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Suggested by the perusal of a manuscript treatise, “ Concerning the Holy Angels and their Ministry,by a deceased friend, which was afterwards printed for private distribution only, in 1826, having the first clause of the following lines for a motto.

All that of angels God to man makes known,
Here by the light of his clear Word is shewn:
'Tis Jacob's dream;— behold the ladder rise,-
Resting on earth, but reaching to the skies;
Where faith the radiant hierarchies may trace
Abroad in nature, providence, and grace,
Descending and returning by that path,
On embassies of mercy or of wrath;
Here the stone pillow and the desert sod'
Become the gate of heaven — the house of God:
Put off thy shoes ; approach with awe profound;
The spot on which thou stand’st is holy ground !

Spirit made perfect,- Spirit of the Just!-
Thine hand, which traced these lines, hath fall'n to

Yet in the visions of eternity,
Things unconceived by mortals thou canst see;
Angels, as angels stand before the throne,
By thee are, without veil or symbol, known:
Oh! couldst thou add one brilliant page, and tell
What those pure beings are that never fell,
Those first-born sons of God, ere time began,
Elder and greater,- not more loved than man;
Thrones, principalities, dominions, powers,
Cherub and Seraph, 'midst empyreal bowers,
Who in themselves their Maker only see,
And dwell in the abyss of Deity.
But 't is forbidden ; earthly eye nor ear,
Heaven's splendours could behold, heaven's secrets

To flesh and blood that world to come is sealed,
Or but in hieroglyphic shades revealed.
We follow thee, blest saint! our tongues ere long
May learn from thine the church-triumphant's song;
For well, I ween, thy minstrel-soul of fire
Can compass all the notes of Raphael's lyre;-
That soul which once, beneath the body's cloud,
Sang, like an unseen skylark, sweet and loud ;-
Sweeter and louder now thy raptures rise,
Where cloud nor sun are seen,-in purer skies!

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