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The actioned turmoil of a bosom rending,
When pity, love, and honour are contending ;-
Who have beheld all this, right well I ween!
A lovely, grand, and wondrous sight have seen.

Thy varied accents, rapid, fitful, slow,
Loud rage, and fear's snatched whisper, quick and low;
The burst of stifled love, the wail of grief,
And tones of high command,full, solemn, brief;
The change of voice and emphasis that threw
Light on obscurity, and brought to view
Distinctions nice, when grave or comic mood,
Or mingled humours, terse and new, elude
Common perception, as earth's smallest things
To size and form the vesting hoar-frost brings ;
Which seemed as if some secret voice, to clear
The ravelled meaning, whispered in thine ear,
And thou had'st even with him communion kert,
Who hath so long in Stratford's chancel slept,
Whose lines, where Nature's brightest traces shine,
Alone were worthy deemed of powers like thine ;-
They, who have heard all this, have proved full well
Of soul-exciting sound the mightiest spell.


Graceful “ Phantom of Delight!”
Glorious type of beauty bright,
Such as haunts the Poet's vision
When his dreams are all Elysian ;--
When his musing fancy brings
Shadows of all lovely things;
And famed Zeuxis' art excelling,
He hath formed a second Helen,
Wanting but the power of speech,
From the glowing traits of each !
Though an angel's grace is thine ;
Though the light is half divine,
That with chastened lustre flashes
From beneath thine eye's dark lashes ;
Yet thy thoughtful forehead fair,
And thy sweetly pensive air,
Speak thee but of mortal birth,
An erring, witching child of earth ;
In each varied mood revealing
Human hope, and human feeling;
Gladsome now,-now vowed to sorrow,--
Gay to day, if sad to morrow!

POSTSCRIPT. *.* The very great increase of the correspondence of the “ Literary Souvenir,” and the expense and trouble to which the Editor has been pat, by the transmission to him of unsolicited communications for his work, and subsequent and repeated applications respecting them, have rendered it necessary for him to announce, that no letters or parcels that do not appear to come from known correspondents, will be received, unless their carriage be paid; and that he cannot undertake to preserve and to return short pieces, whether of prose or verse, from anonymous or unsolicited contributors.

*n* In consequence of his having seen a song in the newspapers, from the pen of Mr. T. H. Bayly, entitled, “ The Last Man,” the Editor considers it due to the author of the sketch, entitled, “The Last Man in Town,” in the present volume, to mention that it was in the types several months before the appearance of the Poem in question, and that it was written upwards of four years ago.

*.* The Editor regrets that several articles intended for the present volume reached him too late for insertion, and among others, prose sketches from pens of the Author of “HollandTide,” and Dr. Maginn. Contributions destined for the current volume, should not reach the Editor later than the first of July, and the earlier, the more agreeable.

*** It is proper to mention, that the beautiful address to Mrs. Siddons, by Joanna Baillie, is reprinted from a collection of Poems, edited by that lady.

** Several of the sonnets on Scottish scenery in the fore. going pages, have been extracted, with the author's permission, from an unpublished volume of poetry, by the Rev. Charles Hoyle, entitled, “The Pilgrim of the Hebrides,”

Printed by S. Manning & Co. London-House Yurd, St. Paul's.

FOR THE YEARS 1825, 1826, 1827, 1828, and 1829.

THE unrivalled beauty of this series of Volumes has been universally acknowledged. It comprises many of the most exquisite specimens of line Engraving which modern times have produced, from the burins of W.FINDEN, HEATH, PYE, J. H. ROBINSON, ROLLS, GOODALL, GOODYEAR, WALLIS, J. C. EDWARDS, PORTBURY, and other eminent Engravers. The subjects are from the pencils of a large proportion of the most distin. guished Artists of the day; and include many pictures of great and deserved celebrity.

Of the Literary Department of the Work, it is sufficient to observe, that it includes original Tales, Sketches, and Poems, from a greater number of distinguished Writers than any similar Work,-among others, from the pens of : ? Sir Walter Scott

The Author of « Recollections of the Thomas Campbell

Peninsula" S.T. Coleridge

The Author of “ Rouge et Noir" Washington Irving

The Author of Selwyn" Mrs. Heinans

Thomas Doubleday James Montgomery

C.A. Elton Robert Southey

J. H. Wiffen Professor Wilson

The Rev. Thomas Dale Miss Mitford

T. K. Hervey John Galt

Archdeacon Wrangham Barry Cornwall

Mrs. Opie Allan Cunningham

D. M. Moir (Delta) L. E. Landon

The Rev. G. Croly Lord Byron

David Lindsay The Rev. W. Lisle Bowles

The Rev. C. C. Colton Crofton Croker

The Rev. R. Polwhele C. R. Maturin

W. and M. Howitt Caroline Bowles

Evans Eyre Crowe Bernard Barton

N. T. Carrington The Ettrick Shepherd

John Bowring John Clare

M.J. Jewsbury Lord John Russell

John Malcolm Lord F. L. Gower

Dr. Maginn Thomas Hood

Mrs. Charles Gore The Author of “ Gilbert Earle"

C. B. Tayler The Author of “ May you like it"

The Author of “The Lover's QuarThe Author of " Holland Tide"

rel" The Author of « Pelham"

Alaric A. Watts

LARGE PAPER SETS. A very few complete Sets of THE LITERARY SOUVENIR, in Crown Octavo (from its commencement in 1825 to 1829, inclusive), with Proofs of the Plates on India Paper (originally selected by the Editor), may still be purchased, price 61. If separately, 11. 48. each, with the exception of the scarce Volume, for 1826, the price of which is £2: 28.

SMALL PAPER SETS. A few copies of the small paper (reserved impressions) may be had in five volumes, price 31. The price of the volume for 1825, if purchased separately, is 158.; of the rest, 128. each.-As two of these volumes are already out of print, and are not likely ever to be reprinted, those persons who wish to complete their sets of the Work, are recointended to do so without delay.

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Complete Sets of Proof Impressions (Imperial Quarto, on India

Paper), of the Illustrations of the Literary Souvenir (from 1825 £. X. d.
to 1829, inclusive)

7 10 0 Illustrations of the Literary Souvenir for 1826 (imperial quarto, on India paper

. 1 116 Ditto of ditto for 1827 ..

i 100 Ditto of ditto before Letters (Columbier quarto) Ditto of ditto for 1828 (imperial quarto) Ditto of ditto before Letters (Columbier quarto)

.. 2 12 6 Ditto of ditto for 1829 (imperial quarto) .

.. 1 10 0 Ditto of ditto before Letters (Columbier quarto)

. 3 3 0 ... With the exception of 25 Copies of the Forsaken and Rivals, tro Copies of which may be purchased at 30s. each, and 25 Copies of "The Mother and Child,a few of which remain, at 10s, each ; no proofs before letters were taken of the Illus trations for 1825 and 1826.

A variety of Proofs, before and after Letters, (warranted to be the earliest impressions of the Plates), as well as Prints, (many of them very early impressions), are also on sale, at the following prices:


For 1825, 1826, 1827, 1828, and 1829.

I.I.A.L-Imperial India Proofs, after Letters. 0.1-Octavo India. P-Prints.

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