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In several Reconciling



Law and Gospel, Faith and Works;


Essay I, The Substance or VI. A Reconciling Thought
Matter of the Gospel.

on various Controversies a-
II. The Form of the Gof- bout Faith and Salvation.

VII. Against Uncharitable-
III. The Use of the Law ness.
under the Gospel.

VIII. The Difficulties in
IV. Mistaken Ways of com-

Scripture, and the different
ing to God without Chrift. Opinions of Chriftians.
V. A plain and eafy Account IX. An Apology for Chri-

of Saving Faith, or com- ftians of different Senti-
ing to God by Jesus Christ. ments,

Speaking the Truth in Love. Ephef. iv. 15.

Printed for T. LONGMAN and T. SHEWEL in
Paternofter-Row, and J. BRACKSTONE in Cornbill.


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LMOST every one of these A

Elays written above twenty Years ago, and some of them more than thirty. The Author finds. reason to offer his fincere Acknowledgments and Thanks to Almighty God, who has preserved him, even to this Day, in the same Sentiments and Principles of Christian Faith and Love, amidst the numerous Follies and Errors of the Times. One of these Papers indeed, found into the World the


Year in which it was written ; the very


its way

A 2

Design of it was to exemplify the Title of this Book, and it has been often since sollicited to be printed again: But it was delay'd for many Years, till the Author had formed a Collection of Papers of this Sort large enough to compose a moderate Volume; and the Reader will be fufficiently informed of the present Reason of this Publication, by a mere explaining of the Words of the Title,

Orthodoxy and Charity united. By the Word Orthodoxy, the Author means all those Christian Doctrines which were generally approved in the last Age, so far as he knows at least, by almost all the Protestant Dilsenters in the Nation; even those great Doctrines on which the Reformation from the Church of Rome was built; and they continued so all the time these. Ellays were writing, and long before, in the general good Esteem of the Churches, as being con


formable to the Instructions of Christ and his Apostles. It is needless in this Place to reckon them all up particularly, but in general they were such as these.

1. By the Fall of the first Man, he, together with his Posterity, loft their Innocence and their Immortality, their Bodies were subjected to Diseases and Death, their natural Inclinations were perverted from that which is good, and there was a strange prevailing Biass in human Nature, even from its Infancy, to that which is Evil.

2. In order to their Recovery from this Ruin, there is not only a Necessity of the Pardon of their Sins, and Reconciliation of their persons to God, but there is need also that their sinful Natures be healed, and renewed by sanctifying Grace, in order to restore Men to Virtue and Piety, i.e. to the Love of God and their FellowCreatures.

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