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As are our hearts, our way is one,
And cannot be divided. Strong affection
Contends with all things, and o'ercometh all things.
Will I not live with thee? Will I not cheer thee?
Wouldst thou be lonely then? Wouldst thou be sad ?


“ SISTER, sweet sister! let me weep awhile !

Bear with me-give the sudden passion way! Thoughts of our own lost home-our sunny isle

Come, as the wind that o'er a reed hath sway; Till my heart dies with yearnings and sick fears ;Oh! could my life melt from me in these tears !


“Our father's voice-our mother's gentle eye

Our brother's bounding step—where are they, where? Desolate, desolate our chambers lie:

How hast thou won thy spirit from despair ?
O’er mine, swift shadows, gusts of terror sweep;
I sink away_bear with me, let me weep!”


Yes, weep, my sister ! weep, till from thy heart

The weight flow forth in tears—yet sink thou not! I bind my sorrow to a lofty part,

For thee, my gentle one! our orphan lot, To meet in quenchless trust :- my soul is strongThou, too, wilt rise in holy might, ere long.


“A breath of our free heavens and noble sires,

A memory of our old victorious dead, -
These mantle me with power; and though their fires

In a frail censer briefly may be shed,
Yet shall they light us onward, side by side :-
Have the wild birds, and have not we a guide ?

“ Cheer, then, beloved ! on whose meek brow is set

Our mother's image-in whose voice a tone, A faint, sweet sound of hers is lingering yet,

An echo of our childhood's music gone;Cheer thee! thy sister's heart and faith are high; Our path is one — with thee I live and die !”

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