu.
tors at, 251 ; advancement of, under
Lerge and Branthwaite, 477; see

also Gonrille llall.
Caius, Jo., M.D., master of Gonville

and Caius, lectured on Aristotle at
lalun, 57 ; the fact rests solely on
his own statement, 68, 11. 1 ; & pupil
of Vesaling, 6x; complains of the
desertion of the schools ly the stu1.
dente, 97; his description of the
#inte of the university in 1558, 94-
99; physician to queen Mary, 158;
professional reputation of, ib.; travels
and studies of, ib.; character of, ib.;
educated at Gonville Hall, 159 ; he
revisits Cambridge, ib. ; procures a
charter to refound Gionville Hall, ib.;
prepared a new body of statutes for
the foundation, 161; permitted to
retain his mastership in 1559, 177;
unpopularity of, in the society, 200;
letter of to l'arker, ib. n. 5; conduct
of, towards the fellows, 201 ; accused
by them of atheism, ib.; expels orer
20 of them, ib. n. 2 ; & sutierer from
the popular reaction against Catho.
licism. 213; popish trumpery'
found in keeping of, 211; Hecne at
the destruction of the same, ill. ;
compiles his llixtory of the l'nirer.
sily, 215 ; his death, ih.; his will,
ib.; his attainments and services to
learning and science, ib.

Calvin, mpid spread of doctrines of, in

the university, 194; the earlier in.
Huence ol, chiefly discernible among
the younger members, ib. n. 2;
fcheine ol education laid down by, at
Geneva, 227 ; dicta of, held ruperior
nt St John's to those of the l'athors,

Cambriilge, town of, growing boldnceg

of the nuthorities of, towards tho
university, t; their character, as
ziven by a master of laterhous4, 4;
cvasiveness o! their conduct, 6; they
Q-sume An nykrossive demennour, ill.;
aro summoned to llampton Court to
defend their conduct, 7; innpol,
executed by the direction of archbp.
Purker, 22; vexations conduct of
authorities of, towards the univer.
sity, 181; mayor of, decision respect.
ing his precedence of the vice-chan.
cellor, 111; complaints of, against
the university in 1601, 412; the
mayor of, again claims the precedence
of the vice-chancellor, 6:27; humble
demeanour of the mayor of, on the
occasion of James' second visit, 544,
616; exertions on part of corporation be promote Ifrom a free borough
to a city, 517; where first designated
& city, 51, n. 1; uncourteous reply
of, to the university, on the request
of the latter for a draught of potition
for ruising the town to the privilexes
of a city, i14; failure of forts of, to

obtain a new charter, 5.30
Caribrilro, university of, honorably

flithful to bp. Fisher, 1; it reations
to the town, 1, n. 1; required to sur.
render its charters to Tho. Cromwell's
commissioners, 9; remission of first.
fruits and tenths to, 12; identitiert
in general opinion with the Church
of England party at the Reforma.
tion, 18; reactionary party in, 19:
decline of its numbers in 1539, 27;
condition of, in 1510, 36; special de.
pression of, in the years 1512-R, 19;
financial difficulties of, 50; three
methods of instruction at, 51; appeal
from, to queen katherine for aid, 78;
prosperity of, in 1517, 7; signal in.
jury intlicted on revenues of, by the
courtiers, circ. 1.550, 91; state of, in
1515, as described by Dr Caius, 99;
nudress presented by, to Gardiner,
the chancllor, 150; condition of,
cluring ruige of queen Vary, 152; in.
crence in number of students at,
durig same period, 153; Ridley's

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