The Annual of Scientific Discovery, Or, Year-book of Facts in Science and Art

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Gould and Lincoln., 1860 - Industrial arts

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Page 424 - The Geology of Pennsylvania. A Government survey, with a general view of the Geology of the United States, Essays on the Coal Formation and its Fossils, and a description of the Coal Fields of North America and Great Britain.
Page 339 - Explorations under the War Department. Explanations of a Second Edition of a Geological Map of Nebraska and Kansas, based upon Information obtained in an Expedition to the Black Hills, under the Command of Lieut. GK Warren.
Page 330 - ... of any gradual diminution of the size of such species, but is the result of circumstances, which may be illustrated by the fable of the ' Oak and the Reed ; ' the smaller and feebler animals have bent and accommodated themselves to changes which have destroyed the larger species.
Page 330 - ... the species. If a dry season be gradually prolonged, the large mammal will suffer from the drought sooner than the small one ; if such alteration of climate affect the quantity of vegetable food, the bulky Herbivore will first feel the effects of stinted nourishment ; if new enemies are introduced, the large and conspicuous quadruped or bird will fall a prey, whilst the smaller species conceal themselves and escape. Smaller animals are usually, also, more prolific than larger ones.
Page viii - ... give rise to races and permanent varieties in animals and plants, are the same as those which in much longer periods produce species, and in a still longer series of ages give rise to differences of generic rank. He appears to me to have succeeded by his investigations and reasonings in throwing a flood of light on many classes of phenomena connected with the affinities, geographical distribution, and geological succession of organic beings, for which no other hypothesis has been able, or has...
Page 367 - ... this map, are in striking accordance with the deductions from the meteorological materials which have been collected by the Institution, and serve to place in a clear point of view the connection of climate with the natural productions of different parts of the earth — Smithsonian Report for 1858. NEW GENERA OF AMERICAN PLANTS. At a recent meeting of the Boston Society of Natural History, Dr. Gray presented specimens of a new genera of rosaceous plants, Neviusia Alabamensis (Gray), recently...
Page 53 - In the first, the ratio of the minor to the major axis of the ellipse is on the average as 1 to 125.
Page xi - This paper was dated April 25th, 1848, and on the following day they intended to start for the Great Fish River. The total loss by deaths in the expedition up to this date was nine officers and fifteen men. A vast quantity of clothing and stores of all sorts lay strewed about, as if here every article was thrown away which could possibly be dispensed with : pickaxes, shovels, boats, cooking utensils, ironwork, rope, blocks, canvas, a dip circle, a sextant engraved "Frederic Hornby, Rę.N.," a small...
Page vii - Somme, in an area fifteen miles in length. I infer that a tribe of savages, to whom the use of iron was unknown, made a long sojourn in this region ; and I am reminded of a large Indian mound, which I saw in St.
Page 299 - ... makes us acquainted, and the liquid and gaseous elements which now surround it, I have endeavored to show that we may attain to some idea of the chemical conditions of the cooling mass by conceiving these materials to again react upon each other under the influence of an intense heat. The quartz, which is present in such a great proportion in many rocks, would decompose the carbonates and sulphates, and, aided by the presence of water, the...

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