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no effect upon the single rope by which she was now held, and when he knew that a few strokes of their oars were sufficient to bring the smugglers alongside, it gave way to absolute despair.

The lurch, however, had had the effect of splitting the chest in which Ellen was confined, against a bulk. The next instant she stood before Mortimer; and as the boat of the assailants rattled against the ship's side, and a wild huzza burst from the crew, she snatched the knife: from his hand and replaced it with a handspike.

Mortimer was now in his element. Brock first appeared upon the gunwale, and was received with a tremendous blow, which laid him sprawling in the bottom of the boat. His comrades met successively with the same salutation; and as Ellen worked at the rope with. more skill and ingenuity than her lover, it might have. seemed that the fate of the action was at least doubte. ful. The smugglers, however, used to hard knocks, were no sooner down than up again; Mortimer's arm grew weaker at every blow; and at length, quite spent with fatigue, he lost his balance, and nearly fell overboard.

A hoarse roar of exultation rose from the boat's crew as they extended their hands to drag him into the boat; and although their triumph was deferred by a lofty wave rising between, when it subsided the two vessels came together with a crash, which threatened to prove fatal to the weaker.

A shrill scream from Ellen, startled the combatants on both sides. It was a scream of joy; for, at that moment, the rope burst with a noise like the report of a musket, and the sloop drifted to leeward. The smugglers' boat had received so much injury in the collision, that instead of being able to pursue, they had much difficulty in gaining the rocks before she filled and went down.

It is a matter of dispute among historians, whether old Grove would, in any case, have refused to sanction the union of the lovers, after the foregoing adventure. His magnanimity, however, was not put to the trial; for Mortimer obtained an advance on the same evening (the 23d) of one thousand pounds, on his share of the revenue prize. The bond was thus implemented in all its parts; and Mortimer and Ellen entered forth with into partnership as husband and wife, and became one of the first houses in Mowbray in the great business of matrimony.

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Not in those climes where I have late been straying, Though beauty long hath there been matchless deemed ; Not in those visions to the heart displaying Forms which it sighs but to have only dreamed, Hath aught like thee in truth or fancy seemed: Nor, having seen thee, shall I vainly seek To paint those charms which varied as they beamed — "To such as see thee not my words were weak; To those who gaze on thee, what language could they



Ah! may'st thou ever be what now thou art,
Nor unbeseem the promise of thy spring,
As fair in form, as warm yet pure in heart,
Love's image upon earth without his wing,
And guileless beyond Hope's imagining!
And surely she who now so fondly rears
Thy youth, in thee, thus hourly brightening,

Beholds the rainbow of her future years,
Before whose heavenly hues all sorrow disappears.

* Dedication of Childe Harold's Pilgrimage.


Published by Longman, Rees Orme Brown & Green Nov: 7829.

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