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Sayers, W. C. B., Argument for affiliation of the L.A.A. to the L.A., 121-2,

re library plans: letter, 402.
Scarborough, A. Carnegie ofters £7,500 for erection of a library, 328.

Lord Derwent offers £500 towards cost of site, 328.
Schools and Public Libraries (from Liverpool Courier): article, 335-37.
School libraries, Bournemouth system, 196.

Exeter resolution re, 196.

Letter from Bishop of Hereford re, 196.
School library, model, exhibit at New York Public Library, 261.
Scott, J. C., appointed librarian, West Houghton, 117.
Scruton, W., Bradford Library and Literary Society: article, 545-55.
Selly Oak Library. See King's Norton.
Sevenoaks Public Library, Mr. Gillam appoin ed librarian, 16.
Seymour-Jones, A. See Jones, A. SEYMOUR-.
Shaw, A. C., Sunday opening of free libraries : article, 79-88.
Shaw, G. T., ve Notes and Queries indexes; also Expenditure on education

letters, 360-62.
Shaw, P., appointed librarian, Haddington, 117.
Sheffield Public Libraries, Hillsborough Hall Branch opened, 456.

Walkley Branch opened, 16.
Shipley Public Library opened, 114.
Signet Library, Edinburgh, J. Minto appointed librarian, 197.
Skelton, W., appointed librarian, King's Heath, 197,
Skidmore, C., presents collection of local works to Wakefield Library, 331.
Smith, H., appointed librarian, Stroud, 459.
Smith, H. H., appointed librarian, Hindley, 606.
Smith, John, obituary notice, 459.
Southall-Norwood Public Library, A. Carnegie adds £350 to former gift, 257.
Southend Public Library, W. Clay, appointed librarian, 197.

R. W. Higgs, appointed chief assistant, 391.

Opening ceremony, 388.
Southport Public Library, theft from, 333.
Southwark Borough Libraries to be converted into open-access establishments

and classified on the Dewey system, 262.
R. W. Mould, appointed chief librarian, 262.
T. Aldred, appointed deputy librarian, 262.

Cumming Museum opened, 600.
Spence, C. J., obituary notice, 16-7.

Art works of; exhibition at Tynemouth Library, 334.
Spencer, Mr., defrays cost of site for Beverley Library, 257.
Springburn Library. See Glasgow.
Stamford Public Library, H. Walker appointed librarian, 16.

Library opened, 114.
Stapleford Public Library opened, 665.
Stephen, G. A., appointed chief assistant, St. Pancras, 391.
Stepney, Borough Reference Library opened, 194.

Children's catalogue, St. George's Library : notice, 609.
List of books for the blind, St. George's Library: notice, 6o9.

Reduction of hours worked by staff, 334.
Stewart, J. D., appointed chief assistant, Islington, 117.
Stirchley Library. See King's Norton.
Stirling Public Library, W. G. Waugh appointed librarian, 117.
Stobie, W. A., appointed chief cataloguing assistant, Adelaide (S. Aust.), 338.
Stockport Public Library, annual report (1904-5): analysis, 110.

Annual report (1905-6): analysis, 481.
Occasional list : notice, 108.

Supplementary catalogue: notice, 107.
Stocktaking : a note, T. Aldred : article, 244-47.
Stoke Newington Public Library, E. J. Sage bequeathes 6,000 vols., etc., III.
Stonehouse (Devon), A. Carnegie offers £3,000 for erection of a library, 665.
Stourbridge Public Library opened, 194.

Stroud Public Library, H. Smith appointed librarian, 459.
Stroud Green Library. See HORNSEY.
Subject classification, J. D. Brown: review, 384-86.
Sunday opening of libraries, Glasgow decision, 116.
Sunday opening of free libraries, Ă. C. Shaw: article, 79-88.
Sunderland Public Libraries: J. G. Addison gives site for Monkwearmouth

Library, 597
Catalogue of art collection : notice, bog.
Details re proposed branches, 334.

Library circular: notices, 64, 108, 610.
Sutherland Library, 605.
Swindon, R. Lillie, appointed assistant librarian, G.W.R. Institute Library, 606.
Swinton Public Library opened, 331.

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Tablets, memorials, etc. Brighton, 261 ; Southall-Norwood, 257.
Tatham, E. H. R., Library of Petrarch : article (Fortnightly Review), 325.
Taxation. See Law.
Taylor, A., appointed librarian, Tipton, 262.
Tedder, H. R., Best Books of 1904: Biographies in English selection, 57-60.
Teddington Public Library opened, 194.
Thefts and defaults—Isleworth 388; Glasgow, 262; Southport, 333.
Thorne Public Library opened, 601.
Thornsby, F., appointed librarian, Stirchley, 198.
Tijdschrift voor Boek- en Bibliotheekwezen : notices, 13-4, 157, 321, 380, 480.
Tipton Public Library, A. Taylor appointed librarian, 262.

Library opened, 258.

Foundation-stone of branch library laid, 665.
Toms, H. S., appointed curator, Brighton, 391.
Tottenham Public Library, A. Carnegie offers £5,000 to extend building, 111.
Townend, H., Professional etiquette; paper read, 30.
Townhill Library. See DUNFERMLINE.
Training of librarians, Baker, E. A., Education of the librarian : advanced stage,

Prideaux, W. R. B., Professional education and registration, 1-6.
Roberts, H. D., Education of the librarian: elementary stage, 556-72.
L.A.A. resolutions re, 358.9.

N.-W.B., L.A. report on education of library assistants, 166, 220.
Travel, Best Books of 1904, by J. R. Boosé, 97-100.
Twickenham Public Library, annual report (1904-5): analysis, 110.

Auditor surcharges cost of book, 604.
Foundation-stone of new building laid, 331.

A. K. Gill appointed librarian, 667.
Tynemouth Public Library, children's catalogue: notice, 6og.

A. Hair appointed librarian, 197.
Mr. Tidey appointed consulting librarian, 197.


Upper Norwood Library. See CROYDON.
Useful arts, Best Books of 1904, by H. V. Hopwood, 89-97.

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Victoria Public Library, Australia, annual report (1904-5): analysis, 18-9.

Catalogue of current periodicals: notice, 107.

Catalogue of exhibition of old and curious books, etc. : notice, 607.
Village libraries. See Yorkshire UNION.
Voge, A. L., Code for the classification of a card bibliography of electro-chem-

istry, etc. : notice, 254.
Voynich collection of lost and unknown books, 457.
Vryheid, South Africa, A. Carnegie gives £1,500 for a public library, 665.


Wakefield Public Library opened, 331.

Stipendiary Skidmore gives collection of local books, 331.
Walker, H., appointed librarian, Stamford, 16.
Wall-papers, Old time, K. Sanborn: review, 453-4.
Wallasey Public Library, E. A. Savage appointed librarian, 197.
Wallsall Public Library, new building opened, 388.
Wandsworth Public Libraries, quarterly journals: notices, 341, 610.
Ward, Hon. J. K., offers £1,000 for a library at Peel, Isle of Man, 15.
Warrington Public Library, tablet commemorating foundation unveiled, 16.
Washington, Library of Congress : publications noticed :-

Classification : review, 663-4.
List of Benjamin Franklin papers, 254.
List of books on railroads in foreign countries, 254, 662.
List of cartularies, 254.
(List of) Publications, 254.
List of references on primary elections, 662.
List of works on tariffs of foreign countries, 254.
List of works relating to the American occupation of the Philippines, 662.
List of works relating to Government regulation of insurance, 383.
Report of the Librarian of Congress and the superintendent of library

buildings, 254.

State publications, 383.
Waterloo-with-Seaforth Public Libraries opened, 388.

Seaforth Library, annual report (1905-6): analysis, 612.
Waugh, W. G., appointed librarian, Stirling, 117.
Webb, S. and B., Bibliography of road-making and maintenance in Great

Britain, 325.
Wells Cathedral Library, T. W. Williams: article, 372-77.
Wells, C., appointed chief assistant, Norfolk and Norwich Library, 338.

Appointed librarian-in-charge, Stirchley Library, 459.
West, J. W., appointed senior assistant, King's Norton, 198.
West Bromwich Public Library, foundation-stone laid, 258.
Westbury-on-Trym Library. See Bristol.
West Houghton Public Library, J. C. Scott appointed librarian, 117.

Library opened, 194.
Westminster Public Libraries, annual report (1904-5): analysis, 159.

Annual report (1905-6): analysis, 481.
Catalogue of Central Lending Library : notice, 107.

Caxton Hall scheme, 197, 601.
Whitehaven Public Library opened, 665.
Wigan Public Libraries, List of the Peignot collection : review, 327.

Pemberton Branch Library, foundation-stone laid, 601.

A. G. E. Phillips, re Haigh Hall Library catalogue : letter, 403.
Willcock, W. J., What an annual report should contain: article, 363-71.
Willesden Green Public Library, A. Carnegie offers £3,000 for enlarging, III.

Annual report (1904-5): analysis, 18-9.
Annual report (1905-6): analysis, 481.

Quarterly Record : notices, 65, 159, 610.
Williams, R. G., appointed senior assistant, Bolton, 262.
Williams, T. W., Wells Cathedral Library : article, 372-77.
Wimbledon Public Library, annual report (1905-6): analysis, 481.
Winton Library. See BOURNEMOUTH.
Wirksworth, town's meeting rejects offer from A. Carnegie, 261.

Legal decision as to execution of bequest, 116.
Wisconsin (U.S.A.) Free Library, library bulletin: notices, 65, 109, 342, 610.
Woodbine, H., appointed librarian, Selly Oak, 198.
Woolwich Public Libraries, E. A. Baker, appointed borough librarian, 116.

Education of staff and salary scheme, 389-90.
Worcester Public Library, annual report (1904-5): analysis, 110.

Victoria Institute, gift of £300 and 1,000 vols. from Miss L. Price, 387.

342, 611,

Worcester (U.S.A.) Public Library, Library handbook, etc. : notices, 65, 159,
Workers' Éducational Association, conference at Cambridge, 457-8.
Workington Public Library, limited rate causes reduction of staff, 456.
Worthing, A. Carnegie adds £500 to former gift, 597.

Art gallery and museum building, anonymous donation, 597.


Yates, A. H., appointed senior assistant, Hornsey, 198.
York Public Library, annual report (1905-6): analysis, 481.

Gift of £100 for children's books from Mrs. W. W. Morrell, 328.

Mr. Ross, appointed assistant librarian, 338.
Yorkshire Union of Institutes and Yorkshire Village Library, 390.
Young, J. D., appointed sub-librarian, Greenwich, 117.
Young, J. K., appointed librarian, Jedburgh, 198.


Zentralblatt für Bibliothekswesen, notices, 12, 63, 156, 190, 251, 320, 595-6.

Library Furnishers. .

The attention of Publishers, Booksellers and Library Furnishers is called to the advantages of The Library Association Record as an effective advertising medium.

The Journal, which is published regularly each month, is the official organ of The Library Association, and circulates in no fewer than 600 libraries up and down the country, as well as amongst the more prominent book-lovers and collectors.

Furnishing, as it does, the transactions of The Library Association, with notices of forthcoming meetings, in addition to library notes and news from all parts of the world, it is eagerly looked for and scanned each month by librarians, being, in fact, their official medium of intercommunication.

Not only does the tRecord circulate in the United Kingdom, it has a much wider sphere of influence, having subscribers in most of the British Colonies, as well as in the principal Countries of Europe.

Our aim in making this announcement is to secure a representative set of advertisements which may serve as a Directory of Library Furnishers, whether in fixtures, stationery, books or other accessories. The advantages of such a medium must be quite obvious to all firms in any way catering for the library, enabling them, as it does, to keep themselves constantly before not only librarians, but members of Library Committees and book-collectors.

No advertisement will be received which is not strictly in keeping with the character of the Journal.



Half Page. Quarter Page. Back of Cover

£3 0 0 £2 0 0 £1 5 0 Inside Cover and Pages Facing Matter or Cover

2 2 0 1 7 6 0 17 6 Any other Page

1 11 6 1 1 0 0 13 4 Less than Quarter Page, 4s. per Inch Single Column. Reduction on a Series of



Twelve. Insertions

5 per cent. 10 per cent. 20 per cent.

Advertisements should be sent to the Assistant Secretary at the

Offices of the Association, Whitcomb House, Whitcomb Street, Pall Mall East, S. W., not later than the 20th of each month.

Printed for the Proprietors (THE LIBRARY ASSOCIATION) by


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