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The midnight moon serenely smiles
O'er nature's soft repose,

No low'ring cloud obscures the sky,
Nor ruffling tempest blows.

Now ev'ry passion sinks to rest,
The throbbing heart lies still;

And varying schemes of life no more
Distract the lab'ring will.

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Come; while the peaceful scene invites,
Let's search this ample round;

Where shall the lovely fleeting form
Of Happiness be found?

Does it amidst the frolic mirth
Of gay assemblies dwell?

Or hide beneath the solemn gloom
That shades the hermit's cell?


How oft the laughing brow of joy
A sick'ning heart conceals!

And through the cloister's deep recess

Invading sorrow steals.

In vain through beauty, fortune, wit,
The fugitive we trace;

It dwells not in the faithless smile
That brightens Clodio's face.

Perhaps the joy to these deny'd,
The heart in friendship finds:
Ah! dear delusion, gay conceit
Of visionary minds.

- Howe'er our varying notions rove,
Yet all agree in one,
To place its being in some state
At distance from our own.

Oblind to each indulgent aim
Of pow'r, supremely wise,

Who fancy Happiness in aught
The hand of Heav'n denies!

Vain are alike the joys we seek,
And vain what we possess,

Unless harmonious Reason tunes
The passions into peace.

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Let coward Guilt, with pallid Fear,
To shelt’ring caverns fly,

And justly dread the vengeful fate
That thunders through the sky.

Protected by that Hand, whose law
The threat'ming storms obey,

Intrepid Virtue smiles secure,
As in the blaze of day.

In the thick cloud's tremendous gloom The lightning's lurid glare,

It views the same all-gracious Power That breathes the vernal air.

Through nature's ever-varying scene,
By diff'rent ways pursu'd,

The one eternal end of Heav'n
Is universal good.

With like beneficent effect
O'er flaming ether glows,

As when it tunes the linnet's voice,
Or blushes in the rose.

By Reason taught to scorn those fears
That vulgar minds molest,

Let no fantastic terrors break
My dear Narcissa's rest.

Thy life may all the tend’rest care
Of Providence defend;

And delegated angels round
Their guardian wings extend;

When, through creation's vast expanse,
The last dread thunders roll,

Untune the concord of the spheres,
And shake the rising soul;

Unmov'd may’st thou the final storm
Of jarring worlds survey,
That ushers in the glad serene
Of everlasting day.

THE Evening walk.

BY the SAM E.

How sweet the calm of this sequester'd shore,
Where ebbing waters musically roll;

And solitude and silent eve restore
The philosophic temper of the soul.

The sighing gale, whose murmurs Iull to rest
The busy tumult of declining day,

To sympathetic quiet soothes the breast,
And ev'ry wild emotion dies away.

Farewell, the objects of diurnal care,
Your task be ended with the setting sun;

Let all be undisturb’d vacation here,
While o'er yon wave ascends the peaceful moon.

What beauteous visions o'er the soften’d heart
In this still moment all their charms diffuse,

Serener joys and brighter hopes impart,
And cheer the soul with more than mortal views.

Here faithful Mem'ry wakens all her pow'rs,
She bids her fair ideal forms ascend,

And quick to ev'ry gladden'd thought restores
The social virtue and the absent friend.

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