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thorized English Version, with the Text Revised by a Collation of its
Early and other Principal Editions, the Use of the Italic Type made
uniform, the Marginal References remodelled, and a Critical Intro-
duction prefixed, by F. H. A. SCRIVENER, J.A., LL.D., Editor of
the Greck Testament, Codex Augiensis, &c., and onc of the Revisers
of the Authorized Version. Crown 4to. gilt. 215.
From the Times.

Syndics of the Camlridge University Press, "Students of the Bible should he particu. an edition of the Eglish Bible, according to larly grateful to the Cambridge University the text of 1911, rexed by a comparson with Press for having produced, with the able .s. later issues on principles Kated by him in his sistance of Dr Scrivener, a completo critical Intruction. Here he enters at len, th in:o cd.tion of the Authorized Version of the Enge the tistory of the chief eclitions of the ver ion, lish Bible, an edition such as, to use the words and of such features as the marginalniem, the of the Editor, 'would have been executed long use of italic type, and the changes (ortho. ago had this version been nothing more than graphy, as well as into the most interesting the greatest and best known of English clase question as to the original texts fruin whub sics." Falling; at a rim: when the formal revie cur translation is produced." sion of this version has been undertaken by a distinguished compary of scholars and divines,

From the Nethedir. Recorder.

"This notic quarto of over 1300 pages is in the publication of Iris edition must be considered most opportune.".

every respcct wirthy vincitor and the wishers Fruin the theneum.

alike. 11c name of the Commid:e l'inversi y "Apart from its religious importance, the

Press is guarantee enough for its perfectron in English Bible has the glory, which bui lew

outward form, the name of the cur is equal sister versions indeed can claim, of being the

grinice fipthe worth and ac ur y of its chief classic of the language, or having in

contant With but Guexon, it is the best conjunction with Shak-peare, and in an im.

Part.oph While ever publised, and its remcasurable degree more thin he, fixed the

duce price of a guinea brings it within reach language beyond any possibility of important

of a large num!er of seruents." charge. Thus the recant contributions to the From the London rarterly Retiro. literature of the subject, by such workers as "The work is within every respect of the Mr Francis Fry and Canon Westcott, aj peal ed tor's time, and of the Contorni miserity to a wide range of sympathies; and to these Press The alle Erga Varson, to which may now be a ided Dr Scrivener, well known our country and reina ove so much, was for his luxes in the cause of the Greck Texa. prola' ly acver presented before in so perfect a ment criticisin, who has broughi oui, for the foru." THE CAMBRIDGE PARAGRAPH BIBLE. STUDENT'S

Edition, on good writing piper, with one column of print and wide margin to each page for us, notes. This edition will be found of great use to those who are engaged in the task of Biblical criticism.

Two Vols. Crown 4to. gilt. 315. 6.1.

DERX REPRESENTATIVES. Being the Introduction to the
Cambridge Paragraph Bible (1873), re-edited with corrections and
additions. By F. H. A. SCRIVENIR, M.A., D.C.L., LL.D., Pre-

bendary of Exeter and Vicar of Hendon. Crown 8vo. 75. 6.1. THE LECTIOXARY BIBLE, WITH APOCRYPHA.

divided into Sections adapted to the Calendar and Tables of Lessons of 1871. Crown Svo. 35. 6d.

London: C.7. CLAY & SON, Cambridge University Press Il'archouse, BREVIARIUM AD USUM INSIGNIS ECCLESIAE

i ve aria Lane.

SARUM. Juxta Editionem maximam pro CLAUDIO CHEVALLON Et Francisco REGNAULT A.D. MDXXXI. in Alma Pansiorum Academia impressam : labore ac studio FRANCISCI PROCTER, , A.M., ET CHRISTOPHORI WORDSWORTH, A.M.

FASCICULUS I. In quo continentur KALENDARIUM, et ORDO TEMPORALIS sive PROPRIUM DE TEMPORE TOTIC'S ANSI, una cum ornali suo quod usitato vocabulo dicitur PICA SIVE DIRECTORIUM

SACERDOTUM. Demny 8vo. 185. "The value of this reprint is considerable to cost p:ohilienry to a' but a few liturgical students, who will now be able to con. Prumitrand Warwitt hy have d *** sule in their own librines a work abeslute'y in• ed.cual mask with mucho care are: di-pensible to a right understanding of the his though the condits in umet <reyne tory of the Pryer. Desd, bout which till niw 'xen Wirkung TC Swhat is het tilna twally necessitate a visit to me public all but expens"--Likvarglunane library, since the rarity of the volume mide its

FASCICULUS II. In quo contir.entur PSALTERIUM, cum ordinario . Officii lotius hebdomadac juxta lloras Canonicas, ci propno Como pletorii, LITANIA, COMMUNE SANCTORUM, ORDINARIUS JASSAE

CUM CANONE ET XI Missis, &c. &c. Demy 8vo. "Not only experts in liturgi Insy, but all Fopa'l;crets of user ***** the free art. persons interested in the history of the Anglican with its timure of I'm not Book of Common l'rayer, will be grateful to the Prayer and l lyrirt, all him the Syndicate of the Cambridge University Press cter, and (unpe lentah for forwarding the publication of the voluine must be deepy interestin; -erand which bears the above title, and which has terly krtice recently appeared under teir auspices"

**The entries have lise their *** Notrs in ('uiries.

lently, ani de ene .. use ist Cambrilige has worthily taken the lead in rendering what they jina with the Brownry, which is of apecial wlue interesting Series for mere. for that part of the refurin of the I'r.yer.Dink ille to historial and Liu'm hadis which will fit it for the wants of our line .... Saturday Retina.

FASCICULUS III. In quo continetur PROPRICHI SANCTORUV quod et sanctorale dicitur, una cum accentuario. (Varly wody. GREEK AND ENGLISH TESTAMENT, in para'cl

Columns on the same page. Edited Ly J. SCHOLEFIELD, MA late
Regius Professor of Greek in the University. Small Octavo. V
Euition, with the Marginal References as arranged and revised by

Dr SCRIVENER. Cloth, red edges. 75. 6.

DENT'S Edition of the above, on large writing paper. 410. 125. GREEK TESTAMENT, ex cditione Stephani tertia, 1550.

Small 8vo. 35. 6d. THE NEW TESTAMENT IN GREEK according to the

text followed in the Authorised Version, with the Variations au pied in the Revised Version. Edited by F. H. A. SCRIVESER V.A,

D.C.L., LL.D. Crown 8vo. 6s. Morocco boards or limp. 125. THE PARALLEL NEW TESTAMENT GREEK AND

ENGLISH, being the Authorised Version set forth in 1611 Arranged in Parallel Coluinns with the Revised Version of 1881, and with the original Greck, as edited by F. H. A. SCRIVESER, M.A, D.C.L, LL.D. Prebendary of Exeter and Vicar of lendon. Cronn sia

The Reised lorsion is the Joint l'roperty of the Institstics of Cambridge and Oxford.

125. Oct.

London: C.7. CLAY & SON, Cambridge Unirci sity Press I'archeuse,

alte Maria Lane.

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troduction. By the Very Rev. E. H. PLUMPTRE, D.D., Dean of

Wells. Large Paper Edition. Demy 8vo. 75. 64. “No one can say that the Old Testament is point in English exegesis of the Old Testa. dull or worn-out subject after reading this ment; indeed, even Usch, whose pride it singularly attractive and also in trutive con. is to leave no source of ilustration unexplored, mentary. Its wealth of literary and historical is far inferior on this head to Dr Piumpire." illustration surpasses anything to which we can diademy, Sept. 10, 1681. THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST MATTHEW in

Anglo-Saxon ard Northumbrian Versions, synoptically arranged: with Collations of the best Manuscripts. By J. M. KEMBLE, M.A. and Archdeacon HARDWICK. Demy 410. 10s.

NEW EDITION. By the Rev. Professor SKEAT. [In the Press. THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST MARK in Anglo

Saxon and Northumbrian Versions, synoptically arranged: with Collations exhibiting all the Readings of all the visS. Edited by the Rev. Professor SKEAT, M.A. late Fellow of Christ's College, and

author of a MESO-Gothic Dictionary. Demy 4to. 105. THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST LUKE, uniform

with the preceding, by the same Editor. Demy 4to. THE GOSPEL ACCORDIXG TO ST JOIX, uniform

with the preceding, by the same Editor. Demy 4to. "The Gospel according to Sl 93', in menced by that disenguished scholar, J. M. Anglo-Saxon and Northumbrian loro. 5: kemle, sone fit yours idos Edited for the Syndics of the t'mverity or ou1€ 110* Let iets, we can only my Press, by the Rev. Walter W. Skeat, M.A, it is worthy of its two pwedeartwa. We repeat Elrington and Purworth Professor of An). tesen crenelcred edhe study of Angle Saxon in the University of Can's ilge, Syth 5 por calcun cannot easily pletes an undertaking designed and cou. Le overlated."-Contemporary ter ww. THE POINTED PRAYER BOOK, being the Book of

Common Prayer with the Psalter or Psalms of David, pointed as they are to be sung or said in Churches. Royal 24mo. 1s. 6d.

The same in square 32mo. cloth. 6.1. "The 'Pointed Prayer Book'deserves men. for the terseness and clearness of the direc. tion for the new and ingenious system on wlich Lion given for using it."- lines. the pointing has been marked, and still more THE CAMBRIDGE PSALTER, for the use of Choirs and

Organists. Specially adap!ed for Congregations in which the “Cambridge Pointed Prayer Bouk' is used. Demy Svo. cloth extra, 3s. 6d.

cloth limp, cut flush. 25. Ord. THE PARAGRAPII PSALTER, arranged for the use of

Choirs by BROOKE Foss W'ESTCOTT, D.D., Regius Professor of
Divinity in the University of Cambridge. Feap. 410. 55.

The same in royal 32mo. Cloth Is. Leather Is. 64. "The Paragraph Piter ex'iilits as the and there is not a clerzyman or organist in care, thought, and learns thatthscarpe Eils! wh, nhu'd lie with this Psalter ed with the works of the Regius Professor of as a work of reference."- Jarning Post. Divinity at Cambn 'se would expect to tind, THE MISSING FRAGMENT OF THE LATIN TRAXS.

LATION OF THE FOURTH BOOK OF EZRA, discovered, and edited with an Introduction and Notes, and a facsimile of the MS., by Robert L. BENSLY, V.A., Keader in Hebrew, Gonville and

Caius College, Cambridge. Dem; 410. “E dieet with the scholarly completeness." no euskeratin of the actual fact, if by the -A'rs?r*inestir Krime,

I'm **:!entan that of the larger size "It has been said of this book that it has michana !he Apmocrysha, and if the ad Jela new chapter to the Baile, and, starting Sec ne Rxk of tras can be furiy called as the statcincnt may at first sight appear, it is part of the Afaxrypa."-Sunniay ket ut. London, C. 7. CiAl' E Sex, Cambridge L'niversity Press Il’archouse,

A: Varia Lane.


THEOLOGY-(ANCIENT). THE GREEK LITURGIES. Chicfly from original Autho

rities. By C. A. SWAINSON, D.D., Master of Christ's College, Can

bridge. Crown 4to. Paper covers. 155. THE PALESTINIAN MISHNA. By W. H. LOWE, MA,

Lecturer in Hebrew at Christ's College, Cambridge. Royal 8vo. 215. SAYINGS OF THE JEWISH FATHERS, comprising

Pirqe Aboth and Percq R. Meir in Hebrew and English, with Crotical and illustrative Notes. , By CHARLES TAYLOR, D.D. Vaster of St John's College, Cambridge, and Honorary Fellow of Kin;'s

College, London. Demy Svo. IOS. "The Maskeketh Aboth stands at the Jewish literature being treated in the one head of Hebrew non-canonical writings. It is way as a Greck classic in an ! mary all of ancient date, claiming to contain the dicta editiun... The Sayings of :4tataras of teachers who flourished from 1.c. 200 to the may claim ole x lary, x, me vom Koda same year of our era. The precise line of its scholarb purusu yenan tabel* conipilation in its present lurin is, of course, in -Dalin arvosty.11.14 tarp doubt. Mr Trylor's explanatory and lustra. "A careful and thero tive commentary is very full and satisfactory.' cre li to English schwan' 3. of a bitte -Spectatur.

fruin the Minna, contonsa venres of wo"If we mistake not, this is the first precise tenes or maxims ascribe my to le tran-lation into the English language, accome teachersimmediately preceding.orimme panied by scholarly notes, of any prlion of the fullwing the Christina era..."- *** p Talmud. In other words, it is the first instance rary Reviete. of that most valuable and neglected portion of THEODORE OF MOPSUESTIA'S COMMENTARY

ON THE NUYOR EPISTLES OF S. PAUL. The Latin l'er. sion with the Greek Fragments, ed ied from the MSS. with lotos and an Introduction, by H. B. SWETE, D.D., Rector of Ashdor, Essex, and late Fellow of Gonville and Caius College. Cambride. In Two l'olumes. Vol. I., containing the Introduction, with Facsimiles of the USS., and the Commentary upon Galatians-Colos.

siars. Demy Svo. 123. "In den ohen verzeichneten Buche liegt hardubriften sind vortice uns die erste Hilfe einer solistindigen, che! gra hinahe Facsimile's Biser sorgfältig gearbeiten wie schön auxestat. haine des genre Werk . (... teten Ausgabe des Corimtntars mit ausrohr. Pris nu Catal! mit let 3. lichen Pruien mena und reichhaltigen krils. aus estattet ist - The begin de Litraum chen und erlauteriiden Anmerkungen vor."Literarische's contrailull.

It is a hipeful gin, amid fem "It is the result of thorough, careful, and which arise at the the! allearr patient investigation of all the points bearing the l'risernisies, that were bei re este on the subject, and the resul's are presented first installment of a thashy with admiralle god sense and mode sy."- paintains werk, cremen cst (*- re Guardian

art! opticteatar witry mrit ry "Auf Grund dieser Quellen ist der Text Quarterly Rc intell!:) bei Swete mit musicrhalter Akrilie herse. • Hernn stellt. Aver auch sonst hat der llerau 3 tích ze wir das Werk in keren mit unermidlillem Fleine und schend. Han!en wissen m <hten, und man den. ster Sach lintrins sein Werk mit allen din. er en Frwartung auf das tris LOT jenigen Logisen au gerustce, wcle he lerener Finetron er nølen-bidada solchen Tincluate nur irgend erwartet Belilinte närimit (option) werden kunnen. Von den drei Haupt.

VOLUME II., containing the Commentary on 1 Thessalonians, Philemon, Appendices and Indices. 125. "Eine Ausgabe ... für welche alle rugins. " Vie deiselben Sorgfalt lehetet the vis lichen Hilfsmittel in musicphater Wiebe. bei dem et cline e or more toxputrt wurien ... cine toiletries! ri. Literarisches Centralalt Uw.y , toid Ben Fleis,"— Theologiske Liliniturzeitung (Sept. 23, 1062)

London: C.). CLAY [o Sox, Cumbrils University Press ll'archeusi,

dine Maria Lone.


quinque adversus Hærcses, versione Latina cum Codicibus Claro. moniano ac Arundeliano denuo collata, premissa de placitis Gnosticorum prolusione, fragmenta necnon Græce, Syriace, Armeniace, commentatione perpetua et indicibus variis edidit W. WIGAN HARVEY, S.T.B. Collegii Regalis olim Socius. 2 Vols. Demy Svo.

18s. M. MINUCII FELICIS OCTAVIUS. The text newly

revised from the original MS., with an English Commentary, Analysis, Introduction, and Copious Indices. Edited by H. A. HOLDEN, LL.D. late Head Master of Ipswich School, formerly

Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. Crown 8vo. 75. 61. THEOPHILI EPISCOPI ANTIOCHENSIS LIBRI

TRES AD AUTOLYCUM edidit, Prolegomenis Versionc Notulis
Indicibus instruxit GULIELMUS Gilson HUMPHRY, S.T.B. Collegii
Sancliss. Trin. apud Cantabrigienses quondam Socius. Post Svo.


COMMENTARIUS, edited by W. G. HUMPHRY, B.D. Prebendary

of St Paul's, late Fellow of Trinity College. Demy Svo. 75. 6d. TERTULLIANUS DE CORONA MILITIS, DE SPEC

TACULIS, DE IDOLOLATRIA, with Analysis and English Notes, by GEORGE CURREY, D.D. Preacher at the Charter House, late Fellow and Tutor of St John's College. Crown 8vo. 55.


ginal MSS., enlarged with Materials hitherto unpublished. A new Edition, by A. NAPIER, M.A. of Trinity College, Vicar of Holkham,

Norfolk. 9 Vols. Demy 8vo. £3. 35. TREATISE OF THE POPE'S SUPREMACY, and a

Discourse concerning the Unity of the Church, by Isaac LARROW,


by TEMPLE CHEVALLIER, B.D. late Fellow and Tutor of St Catha. rine's College, Cambridge. New Edition. Revised by R. Sinker,

B.D., Librarian of Trinity College. Demy Svo. 125. "A new edition of Bishop Pearson's fumeus places, and the cititions themselves have been work ()m the (mad has juntleen issued by the ..!ed to the box and newes: texts of the Cambridge University I're-s. It is the well. moviral author-texts which have undergine known edition of Temple Chevallier,theroughly V imprurements within the last two centu. overhuuled by the Rev. K. Sinner, or Trinity nies. The In lices have also been revised and College. The whole text and notes have been enlarged.... Aletter this apivars to be the mont carefully examined and corrested, and move complete and convenient ein as yet specul gainhave been lihen to verify the al. pu!! hell of a wick which has long been re. nin numerale references. These have lxen

ogni e in and quarters as a standard one." mure clearly and accurately given in very many Gwardian. London: C.7. C. CE SON, Cambridge University Press Il'archouse,

1740 Ilaria Lane.

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